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aCloodo.com is a cloud business service that enables you to manage projects, customer relations and documents in one place.

In other words, you don't need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks.a

Huy Nguyen, CEO Netbase JSC http://cmsmart.net/

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aCloodo does support multiple projects. The integration throughout the entire system is excellent. You can create nested subprojects and move issues or tickets from one project to another. For each project you are able to assign different users and turn certain functionality (milestones, time tracking, source control) on and off.a

Ritesh, Sales Director http://mofluid.com/

aWhat I am looking for in project management software are new features/idea's to improve the way our team is working together. I keep an eye on the Cloodo timeline or activity to see how other people are using the Cloodo platform. Some of their comments and ideas inspire us to change the way we are working or start using a specific feature we haven't paid attention to.a

Mustafa C, CEO http://flexibledesign.com/