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Top Agency In Belarus

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the top agency profiles In Belarus. Browse their company profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 100 Agency In Belarus

Top agency offer teams a mix of services and business benefits that will help you get work done. Agency give you access to a specific skill or talent as you need it. The listing of agency is sorted out base on the client ratting, professional business category and project features

  • Programming & Tech
Rating of VironIT on Cloodo

18 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Alexander Sergeev reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:54 PM

You should have a good SRS document and mockups so guys from VironIT can make your dreams come true because they don't have design/UX competencies in-house. But they have strong and powerful software developers which helped us to develop the MVP of our mobile application.

Avatar of Cloodo

Anton Ermakov reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:54 PM

We have an app and were considering many companies for the development of our project.There were 10 companies approx on our shortlist. The reason we've chosen VironIT is their approach on all steps of communication: estimation, project setup, weekly meeeting and final release. Strongly recommend.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sergey Sulimov reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:54 PM

We needed to deploy a social media app. But we couldn’t come up with an in-house team quickly and had a limited budget. This time we wanted to work with a vendor with a relevant experience. We chose Vironit and were satisfied with the results

Avatar of Cloodo

Aleh Tsikhanau reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:54 PM

VironIT shipped a well-developed software product. I liked the level of management and communication. There were some minor issues in the beginning with development methodology. When we switched to Scrum+unit testing and CI as the team advised, the overall quality improved.

Rating of Bamboo Agile on Cloodo

12 reviews

Bamboo Agile

Avatar of Cloodo

Burçin KULGAT reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:54:15 PM

In order to increase the attractiveness of our offers for clients and establish new partnerships with famous local brands, we needed to develop extra features for setting up promo games. The speed of development and the team's expertise primarily mattered that time, therefore approaching Bamboo Agile's developers seemed to be the most proper solution. They built a platform with a couple of third-party integrations to synchronize our mobile marketing tools with it. Moreover, they had to customize the content builder to make it more flexible in terms of media support and potential extensions. The work was based on a specification drawn up by our management team that worked alongside Bamboo Agile. The clients' feedback we received has been phenomenal - they nailed this project in the exact estimated time what helped us arrange dozens of promo games. In addition, they created several shortcodes to help us edit separately the templates we needed to use while launching the campaigns. I had no complaints regarding their work and would definitely recommend working with them.

Avatar of Cloodo

Burçin KULGAT reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:24 PM

What projects/services did your company hire Bamboo Agile for?We needed an integration partner with significant experience of implementation of messaging engines to various platforms to enhance GAMLABS Betting platform with messaging services.What were your goals for this project?We wanted to increase the engagement level among our current users and set up the new information channel through the subscription.How did you select this vendor?Our local partner in Kenya recommended Bamboo Agile to us.Describe the project and the services they provided in detail.We provided the Bamboo Agile team with all our requirements to the messaging service, including the frequency of messages, their volume, size, local operators to integrate the engine with and technical details for the integration. Then Bamboo Agile came up with the proposed customisable platform to use as a basis for integration for future scaling. They undertook the entire integration of the platform and CMS with the Sportsbook Admin panel, checked the performance and fixed bugs. Since the release, they have been maintaining and upkeeping the integrated solution. What was the team composition?We worked with 1 DevOps and 1 Business Analyst that collected all the requirements and led the integration process.Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?The messaging service has attracted thousands of subscribers right in a month after its release allowing us to align the information delivery process for our existing and new users. Bamboo Agile followed up to make sure everything was working properly.How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?They fully followed the Agile methodology and supported excellent continuous communication through calls, Slack chat and Jira. Yauheni, as the main point of contact, held weekly meetings to report on the current process to our project team.What did you find most impressive about this company?Bamboo Agile demonstrated an extremely high speed of response to our requests, understood our business goals and did their best to meet our expectations while having few team members involved.Are there any areas for improvement?We were surely satisfied with the results after the messaging service release, therefore we decided to continue partnership for future enhancements. The only point worth recommending for improvements is to gather much experience with less widely used security protocols to meet some local market needs.

Avatar of Cloodo

Светлана Волкова reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:24 PM

In need of establishment and maintenance of the phone systems, we were searching for a software developer able to build the custom solution to support call queues, IVRs, outbound dialing, monitoring and reporting. We found out that Bamboo Agile had an experience of setting up contact centers and IP telephony and consequently enquired their services. Bamboo Agile provided custom development in Asterisk, covering custom queue, encrypted connection channels, outbound dialing, IVR, billing, voice to text and some other features. They wrote AGI scripts, integrated the system with mobile operators and created the repository of calls, calls statistics and 10-year history and reports for our monitoring and control. After the completion of the development process, they kept updating the system in accordance with our upcoming requests. We didn't expect that the system's development would take so little time since when received other offers, noticed that the estimated timelines were much longer there in comparison to what'd been promised by Bamboo Agile. They showed themselves as great and reliable software development partners.

Avatar of Cloodo

Peter Williams reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:24 PM

I'm the CTO at a software development company that designs solutions to streamline HR processes and engage businesses with their employees. We invited Bamboo Agile to contribute to the full-cycle web and mobile development and set up the infrastructure for our HR solution. I was in charge of the product, delivering the requirements for the software updates and new features' development. The project required advanced expertise in cutting-edge technology and the team's ability to modernize the app for reaching its higher productivity. All of Bamboo Agile's work was extremely solid. We used agile planning and a scrum approach that involved daily stand-ups, sync calls and bi-weekly rituals of retrospective meetings. Besides, the board in Jira allowed us to track the project status and leave the comments to each task. Our communication went smoothly, happening via phone calls, online meetings or the Microsoft teams chat.

Avatar of Cloodo

Знай Бай reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:24 PM

Since having successful previous experience of cooperation on development of our web platform, we reached Bamboo Agile out to improve the design and increase the number of features of an Android application and create mobile apps on iOS and Huawei. We wanted to increase the usability of our platform and make it more accessible for all users. Therefore, we initiated the development of mobile apps. In addition, there was a goal to provide all the necessary functionality, which has already been available on the web, in the mobile version. After deep analysis of our requirements and with extensive background knowledge of Znaj.by, the Bamboo Agile’s team helped us with mobile app development for it. They improved and modernized a mobile app on Android to get it more user-friendly and created a brand new mobile app on two other operating systems: iOS and Huawei. All these new features were intended for providing users with a foolproof design, a full cycle of functions available on the web and optimize the overall performance of the application.

Rating of Smartym Pro on Cloodo

9 reviews

Smartym Pro

Avatar of Cloodo

Greg Adourian reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:51 PM

The client is a credit card company that has a full line of products and services to cater to your banking requirements. The client wanted to develop a website, Android & iOS applications for a loyalty card program that could help both their clients as well as their business partners. The client is very satisfied with Smartum Pro because of their technical knowledge and excellent support services and recommends them highly to their colleagues.

Avatar of Cloodo

Greg Adourian reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:51 PM

We hired Smartym Pro to develop a mobile app (for both iOS and Android) with web admin panels.We provided Smartym Pro with the designs for the iOS and Android apps, wireframes for web admin panels, user stories describing the functionality of the system and the vendor created software requirements specification, in addition to having everything implemented within ten 2-week sprints.At the start, it appeared to be a challenge because up to 15 team members on both sides were working simultaneously. However, they deliver what they promise to deliver. They’re extremely knowledgeable with their technical expertise as well as taking a very proactive and innovative approach to our tasks.

Avatar of Cloodo

Greg Adourian reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:22 PM

The client provides an online platform to find loads and freights at low cost. They help truckers to increase their loaded miles and at the same time helps shippers and manufacturers to ship their freight effectively as well as at a low cost. This service is available throughout North America. Smartum Pro helped them to develop Android & iOS based mobile applications. The client is very satisfied with Smartum Pro because of their dedication towards delivering a quality work and completing the work before the deadline. They appreciate their responsiveness.

Avatar of Cloodo

Gavriel Merkado reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:22 PM

I am the founder and chief executive officer of REalyse. Our company provides UK real estate industry professionals with tools, technologies, and data to give them a significant performance boost. We already have an in-house development team, but in order to launch on the market as soon as possible, we really wanted to speed up the development process.The Smartum Pro team helps us with both polishing the front-end part of our platform/landing websites and developing core backend functionality for our main product that allows us to gather massive amounts of data and provide our clients with it.Right now we’ve been into the project for several months and we plan to continue ourcooperation.They also came up with multiple useful suggestions regarding development process and individual system features. The communication process is pretty good; I can hardly remember a single gap.They’ve successfully covered the agreed scope, though there were few times when it required more time. Still, they’ve had no problem with working during weekends, which is great especially when you’re on a tight deadline or if something needs a quick fix. I think they can work on their team allocation flow; sometimes it was obvious that the project required more team members.

Avatar of Cloodo

Alireza Fard reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:22 PM

We worked with Smartym from the discovery stage and prototype to final development. This was our second experience working with Smartym, who initially we found via online search. We were happy with the results of an initial test project and continued to work with them.Smartum was responsible for full-stack development, from initial research to product release. During their thorough discovery stage, they defined top-priority features, developed the product’s documentation, and designed the web and mobile layouts. They also localized the app to four languages: English, German, Italian, and French. The team is currently adjusting the released version by implementing various improvements.We had a dedicated project manager who was supportive and engaged

Rating of Omertex on Cloodo

9 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Toms Abeltins reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:42 PM

My experience with Omertex in software development was excellent in all processes. I appreciate the teamwork and the results we have achieved. Omertex quickly managed into our requirements and provide us with the highest quality service.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ulugbek Saidvaliev reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:42 PM

Omertex is a wonderful company offering not only professional software and business development services, but also a handful of highly motivated, open-minded, ready to assist in every complex situation, all-in-all brilliant personnel! Both quality of product and warm, friendly relations make Omertex the best in their field. Good luck!

Avatar of Cloodo

Aleksandr Saraykin reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:42 PM

This is the second project these guys are performing for us. The first one was related to mobile responsive web app development. As for this one we approached Omertex to take over and finish a sort of CRM-system for our European Brunch sales department.The project required a lot of business logic but since it could not be implemented on back-and we were needed someone who will be able to implement this logic on front-end. And they handled the task well! Both times we were excited about their ability to sail through our requirements. They delivered us exactly what we were expected to get. It as a pleasure to work with pros. Highly recommend them for mobile and web development.

Avatar of Cloodo

Alexander Pateshman reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:42 PM

Our bank worked with Omertex on several projects. I personally participated in two of them that were two mobile apps for our customers. The first mobile app we ordered from Omertex was a mobile app allowing individuals to manage loans and credits and make money transfer between debit and credit cards issued by our partner banks. The second mobile app we developed for our corporate clients. The app allows entrepreneurs and businesses to make payments in different currencies, manage accounts and keep track of the statement.All of these projects required following a long list of very strict requirements which was a rather challenging task for all of us. And I am happy to admit that Omertex team managed to fulfill it perfectly.We also appreciated the availability of the team to discuss emerging concerns during the development process any moment we needed it.I think that if we decide to create a new app for our bank, Omertex will definitely be our candidate No.1 to collaborate with

Avatar of Cloodo

Maxim Brekht reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:42 PM

We collaborated with Omertex in the development of a complex aggregator solution for booking and sales of electronic bus tickets.The system consists of multiple modules such as the back office, the white-label component, and connectors with external tickets providers, which contained the complex logic of the booking processing.The team took part in the product architecture, analysis, and design at the very beginning stage of the project. The first version they created helped us to better understand our needs and create a product that is now used by thousands of users daily.Taking into account the unstable work of the external API, it was critical for us to ensure high reliability and performance of the system, and Omertex managed this task perfectly.I’d also like to mark a high level of organization of the communication process.We appreciate the quality of the company's services and recommend them as experts in the field of development of complex software applications.

Rating of Webernetic Family on Cloodo

9 reviews

Webernetic Family

Kristina Poprotskaya reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:38:47 AM

The Webernetic Family provided us with SEO promotion and web design and development. The main goal was to increase sales and brand awareness through the new website.The company takes each project very seriously and does everything to make the product turn out good. Besides, during the development process they told and explained us many things so that we could better understand the process. The level of understanding between us is heigh. We gave them our requirements and Webernetic built a good site to fit it. We don't have to go back and forth with changes. Team's really good. The results of our cooperation are visible. Our rating in search engines has increased significantly, many queries leading to our site on the first page of systems. In addition, the number of requests from customers has increased significantly. We are very satisfied with our cooperation.

Shusta Elena reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:38:44 AM

We needed SEO and PPC promotion, and for a long time we were looking for a company that could help us with this.The main goal is to increase sales and brand awareness, increase the number of wholesale customers.We chose from several companies, and our partners recommended Webernetic Family.The company was engaged in SEO promotion of our site and PPC. We worked on the TOR, and a working group was created. After analyzing competitors and collecting the semantic core, a decision was made to Refine the site.The team consisted of seo and ppc specialists, a marketer (me), a marketer on behalf of the contractor and a manager on behalf of the contractor.

Avatar of Cloodo

Olga Orange reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:12 PM

Webernetic Family provides local digital marketing services including SEO, PPC with a focus on the Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The main goal is to improve incoming sales and brand awareness.The result of our cooperation: Our rankings are much higher now for our selected keywords. Most are on the first page. Also, after the launch of advertising companies, we felt a significant increase in applications and requests to our company

Avatar of Cloodo

Poll Dancov reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:12 PM

The company Webernet family we ordered development of the site for the second time. We have also been working for a long time in all areas of Internet marketing: SEO, PPC, SEM, working with instagram and facebook (group management and advertising), reputation management in google my business.The original goal was to bring in +30% of new customers every year. We have a large base of existing customers, we wanted to increase the flow of new ones.When we started working on the project, we had an old site that had already reached the ceiling in traffic and site Postings during SEO promotion. The site needed to be upgraded.The base for processing was prepared— Choose a design template— SEO Specialists made the structure— Competitor analysis— We set requirements for programmers and designers— Then we made a website— Next, the site is in the system SEO / SEM promotion— Set up a PPC company in google and Yandex for more than 380 keywords— Since 2016 we have been running social networks and providing paid advertising for our groups

Avatar of Cloodo

Ольга Мироновская reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:12 PM

Webernetic Family provided our company with a number of services, such as: SEO and promotion of the company's website, as well as General marketing and PPC services

Rating of Celadon on Cloodo

9 reviews


Nassir Mohammed reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:04:03 AM

Celadon is amazingly flexible company. The cooperation with them is so tight, it's like an own software development department in our company.

Peter Kanmi reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:04:00 AM

We needed a social media marketing solution and for strategic reasons, we didnt have enough time. We contacted Celadon had a preliminary brief session on the phone. They were upfront with us and did an assessment of requirement. Afterward they simply told us they could not realistically deliver the project in the 4 weeks we had. So we dropped iOS App, dropped the Web App, Dropped the payment module. And requested for the Android App MVP. They said yes they could do that in 4 weeks but will require another 1 week for testing. So we agreed and they finished in 4 weeks and we started testing afterward and EXACTLY 5 weeks from the date they received the first payment, there were no issues noticed and we were able to launch.Generally,1. They are honest2. They are quite scientific in their approach. Beyond programming, they are Software Engineers in the full sense of it. They put a lot of thought into the user experience, system security, stability and bring it down to simple programmable tasks.3. Their project management is great, communication is perfect, and they are sincere.4. We have started a second project with them, a web application. 5. We overshot the budget by about 20%, which is within tolerance for us in the circumstance,considering we created something that never existed from ground up in 5 weeks.

Avatar of Cloodo

Gilad Federman reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:26 PM

They are very dedicated team that put all effort to supply the best product they can. Putting extra time and effort to make the targets.

Staltorm reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:03:58 AM

Celadon delivered high-quality work. They are reliable and professional, really know their craft! They've understood our industry very well and knew all the risks encountering while computerization process. Manage to consider any sort of complex situation. Reccomended!

Avatar of Cloodo

Eyad Al Nesrawi reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:26 PM

Professional and friendly staff, on-time delivery and high-quality results. we worked with celadon on a huge development project and we were happy with the results and we will continue working with them.

Rating of Forte Group on Cloodo

8 reviews

Forte Group

Kilton Hopkins reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:46:23 PM

I have leveraged Forte Group several times on several different projects. I tend to ask a lot from my engineering and DevOps teams, and I am always impressed by how well the team members from Forte integrate and deliver. This company cares about the outcome of my projects, which is a very rare thing to find these days.

Karel Castex reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:46:21 PM

Our Technology team could not achieve our current successes without the reliable and professional services from Forte Group. They have consistently provided highly skilled Dev, DevOps and QA resources that have become key contributors across multiple projects and deliver results efficiently and cohesively. Integrating Forte’s resources with our internal team has set us up for continued success and we cannot thank them enough for the value they provide.

John Wingfield reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:46:19 PM

We have been using Forte Group since late 2018 to provide us with QA and Software Development Engineer resources. We started with 4 QA people to staff a new QA team for a key product. We found the technical skills, knowledge of process skills, and overall reliability of the resources provided to be exceptional. We now have over 25 resources working in an ongoing basis to provide reliable staffing to assist with new product engineering, sustained engineering of 'maintenance mode' products, and assisting with filling in for FTE's taking vacation time and sick days. Their management has been very responsive to our needs.

Kevin Cassman reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:46:17 PM

I worked with Forte to fill a number of engineering roles. They understood the nuances of each role and sent quality candidates. They are great at following up and helping prioritize interviews. They found us engineers that were very skilled and awesome cultural fits.

Avatar of Cloodo

Anthony Vizza reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:07:58 PM

As a QA Manager, I occasionally need assistance when we have a lack of resources for large projects. When that happens, I look to Forte to fill that need. The Forte QAs I've worked with are professional, highly skilled, and most importantly, get the job done quickly and efficiently. They are always my first choice.

Rating of Dashbouquet Development on Cloodo

7 reviews

Dashbouquet Development

Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:05:28 AM

The client is a technology company from Israel that helps enterprises and startups in developing websites and web apps. The client needed help with some of their projects and thus approached Dashbouquet Development who provides them with the needed resources on an ongoing basis. All the projects that they did were completed within the decided time and proposed budget. As per the client, Dashbouquet Development came out to be their perfect development partner. The client is highly impressed with their level of professionalism and recommends them highly to their friends and colleagues.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sergey Chikin reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:57 PM

The client is an IT company developing the web and mobile applications. They developed a social networking iOS based mobile application in which they wanted to add some more features to improve its efficiency. They partnered with Dashbouquet Development for the redevelopment of the iOS mobile application. The client is very satisfied with Dashbouquet Development because of their understanding of the project and reliability.

Avatar of Cloodo

Gregory Ristow reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:57 PM

The client provides online education in the fundamentals of music and music theories through interactive environment tailors and teaching tools so the users can learn music smarter and faster. Dashbouquet Development was involved in building a huge website which is also accessible on phones and tablets for the client to learn music online. The project took a little longer than expected to finish because of some delays from client’s side, but it was completed within the proposed budget. The client is highly satisfied with Dashbouquet Development as they served as a one-stop solution for the client. The client also praised their array of skills and recommends them highly to their friends and colleagues.

Avatar of Cloodo

Igor Nakonetsnoi reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:57 PM

The client is a web and mobile application developer that develops applications for third-party clients as well as works on in-house projects. They wanted to work with a mobile and web Development Company that could help them in developing such applications. The client is very satisfied with Dashbouquet Developers because of their technical expertise and quality of work. The client finds them quite reliable and looks forward to working with them on future projects as well. The client appreciates their proactive nature in giving suggestions and advices and strongly recommends them to work with.

Avatar of Cloodo

Gilad Federman reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:56:41 PM

Great job, the team is fully dedicated and does very professional programming.

Rating of Nineseven on Cloodo

7 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Igor Varnavsky reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:58 PM

Nineseven doesn't have top-notch best-in-the-world talents or proprietary cutting-edge technologies but they are competent and reliable enough to supplement your internal devs or to launch a moderately complex project from scratch.

Avatar of Cloodo

Жанна Селина reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:58 PM

The project had a task in the shortest terms (about 3 weeks) to develop 2 interactive greeting cards that would allow congratulating the colleagues and partners of our company with Happy new year.We developed 2 videos for these cards and further integrated them into our domains, implementing the logic of mailing, entering personal data and switching language versions. Additionally, the letter of congratulation templates was developed, so that our partners will be able to receive not just text in a letter, but a stylized html letter. The results impressed us, in addition to video greeting cards, we received a detailed mailing logic. The project was ready on time and it was doubly pleasant.The process was as efficient as possible, and communication with studio specialists left only pleasant impressions. The guys decided all our questions!

Avatar of Cloodo

Vladimir Butko reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:58 PM

Nineseven was tasked with creating a high-performance, fault-tolerant, scalable and modern platform for an online store. Objectives:● resource with high magnification goods● store failsafe operation at> 30,000 daily sessions● introduction of functional shopping platform, increasing conversion and customer loyalty● modern responsive designWe were attracted by the high expertise and competence of Nineseven. The company offered optimal and understandable solutions to our problems.The project implementation lifted the existing restrictions on the development of our company and opened up new opportunities for a significant increase in customer satisfaction. Work on the development of the project continues and we feel the effect of the work done in the form of an increase in the positive feedbacks from customers, increasing conversion and sales.For a long time of teamwork, rarely there were questions in interaction and efficiency, however, they were effectively solved by teams.

Avatar of Cloodo

Dmitry Liakhor reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:58 PM

To achieve the planned level of conversion, implement the design in accordance with the modern requirements of web development, optimize the current pages of bank products and transfer them to the solution developed in Nineseven.The number of landing blocks and the approximate content were determined. The content was formed in order to achieve further product flexibility. The competence of the studio's specialists was without a doubt. Looking ahead — we were not mistaken!Even before the start of work on the project, we determined the composition of the landing page and the order of the blocks. However, during the preparation of the terms of reference, we offered a slightly different implementation, which suited us more than originally planned.The project was launched about a year ago and today successfully works on many products of the bank.We received a result that we are 100% satisfied with. Conversion of landing pages and their attractiveness has increased significantly.Speed, quality, results and efficiency that what we found the most impressive in the Nineseven.

Avatar of Cloodo

Иван Кривонос reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:58 PM

The goal of the project was a development of web-store and implementation of other digital activities of the company.The studio's specialists proposed implementation in terms that we were completely satisfied within a reasonable budget. In addition, Nineseven offered support and evolving of our project in the future. Our job is marketing, and website development is a technical process. We liked the Nineseven approach when they offered technical implementation according to our ideas.The specialists of the studio suggested implementation in terms that we were completely satisfied within a reasonable budget. In addition, Nineseven offered support and refinement of our project in the future. To implement the online exchange with our ERP system for orders, balances, prices and catalogue, the developers offered a solution that allowed us to receive ready-made orders directly to ERP and process orders in the future on our side.After the successful development of the site, we repeatedly turned to the studio to develop other projects of the company and were always pleased with the results.We were impressed with the high-quality of the project and efficiency in making our comments on current projects.

Rating of datarockets on Cloodo

7 reviews


Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:01:07 AM

We have been working with data rockets for 3 months and are very happy with their service. Their communication has been very impressive thus far. I was hesitant to work with an international group given a bad previous experience with another company, but DataRockets has been nothing but exceptional. They have taken over a complex software platform and have even assisted with technical support.

Avatar of Cloodo

Robert Osborne reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:01 PM

We have two datarockets' developers working with our mobile team and we are always impressed with their dedication to the project, willingness to go the extra mile and desire to learn and improve.

Avatar of Cloodo

Gabriel Ferrin reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:01 PM

We've worked with Datarockets for about 4 years now continuously and have been very happy with our collaboration. We've used them for both frontend and mobile development and they've produced high quality code and satisfied our project needs. They are a strong team and have helped enahce our own developer culture over the years.

Avatar of Cloodo

Alejandro Pérez reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:01 PM

We've done a couple of projects with the team at Data Rockets and our experience has been very positive. Communication is great which makes a big difference when running projects with a distributed team in various countries (from our end). Pavel and his team have been always available and reply to emails / requests promptly. When we've had problems they've reacted swiftly and thoroughly.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ed Wong reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:01 PM

I've been working in Product Management for a while in Toronto and the PM circle is quite small here. I was first recommended DataRockets by a fellow Product Manager that I was chatting with. She had glowing reviews for them so I decided to try them out for a project that I was working on - a platform to connect the brightest minds in Canada and provide easier access to expertise.Working with DataRockets was an absolute pleasure. It was incredibly enjoyable - I most appreciated their responsiveness, their quality of work, and most importantly -- collaboratively problem solving with them.They had tried-and-true processes that kept communication open. Tools and organization that made it easy for us to track work and discuss tasks. It was so effective that I adopted some of those processes in my day-to-day PM role. They are truly entrepreneurial-minded, so it was nice to be able to bounce ideas and have other bright minds thinking ahead on potential challenges or opportunities.I would highly recommend and would not hesitate to work with them again.

Rating of HQSoftware on Cloodo

6 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Torben Pedersen reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:54:03 PM

We have been working with HQ for 5 years and for a lot of projects in the area of web and mobile application development. I can recommend this company as high professionals.

Avatar of Cloodo

Torben Pedersen reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:57 PM

Big ETF portal development project for UNDP, providing products and services for the textile industry in Belarus

Avatar of Cloodo

MJ Anderson reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:57 PM

We have worked with HQSoftware for over a year now and find them to be very responsive partners willing to tackle any and all problems.

Avatar of Cloodo

Rando Rand reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:57 PM

It has been a pleasure to cooperate HQ Software during last year. They have been very flexible with our timesheet and what we specially like is their willingness to not only follow our guidelines, but also to recommend better/existing solutions.

Avatar of Cloodo

Сергей Рябцев reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:57 PM

HQSoftware team delivered our real estate platform and mobile applications in time which was critical for me. These people were always exceeding my expectations: coming up with ideas on how to enhance the functionality and doing extra research on the topic. Project managers were always in touch and we appreciated the communication to its full extent. Highly recommend the team.

Rating of Lepshey on Cloodo

5 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Yan Gloukhovski reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:54:15 PM

Avatar of Cloodo

Yan Gloukhovski reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:29 PM

We've been working with Lepshey studio for over 3 years. The team has been consistently reliable for all our needs, diligent on delivery and always creative with thier design. We got a lot of compliments from our users on the clean and intuitive UI we have on our web app. Last but not least - they're also just a great bunch of people to work with.

Avatar of Cloodo

Alexander D. reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:29 PM

The new design now displays a plethora of information with more user appeal and aesthetic function, resulting in increased leads and conversions. Lepshey demonstrated sharp business acumen and met the challenging deadline by executing an intuitive, intentional approach to the dual objectives.

Avatar of Cloodo

Dmitry Dolgorukov reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:29 PM

Lepshey acted as a trusted partner for ongoing UI/UX work in the fintech space, beginning with a complete website build and associated logo design. With Lepshey, everything just works: The team meets budget and timelines, and they have a clear eye for design. They deliver strong work even under pressure. An efficient, well-organized team, they arrived at a simple collaboration process.

Avatar of Cloodo

Alexander Dunaev reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:29 PM

The studio carried out a variety of work for our company since its inception. This includes web and app design for the new projects and its ongoing support including email templates and ongoing web improvements.The services tendered are consistently of a great quality. Lepshey Sudio is highly reliable, provides a quick turnaround on all of our tasks with a great understanding of the company's needs. Happy to recommend them from personal experience!

Rating of SumatoSoft on Cloodo

5 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Ivan Alexandrovich reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:17 PM

I have been cooperating with SumatoSoft for 3 years. Currently we are working on a huge high-load project. The guys from SumatoSoft do their job well, constantly help and advise how to do better and save my budget and time.

Avatar of Cloodo

Vadim Baltman reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:17 PM

We can say with confidence that SumatoSoft has realized all our ideas into practice. In the future, we plan to continue working with SumatoSoft on improvements of the MyMediAds service. We will highly recommend SumatoSoft to those who want to successfully plan and implement a truly quality project.

Avatar of Cloodo

Damian Gevertz reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:17 PM

I have entrusted a PM and 2 full time developers to work exclusively on our project for the past 16 months. We talk daily and they have as yet never let us down. They are open to thinking that there may be another way of doing something but we have complete transparency on timescales, costs and issues that as always, arise over testing

Avatar of Cloodo

David Logan reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:17 PM

When we had the startup concept fleshed out and wrote our specifications, we knew that it would be a significant undertaking and would cost over $500k+ for the build. The money we were going to use for the build was the hard-earned money that we were able to save over the years and we wanted to ensure that the firm we choose would be one that can get the job done well and one that we can grow with...We reviewed dozens of firms across the world and found that SumatoSoft was the best. Due to the size of the investment, we obtained a visa and flew down to visit their facilities in person. We spent a month there and SumatoSoft was a gracious host. We spent the time transferring the vision to the team of talented designers, architects, and developers who quickly translated our vision to code. Not only was the code efficiently developed and beautifully designed, but it was also well written to lower our long term hosting costs. I hope this review will be specifically geared towards product managers and entrepreneurs. We know the challenges you face when searching for a software development firm to partner with. We highly recommended SumatoSoft as your development partner that will not only exceed your expectations but will help you to grow.

Avatar of Cloodo

Yevgeniy Rozenblat reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:17 PM

We have built a very capable Transportation Management System with the help of SumatoSoft. Technologies they have initially suggested are absolutely perfect fit for a web application used by businesses on a daily basis. I am impressed how a rather small team can tackle a task of building an enterprise-level solution. They are always making a great effort of understanding and tearing down the requirements, finding the most effective way to implement them and thoroughly testing the product. We will keep working with SumatoSoft to add more functionality to our product.

Rating of Promwad on Cloodo

5 reviews


Maria Kuznetsova reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:18:55 AM

In 2009, the first SmartLabs IPTV set-top box was designed, and Promwad Design Centre was a key part of the development team. The project was an important step in our evolution as a business. Working under very tight timescales with the Promwad experts, we created a new product: the prototype phase was completed within under 4 months, and in 10 months production levels were exceeding tens of thousands of devices for delivery to our customers. We successfully competed with world leading products of that time.

Avatar of Cloodo

Val Levitan reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:06 PM

We retained the services of Promwad to design the hardware and software for our new media streaming device that would integrate into our gaming console. This music streaming device seamlessly integrated with our menu, offering our customers a selection of music from a 3rd party music provider.

Avatar of Cloodo

Kseniya Sidarchuk reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:06 PM

Oyper and Promwad had a great collaboration on integrating a shoppable video solution for IPTV. This was the first case in this sphere on the regional market in Belarus. The cooperation lasted for about 9 months. As a result we have fully completed the process and are looking forward to upcoming partnerships.Promwad is a company with a high business reputation and a deticated highly professional team.

Avatar of Cloodo

Mikalaj Murziankou reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:06 PM

Initially, I've heard about Promwad as the well-known European electronics design house with multiple positive feedbacks from my colleagues and partners. After that, we decided to try. Now I'm totally excited by the result we received. Promwad has delivered on a modular USB-connected computer design with connectivity, sensors, RFID, storage, camera, compute, and other modules.Promwad combining Agile project management methodology with a variety of communication tools such as Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram and Google Meet.I wish to highlight - A fast and efficient way of Promwad communication- Mature Agile project management- Inspiring and honoring Promwad leadership- Estimation flexibility

Avatar of Cloodo

Andrew Ryzhenko reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:06 PM

Promwad took us to the next level of interaction with our customers by developing a video streaming app for the most popular SmartTV platforms, such as Android TV, Tizen, and WebOS. COVID-19 changed our communication within our team, and with foreign clients, so we had to dive into a completely new area of media streaming services. This first experience was successful thanks to the Promwad engineering team's technical expertise.We sent RFQs to outsourcing companies in Europe, India and China. In the end, Promwad gave us a higher budget estimate, but we knew from feedback from their customers that we would end up saving on testing and timing. Unlike developers from India and China, they do not just carry out the task at hand but treat their clients' business as if it were their own: they analyze the project more deeply, suggest excluding redundant features, and keep an eye on deadlines and budgets.

Rating of SmartexLab on Cloodo

5 reviews


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Thomas Kuell reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:21 PM

Helped in developing apps, but also in talking through scope and need and giving ideas - which is very useful for a non-coder like myself.

Avatar of Cloodo

Robin Christopher Schoss reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:21 PM

Smartex's project management skills are subperb - depending on which talents they assign to you, you can expect anything from solid to phenomenal work along the whole spectrum of software design, engineering, implementation and maintenance

Avatar of Cloodo

Ofer Herman reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:21 PM

We built a team at SmartexLab that developed our product for 2 years developers were professionals, initiative and took part in all aspects of the software development life cycle.

Avatar of Cloodo

Jawad Stouli reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:21 PM

We have been working with Smartex for more than a year now. They provided our initial remote team and developed our MVP. Both the software engineers and the business people are hard working, reliable and communicate well which is hard to come by in that setting. They are particularly flexible and adapted to small to mid-sized companies.

Avatar of Cloodo

Mark Stephens reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:21 PM

We use Smartexlab for a number of services including UX/UI design, web development, project management and QA. After speaking to a number of companies across the globe we chose them due to great communication and delivery our projects on time and on budget.

Rating of Intellectsoft on Cloodo

4 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Yuliya Karnaukh reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:54:44 PM

We needed to develop an app that would combine the success of our previous music-making mobile applications with the intuitive interface of a drum machine. The Intellectsoft team was able to quickly understand our needs and began developing a prototype. The final project was completed on time and within our budget, and the Intellectsoft team has continued developing the application's updated versions.

Avatar of Cloodo

Yuliya Karnaukh reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:47:27 PM

We needed to move the functionality of our SEO web service to mobile without any detriment to the user experience. The team was helpful in choosing the most important features to highlight, making accurate asumptions about the way our users would use the mobile app. The project was delivered on time and has received great feedback from our users.

Avatar of Cloodo

Marcus Chait reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:47:27 PM

Couldn't be more pleased with our experience. IntellectSoft delivered a quality product on budget and on schedule. We couldn't be more pleased with the final product.

Avatar of Cloodo

Tabrez Ali reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:47:27 PM

Feedback summary: Their involvement has expanded B2B relationships. They are diligent in their scheduling and communicate regularly. They stand out among other development teams for their quality and consistency.

Rating of Syberry Corporation on Cloodo

4 reviews

Syberry Corporation

Avatar of Cloodo

John Fox reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:54:51 PM

I contacted this company to get help making my amazing 1980s DOS program, Maxthink, work in Windows10. Almost immediately, I got an email back from Timour Procopovich offering to help. First, he said I should not try to recreate an entire Windows version b/c it would be too expensive. Within few days he had the solution, walking me through my misunderstandings and making it happen. What an incredible lift. Can’t thank him enough.

Avatar of Cloodo

John Fox reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:50:27 PM

Syberry works on multiple projects for me and delivers according to pre-determined design specifications. All deliverables have exceeded expectations and function properly once launched. The Syberry team is skilled in juggling multiple projects, and provide strong expertise in software development. Their dedication to the project has fostered continual success in the engagement.

Avatar of Cloodo

Rudy Milković reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:50:27 PM

The end solution exceeded the client’s expectations. Syberry delivered high-quality products on time and at outstanding value. They provided frequent updates and repeatedly sought feedback at each stage. Customers can expect a highly experienced team that easily translates concepts into solutions.

Avatar of Cloodo

Vince Hughes reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:50:27 PM

I used Syberry Corporation for a good size project and could not be happier, I feel blessed to have found them. They are very knowledge and perform on time every time. If you are considering them for a project you would do well to use them.Steel Estimating SolutionsVince Hughes

Rating of Mifort Solutions on Cloodo

4 reviews

Mifort Solutions

Hans Becker reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:38:08 AM

We needed to create a stable blockchain gaming platform. Mifort was recommended to me by my familiars at investment meetups. We hired 2 project teams: 2 Project Managers, 9 Developers, 2 Testers and 1 DevOps. Marketing and business analysis were developed on our own. Mifort team consists of active and responsive professionals, which helped us to come up with multiple ways to solve any issues that arose, due to it the MVP version has already earned more close to $1M. Mifort created the PHT (or ERC20) token on the Ethereum Blockchain platform and developed popular games.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ilya Shumilin reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:45:44 PM

e needed to create the mortgage calculator that gives advice about buying and renting houses for migrants in Switzerland. We looked through many outsourcing companies and contacted Mifort finally. Alexey, the CTO at Mifort, gave detailed answers to all our questions regarding work and task-oriented project estimation. I flew to Mifort’s office to meet the team, discuss work and sign a contract. Mifort team implemented the architecture of Online Mortgage Advice application in Angular 9 for Switzerland Bank. Implemented 20 calculation filters that make analytics via 15 characteristics added by users and assisted in the decision-making process. Developed various types of charts for data analytics (bar charts, donut charts and etc). Developed features show users 10 different graphs in D3.js. Implemented download reports in PDF format. Implemented integration with Google Analytics, Tag Manager to control user behavior and Mailchimp to send mails.Built advisor Application is used by more than 1000 people a day, it is expected to have 10.000 people a day in the near future.I was not expecting that the very first Project that I work with Mifort will go that smoth. Will definitely work with Mifort on future projects.

Avatar of Cloodo

Aliaksandr Yancheuski reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:45:44 PM

Mifort have created a building infrastructure management project. The project helps to manage building with automated system, allows to save spendings on it and increases productivity. If I ever had a question about anything under the sun, they were available to me. I could just reach out to them and they would pretty much always have an answer for me. I also like how everything related to the project was on a Scrum board and I saw what was going on in real-time. This project allowed us to save 15% of the estimated spendings on the building and increase productivity by 50%. It became useful for such companies as Reagan National Airport, Toyota, Kindred Healthcare, Goodyear Tire, Rubber Company and etc.

Avatar of Cloodo

James Hollander reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:45:44 PM

We hired Mifort team for creating a platform receiving calls from social networks, websites, phones and CRMs in one place, creating Landing page to promote the Web Application.The work of the team was coordinated well thanks to the Project Manager. The project manager clearly and quickly got my ideas. Mifort designer made the platform easy to use with good UI/UX design. Mifort provided Front-end developers created project with HTML/CSS and Angular, back-end developers worked on their side with Java. Team also created OpenSource library as a wrapper over WebRTC. Mifort built a cloud communication application making it possible to receive a call in one place and answer to it in browser or mobile application. Developers added recording function and logic for statistics of calls in order see what takes a lot of time and, consequently, improve people's business communication. I am very satisfied with the work that Mifort have done.

Rating of XPGraph on Cloodo

4 reviews


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Dzmitry Dudnik reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:01 PM

Excellent approach to workCompetent approach to solving problemsEffective UI/UXPleasant attitude to the client

Avatar of Cloodo

Franziska Bayram reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:01 PM

We are working with XPGraph since 2016 and can only highly recommend them. They are very professional in their processes and quality of work, our dedicated project manager is highly responsive and we are always closely aligned.

Avatar of Cloodo

Jordan Cumming reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:01 PM

XPGraph is a reliable, intelligent and great company to use to build your digital project. I would absolutey recommend them to anyone in my network!

Avatar of Cloodo

Mickael Tournier reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:01 PM

We have been working with XPGraph for several years and we want to highlight their high professionalism, speed of execution and code quality. It's always a pleasure to start a new project with them and we can only recommend them!

Rating of Solvd, Inc. on Cloodo

4 reviews

Solvd, Inc.

Meir Dahan reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:55:33 AM

To make it short: They understand me quickly, give a good comments and suggestions, professional work, very clear that they love to do their work and care about my needs and my project, friendly and with reasobale price

Avatar of Cloodo

Steve Newcomb reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:27 PM

I am Steve Newcomb, CEO & Founder of Famous. This review is for Solvd, Inc. We utilized Solvd services for both our QA and for staff augmentation on our engineering team. They enabled us to have 24 hour/day bug checking and bug resolution and were an essential part of our team. Overall, I'm highly satisfied with their services, management, and quality of staff. If you are looking for a trusted partner to augment or outsource your QA or bug engineering, I highly recommend Solvd, Inc. Their service quality is excellent, technical ability is solid, and their management staff was a true partner for Famous. Overall, I give them the highest recommendation - meaning I'd hire them every time.

Avatar of Cloodo

Allen Chen reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:27 PM

They helped w/ our QA and replaced our need for an in-house QA while we are still a small team.

Marina Ryzhikova reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:55:31 AM

Rating of SKY INCOM on Cloodo

4 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Michel Bakker reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:11 PM

We have worked with SKY INCOM for many years and it is wonderful to have such a reliable partner. They successfully managed with different tasks like developing a social network connected with sport, car portals, and other corporate websites. This team is great in meeting deadlines and they have always kept us informed about the working process. Their skills also deserve mentioning. They are proficient backend developers with a knowledge of Phalcon, Laravel, Symfony, and other web-frameworks. What do we like most about the company?Their experience. They know how to do things and do it quite fast. This is the most valuable factor in our business. They are always available to help and to amend a project because of new requirements. We are satisfied with their wide technical knowledge and technical service. We have already recommended SKY INCOM to our colleagues.

Avatar of Cloodo

Roman Gavriluk reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:11 PM

We appeared in a need of an ERP for work optimization and found SKY INCOM to solve this problem.They kept me updated and created an excellent ERP for us. This is all we needed. But also they provided me with detailed reports about the ongoing process. I really liked it.

Avatar of Cloodo

Maxim Fiolia reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:11 PM

We found SKY INCOM on the advice of one of our partners and understood they were sizable for our task. They knew what to do and performed it the best way. We were lucky to find a company familiar with this sphere and the functionality we wanted them to implement.They have a good model of working. So, everything was presented to us according to all the comments and requirements. We really liked the work process with them.

Avatar of Cloodo

Tesla Group reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:11 PM

Our task wasn’t a usual one – we wanted to make 3 ecommerce projects at a fast clip. After looking through lists of developers, we decided on SKY INCOM. Their service and experience appeared to be the most suitable for us. Though the task was difficult, they were able to give us a fine solution. The team worked fast, so there were no questions concerning their work. We are deeply satisfied with their work.

Rating of SolveIt on Cloodo

4 reviews


Aliaksandr Krotau reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:32:27 PM

We selected SolveIt through an interview process. I had communication with several candidates, who could help our dental center to solve issues. SolveIt was the best choice we found when researching. This team suited us both for the budget and for the proposed ideas.We focused on increasing the loyalty of current patients and on creating a tool to attract new ones. It was decided to make our own application. After discussing the tasks with SolveIt team we made a decision to build Native Mobile Apps for both platforms.The layout was prepared by their UX/UI designer. During the process, we decided that we needed a dashboard. Their developers have created a mobile app and the dashboard after agreeing with us. Finally, the company tested and launched apps into the Play and App stores. Now SolveIt continues to support our apps and keeps in touch with our Dental Center.SolveIt is a really good team of professionals – they know their job. I liked the way their manager and developers communicated with us and how they helped to develop our idea. They were timely, skilled, and experienced, and project driven.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sergei Karlionov reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:42 PM

Our Poker Club reach some level of members loyalty and need a marketing/digital tool to promote it to next level, as well as we want to attract new members. After discussing this case with SolveIt we decide to build Native App's for both platforms with Admin panel for mobile device, so I can control some important stuff by myself or with some manager help.I’m really like how the final product looks like, moreover, application is easy to use by end-customers. No any serious technical issues were admitted after release. After release SolveIt keep communicating with me about the more effective usage of application as for business owner.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ника Лазарева reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:42 PM

We planned the project for a year, but SolveIt came up with a proposal to optimize the workflow and we finished the project 3 months early. Everything was awesome, thanks for the great job!

Olga Bobko reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:32:26 PM

Rating of ElateSoftware on Cloodo

4 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Ivan Baranov reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:38 PM

We chose company ElateSoftware to develop the Shopping Tour application. Employees of the company have proven themselves as a reliable and highly professional partner. The project managers were always in touch, responded quickly to comments and were attentive to requirements. Moreover, the company developed design that fully met my expectations. We worked at a fixed price terms. The application was delivered on time and with high quality.

Avatar of Cloodo

Alexander Chubarov reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:38 PM

we are in partnership with ELATE for more than 6 months as for mobile Apps development. The service, delivered by ELATE is accurate in time and budget delivery and the product created is stable and proper.

Avatar of Cloodo

Denis Mikhayevich reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:38 PM

I am the founder at Axonim. We develop hardware soft, telecommunications, digital services, etc. We were interested in developing an iOS and Android application that would control an external device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This was not the first time we have partnered with ElateSoftware. Their optimal pricing, extensive IoT experience, and on time project delivery all factored in us choosing to contract them again. The team expressed great enthusiasm about the project and carried it all through development. We were amazed to see how passionate they were about the results of their work.

Avatar of Cloodo

Souren M reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:38 PM

The team is working with Agile iterations. Their business process is well built.

Rating of Geomotiv on Cloodo

3 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

David C Peterson reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:41:18 PM

I've worked with Geomotiv since 2013. 4 Years when I was at the Rubicon Project and am currently using them for the past 2 years at PebblePost. We work together in partnership to find excellent quality engineers in big data, high performance, high scale computing, and tiered web development. We utilize the engineers as a team extension which allows us to build our core team faster, get our products to market faster, and have near round the clock coverage of our systems. The engineers have good English, math, computing skills, and a great attitude in collaborating together. I will continue to use Geomotiv since they are an excellent partner and I would encourage anyone else who has similar needs to do the same.

Avatar of Cloodo

Eugene Nashilov reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:41:18 PM

Cooperation with Geomotiv was smooth and productive and we were pleased to have such a company as a partner. We needed to develop a solution for player churn prediction in the game. Geomotiv provided continual interactions with our team and helped define key features that would predict the churn. Thanks to their dedication, the project was completed on time.

Avatar of Cloodo

Андрей Шавель reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:41:18 PM

I am the Director of Operations at a private medical center Sante. I got to know Geomotiv when we were looking for a strong engineering team for our project. The task was to develop a custom Healthcare solution with rich functionality and integrate it with the existing EHR system. The guys gave precisely what we needed - they understood our challenges and brought our exact product vision to life. The team was always available for a quick call whenever it was necessary. With Geomotiv’s help, we were finally able to increase the quality of our medical services and reduce ongoing expenses.

Rating of instinctools on Cloodo

3 reviews


Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:08:43 AM

The client is a software company that basically build software for industries and targets niche markets. With this project, the client aimed to build software for notaries in Germany. The client approached Instinctools to help them with coding, implementation and testing of a web application with the purpose of storing notary documents. There was no set timeframe for the project completion since Instinctools was hired to provide engineering resources for a particular amount of time and the project was managed by the client itself. The budget also stayed within the agreed financial terms. The client is very much satisfied with Instinctools because of their technologically advanced workforce and they highly recommend them to their friends and colleagues.

Avatar of Cloodo

Vlad Lokshin reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:44 PM

The client is an engineering and technology consultancy firm developing products for engineering companies. The client partnered with Instinctools for the development of multiple mobile applications for them majorly for the iOS platform only. Instinctools has been working continuously for the client and usually every project was finished on time and within the specified budget. The client is quite satisfied with Instinctools and praised their highly skilled talent pool and their efficiency of work. The client has already recommended them to their friends several times and continues to do so.

Luka Marić reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:08:42 AM

Rating of Code Inspiration on Cloodo

3 reviews

Code Inspiration

Avatar of Cloodo

Lizaveta Kalinouskaya reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:41:51 PM

I represent a company who hired Code Inspiration for s mob app development, we've been searching for a right candidate for a long time and now when it's done we're totally satisfied with cooperating with Code Inspiration Team. The app hasn't launched yet, but as we see it will happen soon. We totally can count on them and keep being in touch regularly. These guys are so collaborative and truly passionate about their work. Code Inspiration offers their opinion, doing their best to show an interest and professional skills .

Avatar of Cloodo

Salam Slim reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:41:51 PM

Very professional and customer focused company. Looks after the software development details in all aspects

Avatar of Cloodo

Elie Achkar reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:41:51 PM

I work in the construction, engineering and maintenance services, we are waiting the launching for those applications (web & mobile) since they will cover most of the sectors as stated in their webpage. The team is very concerted and obsessive about their efforts.

Rating of UNL Solutions on Cloodo

3 reviews

UNL Solutions

Avatar of Cloodo

Gardar Thorvardsson reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:18 PM

UNL IT has supplied a dedicated software developer that works from the UNL IT office in Minsk. The developer is working on .NET projects and has contributed well since the start. Communication through skype and slack work well.

Avatar of Cloodo

Matt Jeoffroy reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:18 PM

Great experience, good guys, and very easy to work with them

Avatar of Cloodo

James Doodley reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:18 PM

UNL Solutions LTD helped develop a payment processing app for a third-party client. One of their main responsibilities was building a custom conversion module that could process multiple payment formats.

Rating of SpurIT on Cloodo

3 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Samy Waiche reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:54:08 PM

SpurIT delivered far better than I could've imagined! We had a pretty difficult situation due to the previous Shopify app developers we contracted ghosting us after getting paid and only completing 75% of the work.When initially talking with Anastasiya, she completely understood our situation and was willing to work with us even though it's not easy picking up an existing dysfunctional codebase.This is how you can be sure that SpurIT is skilled in what they do. SpurIT investigated our codebase and provided a thorough report detailing all existing features of the app and gateway that were implemented, including functional and non-functional features. They explained what looks good and can be kept and also what needs to be refactored due to security reasons or bad code practice. They didn't generalize things, they provided accurate and pointed details that can be further researched and verified. They recommended critical issues to update along with some other "nice to haves" to provide a better UX and feature set.After we chose to proceed with the required development, SpurIT delivered on time and in one stage, earlier than expected. If we had any technical questions, Philip was very responsive and assisted with detailed explanations. Communication was perfect!SpurIT went above and beyond to takeover an app and payment gateway that was in shambles and barely functioning and transformed them into a scalable solution that is already powering 20+ enterprise Shopify merchants, and that number is growing every day.If you're looking to develop a Shopify app and want a highly-skilled, knowledgeable team that offers fair and transparent, look no further.Thanks again Anastasiya, Philip, and the rest of the SpurIT team! It was a pleasure collaborating with you.

Avatar of Cloodo

Samy Waiche reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:59 PM

Spur IT developed for us 3 shopify + website. We wanted to migrate from Magento 1.9 to Shopify + and all the quotation we were getting were super expensive, sending a lot of technical information but not answering all our requirement. I started speaking with Alexander & Philip and they totally understood what we wanted to achieve, always trying to find the best solution in any case:- We wanted a custom theme but they helped us choose a theme and tweak it in order to make it fully as we wanted to help us save money- We needed some fully custom integration for our Warehouse, Partial ERP, VIP program,... they did everything and everything is working smoothly. - When a glitch happen, with a top priority, you can count on them to be super reactive!I definitely recommend them as I am working with them since 2 years now for 3 Shopify website making 5Millions+/year

Avatar of Cloodo

Simon Castagné reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:59 PM

SputIT helped us migrate our e-commerce website from Magento to Shopify Plus, improving our site's overall performance and at the end of the day financial results.

Rating of Right Studio on Cloodo

3 reviews

Right Studio

Avatar of Cloodo

Viacheslav Mazai reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:43:31 PM

We have hired Right Studio to create a website that will explain about Onesoil project, explain how it works, how it can benefit the farming industry with the use of technology developed by Onesoil team.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sergey Povalishev reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:43:31 PM

We thank all the team of Right Studio for our new interfaces and corporate identity that we’re proud of. It’s always a pleasure to work with you guys.

Avatar of Cloodo

Mike Krupenkov reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:43:31 PM

Sascha Revyako is highly recommended Art Director that I do like to work with. Also, Slava is easy to communicate and creative designer. I can recommend the guys as a reliable professionals

Rating of Smart IT on Cloodo

3 reviews

Smart IT

Zigmars Rudzitis reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:32:15 AM

We started cooperation with SMART IT in late 2017. and have since launched 4 major software projects together for our group businesses. The company provided initial team of 8 people - which at some point, before the global pandemic made some correction in our business operation - grew to 17 people team working full time for us. Company works fast to make any required adjustments to the team and provision of new specialists. Additionally runs proper internal checks (evaluation, feedback reports etc) with the team, leaving partners like us worrying about the software development part only. I cannot comment widely on abilities with latest technologies, because our software was built on a relatively old technology stack, but i have no doubt that the company can provide high quality services for any partner in need of dedicated software development.

Avatar of Cloodo

Wesley Rozhnov reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:40:20 PM

Great service, professional team. All issues were resolved in timely manner. Loved their work and will definitely use them again for my future project

Avatar of Cloodo

Julia Guzman reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:40:20 PM

We envisioned a telehealth platform that unites US patients, doctors, and medical clinics with on-demand mental healthcare services delivered online. Smart IT delivered on that vision100% !The most impressive thing was the level of Smart IT team accountability and involvement in our product. All issues were resolved promptly. Their developers added great value to the project. I loved their work and will definitely work with them again.

Rating of DigitalMara on Cloodo

3 reviews


Elan Kaplan reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:22:26 AM

I worked with DigitalMara for over 6 years during my tenure at Touch commerce/Nuance Communications. When I left, we had about 120 employees there including many of our top talent including Big Data, Web and mobile development, DevOps, QA, test automation, and IT. Andrey and his team think and act like owners! I will continue to look for opportunities to work with DigitalMara. I've worked with various offshore and nearshore teams and they are there best of the best.

Scott Zuppan reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:22:24 AM

Couldn't have made a better decision than deciding to work with DigitalMara. All of our expectations were either met or exceeded. Their team was timely and thorough with the development of our SaaS product. We are very happy customers and will be continuing to use DigitalMara for our future needs.

Jim Van Baalen reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:22:21 AM

I worked with the DigitalMara team for over 10yrs. Their talent and dedication consistently exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them for complex web application development.

Rating of SmartApp on Cloodo

3 reviews


Tatyana Dragunova reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:23:33 AM

SmartApp helped the client achieve goals of establishing an online presence and getting more customers. Their project manager is always available and keeps the client updated every step of the design and development processes. The team is responsible and ready to explain any areas of questioning.

Dmitry Samsonov reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:23:31 AM

SmartApp developed a website for a shopping center. The team provided prototyping, design, development, testing, marketing, and maintenance services.The website helped increase attendance to the shopping center, meeting the goals of the internal team. SmartApp provides quality results across a variety of service lines. The team is hard-working, professional, and willing to go above and beyond.

Nikolay Polyakov reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:23:29 AM

SmartApp was hired to help develop and design our company website from scratch.They successfully built the site within the deadline and according to requirements. The team took the time to learn about the our business and services to further improve the site. They remained accessible and communicative throughout the project.

Rating of LOVATA on Cloodo

3 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Oleg Shashurin reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:16 PM

We worked with LOVATA on a project that helps patients find the right doctor to book an appointment, and also helps private practices and small clinics optimize business processes while managing their customer bases. LOVATA’s expertise and ability to deliver on time has helped us grow 15-20% month over month. We are now covering five major cities in the country, and there are three more in the pipeline. I really appreciated the level of involvement, responsibility, and accountability they’ve provided us.

Avatar of Cloodo

Kiryl Mikhailau reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:16 PM

LOVATA was brought to the project as a qualified team of web development professionals to create a high-traffic web portal to deliver a countrywide priority project in a short time period. The project had the highest level of responsibility.The new website turned out to be very successful and is being used by over 65,000 residents. The web portal has significantly improved the quality of work performed by municipal service providers. The project is currently being scaled to cover the whole country.

Avatar of Cloodo

serge shima reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:16 PM

This is a great parthner for a quick and quality wibsite dev. The team is creative and easy to go.

Rating of Exore LTD on Cloodo

3 reviews

Exore LTD

Avatar of Cloodo

Anya Giren reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:18 PM

My team and I were delighted to work with Exore team. They were fast in communications, quick in their work and provided us with a good quality website.

Avatar of Cloodo

Marina Verges reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:18 PM

I really enjoyed working with company Exore LTD. We made an excellent contact immediately, I received an accurate and detailed calculation of the terms and conditions of work. Everything was done very quickly and efficiently, and even ahead of the deadlines. I am very pleased with the result. Communication was also top notch. I will definitely work with the company Exore LTD again. I recommend, professionals work here.

Avatar of Cloodo

George Chacko reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:18 PM

Exore did an excellent job for us. They developed a highly customisable backend, responsive UI and a website optimised for SEO. Their project management was excellent. They delivered the project ahead of time. Notable, they were always available to help and work with our team to develop and deploy the services.

Rating of Oxagile on Cloodo

3 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Stephen Forte reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:54:13 PM

Starting small, we have one developer assigned, plus a part-time scrum master, and part-time QA. They were to expand the team, once we validated the development experience.I initially found the company very responsive and impressive. They appeared to have very good process, and a professional structure for agile project management.Our goal was to build an MVP of our initial iOS app. We started with a smaller project, focusing on R&D, and our ability to use a required third-party SDK.We reviewed several vendors, including the handful from Minsk. I traveled to Minsk personally to meet with them and other firms.The project is confidential and I cannot get into too much detail, however it did focus on developing an IOS app that was required to speak to some hardware using a third-party SDK. It included audio and video components.Their project management structure and process was quite professional. However, at the end of the day, code quality and yield is all that matters. Had we continued with the project and not canceled, we would have likely three times over budget for money and time, for the exact same specification we started with. I always expect a 20% variance when developing projects using scrum rather than waterfall, but this variance and continued inability to predict sprint yield was unacceptable. The communication and working with their team was actually quite good. They were responsive with issues and questions, and communicated well. However, their code quality and yield was very poor. The abstraction of code wasn't up to international standard nor our documented standard, and their yield per Sprint was the lowest I've ever seen. It started to feel like a bait and switch, though I don't believe there was any malicious intent on their side.The R&D project was successful. However, it seems in the very beginning, they applied some of the most experienced developers to get us in the door. Once in, they assigned another developer in house and don't appear to monitor their progress well. The early alarm bells rang when we reviewed their legal documentation for engagement, and their legal paperwork was 4x longer than any other competitor. It is always concerning when a service provider seems to be so concerned on collection and protecting themselves with no provisions on the quality of their work... that usually means they had problems in the past with quality or deliverability. We should have stopped there. We also would generally start to receive late collection emails within 24 hours after the invoice arrived. We usually paid within three business days, and still would have received three or four communications for collection. A very annoying and strange behavior.In general, we lost several months and $15,000+ on the engagement. Either iOS Isn't directly in their skill set, or we may have suffered from some sort of aberration. In general, it turned out very disappointing. At the end of project, they offered no regret, no discount, no remorse, and appeared quite agitated. They did offer to add an additional developer for a sprint or two, then suggested we double developer hours to accommodate for their poor story point progress doubling my cost. At the end, we had spent significant money on the project, in addition to thousands of dollars traveling to Belarus to meet the team and kick things off. It was a highly disappointing experience. Development shops aren't always a good match for every project, but the attitude and actions of a service provider when things go sideways, are generally the most telling of their character. The best decision we made was to pull our project.

Avatar of Cloodo

Devin Koskan reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:54:13 PM

Oxagile does great work and works diligently to ensure the project at hand is completed in a timely manor and at a reasonable cost. It has been a pleasure working with their team that helped bring our dream to life.

Avatar of Cloodo

Marcus West reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:54:13 PM

Working with Oxagile was a great experience. Their people were highly professional, their English excellent and their processes strong throughout. We have no hesitation in recommending them as a software partner.

Most recent Agency reviews In Belarus

Check out latest reviews and suggestions from many client who are working with their agency on project. If you have ever using services, please do not hesitate to share your own reviews and feedback to help other understand more about your expenrience.

Fluper's team was a pleasure to work with, and their dedication to our project was remarkable. I highly recommend them. They took the idea and converted it into exactly what we wanted.

Reviews at 9/27/2023, 7:35:18 AM

From the moment I opened the package, I was transported to a world of memories and emotions. Wishlink has this unique way of capturing sentiments in their charms. It's not just jewelry; it's an experience. Highly recommended!

Reviews at 9/26/2023, 2:19:44 PM

Wishlink Charms has truly redefined the art of jewelry. Every piece I've received feels so personal, almost as if it's a part of my own story. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the attention to detail is second to none. Truly a gem in the world of personalized jewelry!

Reviews at 9/26/2023, 2:19:00 PM

The AppsChopper team was always available to answer questions and provide updates on the project. They were also very responsive to our feedback and made changes to the project as needed. We were very happy with the final product and would highly recommend AppsChopper to anyone looking for a reliable and professional development team.

Reviews at 9/6/2023, 1:38:41 AM

Working with Aspire Digital has been a game-changer for my business. Their expertise as a digital agency is truly impressive. They not only understand the digital landscape inside out but also have a knack for crafting unique strategies that deliver results. From boosting our online presence to driving targeted traffic, their team's dedication has made a significant impact. Their commitment to staying on top of industry trends ensures that we're always a step ahead. Aspire Digital isn't just an agency; they're a trusted partner that consistently delivers excellence.

Reviews at 8/31/2023, 6:54:22 AM

As a professional in the field of digital marketing, I must say that working at this agency has been an excellent experience. The expertise and passion displayed by the team are truly impressive. The work environment fosters creativity and collaboration, making it a fantastic place to be a part of. I have gained invaluable knowledge and skills while working here, and I am grateful for the opportunities provided. The agency's commitment to staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies is evident in their work approach, ensuring that they consistently deliver top-notch results to their clients. The management is supportive and encourages professional growth, which is crucial in such a dynamic field. Overall, I highly recommend this digital marketing agency for anyone seeking to advance their career in the industry or clients looking for outstanding marketing services. It's a great place to work, learn, and excel.

Reviews at 8/31/2023, 6:28:07 AM

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Build relationships with your agency

Agency can be your long-term business partner. Even if it is just a one-person shop, their organization is agreeing to do work with yours. Cultivate these relationships just like you would with a vendor, supplier, or regular customer.

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Define project details

Agency doesn’t know your company’s inner workings or how you like to complete projects. You’ve got to clearly define all project details and requirements to ensure that the final result meets your expectations. Take the traditional project management approach and set requirements for each phase of your project.

Project Build

Provide proper documentation

All of agency will need some documentation to ensure their work meets your standards. These documents not only set specific requirements, but they help to ensure the project maintains your brand identity. For example, writers will need editorial guidelines that discuss grammar and the tone your agency uses for its blogs or website.

Project Build

Set expectations and a budget

Your agreement with an agency should set clear project expectations and the budget for the work. Stick to it. Respect your agency enough to pay separately for any additional work and ask them to respect you enough to fulfill their end of the contract at the negotiated rate. Align your budget to the project details mentioned above to keep everyone in agreement on what’s covered.

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Sticking and loving for your works but do not forget to check out of related category of agency on Cloodo to find appropriate listing that usefull for your jobs.

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Logo for Mike Lowrie Trucking
Rating of Mike Lowrie Trucking on Cloodo

0 reviews

Mike Lowrie Trucking

Founded with one truck in 1978, Mike Lowrie Trucking has enjoyed continued steady growth, allowing us to diversify and provide our customers with a single statewide transportation resource.

This Is The Top Of 66,618 Global Company

Logo for Dinapix Studio
Rating of Dinapix Studio on Cloodo

0 reviews

Dinapix Studio

Dinapix Studio was born in 2006, as a small web design project, thanks to the merger of two creative minds, who joined forces in favor of this initiative. In 2008, we consolidated as a formally incorporated company and became Dinapix Studio c.a. Little by little we have gained ex

This Is The Top Of 66,618 Global Company

Logo for Tilladelse LLC.
Rating of Tilladelse LLC. on Cloodo

0 reviews

Tilladelse LLC.

We are a full service agency that likes to see you win big. We plan, design, develop and implement the right marketing strategies for you.  

This Is The Top Of 66,618 Global Company

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Select the Top rated agency and start inviting them to join your projects...

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Cloodo help any team to work hand in hand without being side by side by a collaborating on projects even when you’re on different continents. Thousand of organization enable all team members to update tasks simultaneously so they can get more done together.

Logo Skin Cancer Doctor service

Skin Cancer Doctor

Welcome to our skincare clinic , where we provide comprehensive care for all skin conditions, from skin cancer to skin health and cosmetic concerns.

Our mission is to help you feel your absolute best in your own skin.

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals is dedicated to addressing your individual needs and concerns, offering tailored treatment plans for every skin condition.

Whether you’re seeking treatment for skin cancer, need assistance with a chronic skin condition, or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, we’re here to support you.

Our approach focuses on enhancing your skin’s health and restoring its vitality, so you can embrace your age with confidence and radiate beauty from within.

Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional care to help you look and feel your best.

Trust us to be your partner in achieving and maintaining optimal skin health





September 29, 2023

Logo Machineonderdelen en tandwielen Fabrikant en leverancier service

Machineonderdelen en tandwielen Fabrikant en leverancier

BV Machinefabriek Krimpen is een besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid (Bv) met een gewone structuur die opereert binnen de Vervaardiging van tandwielen, lagers en andere aandrijfelementen industrie. Het werd opgericht in 1945 en het hoofdkantoor is gevestigd op Middelland 47. 

Wij produceren en leveren moderne machines en onderdelen zo goed als nieuw of zelfs beter dan nieuw.We produceren een ras scala aan onderdelen die bestaan in type, maat en bewerking. De nieuwe apparatuur stelt het bedrijf in staat tandwielen van extreem hoge kwaliteit te producenten en te kalibreren, wat nieuwe klanten aantrekt in zowel Nederland als in het buitenland.

Ons werkproces is flexibel en we hebben aan alle soorten en maten machines gewerkt. Neem gerust contact op met ons op om de uitgebreide mogelijkheden te ondersteunen. 

Dienst die wij bieden:


Revisies en reparaties


Verspanende bewerkingen

Las- en bouwwerkzaamheden

Fabrikant van tandwielen

van tandheugels

U kunt ook onze website bezoeken https://www.machinefabriekkrimpen.nl/ of mail ons op [email protected] 

logo service

Machinefabriek Krimpen


September 29, 2023

Logo Modern modest fashion outfits service

Modern modest fashion outfits

Designer outfits for men and women. Look at our pre-fall - fall collection. Chenille Fall Winter 2023 

Stay feminine, stylish, modest and cute this Pre-Fall / Fall season with a stunning collection of dresses that embrace both elegance and comfort. As temperatures drop, it's the perfect time to layer up while still showcasing your unique style. Opt for longer hemlines, such as midi or maxi tunic or dresses, to keep warm while exuding sophistication.

We can start with hand-embroidered tunics and capes as perfect transition pieces for colder days.

Comfortable, easy-to-wear buggy tops and tunics are perfect pre-fall / autumn outfits. You can play with layering, combining it with long skirts, skinny jeans or just knitted socks, making your silhouette unique while still keeping modesty.

Tunic dresses are comfortable, warm and cosy, modern prints can make them unique. A long tunic dress can be your choice for autumn days whether you have busy days in the office or university, or just spend time exploring parks or nature around you.




September 28, 2023

Logo How to Get Blockchain Development Solutions service

How to Get Blockchain Development Solutions

With years of experience and a team of blockchain experts, Antier offers comprehensive enterprise blockchain solutions that revolutionize traditional business processes. Their solutions harness the transformative power of blockchain technology to enhance transparency, security, and operational efficiency while fostering trust among stakeholders. They stand at the forefront of the blockchain revolution and provide enterprise blockchain solutions that empower businesses to achieve unprecedented growth and efficiency. As a leading blockchain development company , they also specialize in architecting, designing, and deploying tailor-made blockchain solutions that address the unique challenges of enterprises across industries.




September 28, 2023

Logo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes service

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

Our services-

  1. Fundamental Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes - The fundamental BJJ training program is a full introduction to the techniques and principles of BJJ.
  2. Kids & Juniors Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in Phoenix - The kids and juniors Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is designed to provide children and teenagers with a fun and safe environment in which to learn the fundamentals of BJJ.
  3. Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in Phoenix - The advanced BJJ program offered by SOL BJJ, one of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools in Phoenix is designed for students who have already attained a certain level of proficiency in BJJ and are looking to take their training to the next level. 
  4. Competition Training Jiu Jitsu Classes in Phoenix - The competition Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is designed for students who want to compete in BJJ tournaments and is focused on helping them to develop the physical, technical, and mental skills necessary to be successful in competition.
  5. All Level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in Phoenix - The all-levels Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is designed to accommodate students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.




September 28, 2023

Logo DevOps service


Trakshym's DevOps services are your ticket to optimizing your software development processes. We bridge the gap between development and IT operations to deliver seamless, efficient, and reliable software deployments. Our team of experts utilizes best practices in continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), automating manual tasks and ensuring faster time-to-market. With Trakshym's DevOps expertise, you can expect smoother software development cycles, minimal disruptions, and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing market demands. Our DevOps methodology is grounded in collaboration, automation, and a culture of continuous improvement. We not only streamline your software delivery but also foster a more efficient and innovative development environment. When you choose Trakshym, you're not just adopting DevOps; you're revolutionizing your approach to software development.




September 28, 2023

Logo Capstone Project Help service

Capstone Project Help

Capstone Project Writing service is a leading provider of comprehensive support for students undertaking capstone projects across various academic disciplines. With our advisors and consultants in the UAE, students can count on us to keep them motivated towards success. From proposal creation to collecting and analyzing data, we strive towards students' academic success. By offering a high level of quality, professionalism, and on-time delivery for all capstone projects in the UAE, we have gained renowned status as dependable service providers. Elevate your academic journey with our top-rated capstone assignment help. We offer expert guidance, ensuring your capstone project meets international standards. Our team assists with all project aspects, from formulation to presentation, helping you shine academically. When it comes to capstone projects, trust our UAE-based experts for reliable support. We understand the UAE's academic requirements and provide tailored assistance to help you excel in your capstone project endeavors.




September 27, 2023

Logo Online Indian Furniture service

Online Indian Furniture

Versatile is your one-stop destination for comprehensive functional services and tailored interior design solutions, right down to the very last detail. We take pride in offering an all-encompassing selection, where every element of interior design is curated under a single roof, infused with the finest designs, historical inspiration, and an unwavering commitment to precision.

Within our collections, you'll discover more than just furniture; you'll find the essence of what makes a house a home. Life often leads us to unexpected destinations, but it's love that guides us back home. This sentiment is woven into every product we create at Versatile.

Today, Versatile is an integral part of diverse lives everywhere. Our creations accompany individuals on urban adventures, meandering coastal highways, and escapes both exotic and familiar. We are more than just a furniture provider; we are the embodiment of the journey, the comfort of home, and the intersection of functionality and style. Choose Versatile, and you're choosing to make every space uniquely yours.

Visit our Website 

Contact us for more information and customised projects of any size. 




September 27, 2023

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Cloodo commits to support any services provider to attract leads, build their online reputation, and establish brand leadership in their industry. Premium options also exist for agency that want to upgrade.

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List your Professional Agency Profiles

It’s free to get listed on Cloodo and takes 20-minutes or less. A company can create different agency profiles suitable to the services and niches market that they want to support.

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Be ranked based on our research methodology and get featured as a Top Company in our monthly press releases. We also offer premium options for agency interested in more visibility, extra customer service, and additional marketing opportunities.

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