General FAQ

  • What is is a cloud business service that is optimized for project, document management and customer service. is an excellent organizer who helps manager to handle multi-tasks in only one application, simultaneously, a carefull supervisor who take control of every aspect of your business. Thereby, Cloodo will take your business to the path of ultimate success.
  • Who is for?, which has many innovative features - secure connection, automatic data backup, and some more is optimized for small and medium sized companies.
  • Is it secure to host my portal in the cloud?

    The cloud computing web service: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS provide an excellent platform system that prevent your portal from leaking or insecured situation. Thus, your data will be saved and protected.
  • Can I access my portal from a mobile phone?

    Of course, You can access your portal from 2 popular mobile platforms: Android and IOS through web browser and application that are available for downloading. With basic options for project management, tasks, documents, milestones, news, files..., Cloodo helps you to update your business from every where and every time. You just need to fill your portal name in mobile browser to go to the Cloodo page.
  • We would like to host Cloodo ourselves. It that possible?

    Yes, it is. Downloading and compiling the source code is possible for you. Thus it can be hosted only on your own server. SourceForge is where you can find the source code list. It also is provided by the GNU Affero General Public License terms.
  • I cannot find my language in the list of availble ones for Cloodo portal. What can i do to take part in the translation?

    Well, the available languages for Cloodo at the moment is 18. Also, it is being translated into more than 20 languagues. However, if your mother language has not yet supported, you can help Cloodo translation to translate your language. You can find the reference sources like "How to become a Cloodo translator" to get clear idea of conditions. Also, we're available to receive your document at so we can send to Cloodo Online System.
  • I have a question that isn't covered here. How can i contact you?

    We've building the support system where you can freely send your feedbacks and troubles to us. Our team will take a best effort to give you the answer or solution ASAP. Our support email: is available for you.

Other FAQ

  • Can I try before I buy?

    Yes. You can make purchase after using our free package of 30-day trials. You will have a certain time to make dicision before your data is removed from our system
  • Can I install Cloodo on my own server?

    Yes. it is your choice to select home server for installing Cloodo. You can check the options in the cloodo installation guide to set up it on your own server.
  • What are differences between the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition?

    With the Community edition, it offers you basis community functional features.

    With the Enterprise edition , there are no user limitations and you can you get support and some technical support capabilities.

  • Can I get a Discount?

    There are a lot of promotion campaigns during the year, especially for big holidays or events. You will be offered many nice products according to specific events. We constantly update the events on social networks so if you don't wanna miss any, keep following us on Facebook, twitter, g+ or linked in...

    We're so pleasure to give you the best services and preferences ever.

  • Is data in Cloodo Secure?


    Your data and information will be kept absolutely carefully away from system damages, loss of equipment or other risks from objective factors.


    Cloodo make sures that your backups of data and information will be created and stored within a period of 7 days. External backups can also be optional.

    Secure connections:Every pieces of data or information is coded using SSL connections.


    It's your decision to permit and define access level to you data and information so that other users can only see what they are meant to see

  • Can I get an invoice?

    Sure, the purchase invoice can be provided ASAP after your ordering. Your responsibility is to provide us sufficiently documentation or information about your organization. We also accept such popular online payment gates like paypal or bank transfers.

  • No Exit Barriers

    Cloodo allows its users to be out of the system with their working data and without any barriers.. There will not have any complicated contract terms to stop you from leaving . It is optional to answer only few minor questions of ours, so that we can find out what the reason makes you leave.