Take your Support from Cloodo.com to Control

Support is always a vital issue for every business, however, you're always having full of emergency troubles with customer

service. No more! Problems must be under control with Cloodo

  • Ticket Support

    Tickets are updated every second and sent to your email so that you can follow your customer activities 24/7. Update’s content is also displayed accordingly....
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  • Project Management

    A well-organized management system with time and content displaying will give you a great support to plan every stage in development route without any carelessness...
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  • Overviews

    It gives a summary view of issues in a project. All members of the project can have clear idea of progress and status so that they can have detailed plan to launch other projects...
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  • Activity

    Activity tab allows to track updates from every project that you’re get involved. State, time, priority, assigned person, content and more are displayed...
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  • Issues

    Filter function is applied to look up and view appropriate issues. The function can be customized flexibly by adding more attributes from an available list...
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  • Calendar

    The calendar provides an overview of the current project as a monthly view. This view displays all the issues that have at least a start date and indicates their...
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  • News

    News and projects are updated or newly-created by members. Other members can add comment or review about the news or projects...
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  • File

    User administrator provide user’s information including avatar, email, mobile phone or other contact addresses so that other members can keep in touch or contact...
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