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To make sure that every update from cloodo system will come to your email address in time.


Start engaging visitors around the world, turn them into your loyal cusotmers as you care.


Discuss, share and build your huge community.


Deliver great customer service whenever customers surf on their phones.

Why Cloodo?

Cloodo is an open source software to manage projects with amazing features and advanced modules , building an active community

Being a part of an open minded community

Cloodo is a crowded place for sharing experiences as well as collaborating projects

Open Source software for project management

Building your own cloud with full controls & infrastructures

Projects Collaboration with Powerful Functions

Arrange timelines, issues tracking, news, wiki, files, documents and more

What Cloodo Brings To People?

Easy to use
In your Language
World class Support
Access the source code
On the Cloud
In your Server
Safe & Security
Intergrated & Flexible

What our Customers Say

aI've been using Cloodo for years, but I had no idea the plugin community was so active!a

Scott Macpherson http://www.zerosleeps.com/

aAwesome.This is really great, thank you!a

JanRock https://plan.io/