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Top Agency In Canada, Ontario

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the top agency profiles In Canada, Ontario. Browse their company profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 100 Agency In Canada, Ontario

Top agency offer teams a mix of services and business benefits that will help you get work done. Agency give you access to a specific skill or talent as you need it. The listing of agency is sorted out base on the client ratting, professional business category and project features

  • Programming & Tech
Rating of BrancoSoft Private Limited on Cloodo

46 reviews

BrancoSoft Private Limited

Avatar of Cloodo

Nitin Ojha reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:58:54 PM

It was a good decision that we decided to work with BRANCOSOFT. Extremely professional service. We were pleasantly surprised with their ability to understand our vision. Knowledgeable and efficient - highly recommended.

Avatar of Cloodo

Claudia Vernon reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:58:54 PM

BrancoSoft is very professional in their conduct. They communicate extremely well and respond to queries in a timely manner. Their monthly reports are very detailed and give a clear picture of the progress made during the month. Thanks to Brancosoft!! I have already recommended this team to several other companies.

Avatar of Cloodo

Robert Degiarde reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:58:54 PM

Right from the word go, BrancoSoft team has been very productive, very effective and they worked on the project as if it was their own. I highly recommend the team of BrancoSoft. They have worked non-stop to deliver us the best results. They have been very efficient with the timings. They have always accommodated my request. They always come up with some really great inputs and changes as if it was their own business. What I really liked is their dedication power, professionalism to work, communication skills.

Avatar of Cloodo

Surjeet Singh reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:58:54 PM

Working with BrancoSoft has been a very good experience. They provide a great level of professionalism and work ethics, from project introduction, to project management, to development and support. We are looking forward to continue working with them.

Rating of Social Media 55 on Cloodo

45 reviews

Social Media 55

Sam Jalouga reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:58:05 AM

In an everchanging tech driven world, enterprises and organizations need to deliver outstanding service and support in order to stay ahead of the competition and Social Media 55 has ensured that our company’s various subsidiaries and brands continue to thrive and reach the necessary consumers both online and offline systematically.

ROBERT AMAR reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:58:02 AM

Working with Social Media 55 has been a wonderful journey. We started with nothing and over the years we’ve grown the business with them. They have been our digital backbone the entire time. We love their workflow and the quick results. Thanks to an organized team with a great deal of integrity.

Avatar of Cloodo

Frank Bergon reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:39 PM

Working with Social media 55 has been an incredible experience!

Avatar of Cloodo

Kim Manitta reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:39 PM

SM55 helped me with my social media for my Plant business. The work with Social Media 55 is ongoing and I look forward to see that's to come.

Rating of Techugo on Cloodo

32 reviews


Sameera Sood reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:53:56 AM

The client is a software vendor that offers their clients a mobile tool designed to track the progress of any sale/deal happening between two different parties. Techugo was involved in developing a sales & supply controller mobile application for them accessible on iOS platform. The first phase of the project was completed within the decided time frame and budget and they have already started working on the second phase. The client is very much satisfied with Techugo because of their timely delivery and transparent process and the client highly recommends them to their colleagues.

Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:53:53 AM

The client is a professional networking company that aims to offer employment opportunities based on referral model. Techugo was involved in developing an app for both iOS and Android platforms and right now developing a portal for them for the same purpose. With the app, the people can refer someone based on the jobs and requirements on the portal. The project was finished much before time as they staffed additional resources and also within the decided budget. The client is highly satisfied with Techugo because of their proactive approach towards work and highly skilled team. The client has already recommended them to their colleagues and given them more projects to work on.

Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:53:51 AM

The client is in the Restaurant and Hotel business in India. Because of the demand from their clients, they came up with and online ordering application for their company. Techugo was involved in developing the application for both iOS and Android platforms along with a promotional website. The project took a little longer to complete than the committed time because of some additional requirements but was finished within the decided budget. The client is highly satisfied with Techugo because of their value-addition to the services that they offer and also the competitive pricing and they have already recommended them to their colleagues.

Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:53:50 AM

The client is an IT service provider that offers various location-based products and software to its clients. Techugo was involved in developing a GPS-based application for the client which can be used to track vehicles of friends or relatives stuck in traffic and also to get an idea of the traffic situation in nearby areas; the application is for Android as well as iOS platforms. The project was completed within the committed timeframe and budget. The client is highly satisfied with Techugo and praised their creative designs and professionalism. The client mentioned that the company delivered upon expectations and thus they highly recommend them to their friends and colleagues.

Sanjeeta Dixit reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:53:46 AM

The client is a non-profit organization working towards the betterment of underprivileged females by enhancing their skills through different type of trainings. They mainly focus on women empowerment in the lower class and lower-middle class families in India. Techugo was involved in developing a health application focused on women’s health for both, iOS and Android platforms. The project is still under development and will take a few more weeks; things got a little delayed because of some additional requirements from the client; things were pretty much on time from the side of Techugo. The client is highly satisfied with Techugo and really liked their personal rapport building interaction skills and efforts they put in understanding the project. The client has already recommended them to their friends and continues to recommend them further.

Rating of Brainvire Infotech INC. on Cloodo

29 reviews

Brainvire Infotech INC.

Sandeep Randhawa reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:57:56 PM

We have enjoyed our experience working with Brainvire. They are quite concerned about the customer's needs and what they aspire to have as final product. They were continuously communicating with us throughout the whole process of Mobile App development. Overall, it was an overwhelming and great experience working with the Brainvire. Their dedication and commitment towards achieving our target has been a phenomenal experience. Timely delivery and 24*7 availability of resources in the case of addressing immediate concerns and targets is something that I liked the most about the company. My company and I look forward to the positive association in future.

Kevin Harward reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:57:53 PM

BrainVire is an excellent IT consulting company. They were able to take my ideas and turn them into an excellent product. They have also given me a great deal of direction and solved problems for me that I was not ready to handle on my own. If you are in the market for IT work you must contact them to see what they can do for you.

Caroline Purser Cruz reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:57:51 PM

Have been with Brainvire for over a year. Best decision we ever made. They handle our Digital marketing and website administration; which was being handled by 2 different US companies. My biggest concern was the time difference to the US, but this has not been a problem. They make themselves available almost 24/7.

Deepak Tolani reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:57:49 PM

We have been working with Brainvire for the past 6 years and have worked on two different projects that required to be developed from ground-up. In both cases the teams were very quick to understand our requirement and translate that to a working demo software. From there one, our appointed on-point-contact helped take it to completion in a very smooth manner.We were completely satisfied with the overall experience and would definately be using the team for future product development.

Cameron Dinh reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:57:47 PM

We are a startup tech company on a budget and Brainvire Infotech has been a great partner in delivering quality results promptly and with flexibility for tweaks. We recommend them for any software development needs

Rating of Azuro Digital on Cloodo

20 reviews

Azuro Digital

Suzanne McKenney reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:58:39 AM

Houle Digital helped me create a new website. Daniel took my ideas, my areas of focus and my personality and presented it in a professional and easy to navigate style. He made sure I was happy with every aspect and tweaked anything that requested. I am very satisfied and would refer him to my closest of friends.

JP McAvoy reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:58:36 AM

Going above and beyond throughout has been my experience with Azuro Digital from start to end. Whatever was needed to get the job done was done with skill and enthusiasm. If you are looking for the best in web development and related strategies make sure to reach out to Azuro Digital. I am thrilled with all of our collaborations and I would certainly recommend Azuro Digital to anyone for any job in the future.

Avatar of Cloodo

Jordan Hazelwood reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:42 PM

It was a pleasure working with Daniel. He was friendly, professional and always responded promptly! He has a great deal of knowledge in building websites and works patiently with you to bring your vision to life. When needed, he provides his professional opinion and works with you until every little detail is to your satisfaction. He was super quick to complete tasks and offered endless revisions. If you are looking for a web designer, look no further, Houle Digital won't disappoint! Thanks again, Daniel.

Avatar of Cloodo

Kerri Bennett reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:42 PM

I used Daniel to create a website for my new company. He was wonderful, professional, and extremely helpful. Daniel was always there to answer my questions and provide advice on something I wasn't familiar with. He worked tirelessly to complete our site and continually make changes for us in a very timely manner. HIGHLY recommend him!! A professional and a gentleman.

Avatar of Cloodo

John Pagliocca reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:42 PM

Daniel did a great job making a website for my company. The quality is excellent, and the process was very simple and quick. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to build a website.

Rating of KrishaWeb on Cloodo

16 reviews


Rudy Joggerst reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:19:12 AM

Krishaweb has been a great partner for us on several projects over the past few months. Projects included various front end web development tasks (Wordpress, Woocommerce, and Hubspot) as well as design services. The two managers I frequently work with are Ashmi Shah and Milan Prajapati and both have been incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Krishaweb has become our go-to partner for anything related to our website and we're happy to have them in our corner.

ASR reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:19:10 AM

I am writing this in reference to the outstanding work which has been carried out by KrishaWeb. Calling them reliable would be an understatement of what they actually are. They were also very supportive and patient with me at every point of this venture. Often when I was stuck in a pickle, they were at my rescue and got me through it. It was great collaborating with them. Will be looking forward to doing so in the future too.

Todd Aaron reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:19:08 AM

My experience with Krishaweb began after reviewing more than 25 website development/social media strategy companies. I was compellingly impressed with the quality of their work as well as their high-touch and responsive approach to completing the scope of work they executed against which evolved and expanded along the way. I was provided 24/7 access to their worldwide staff as well as access to senior management and ownership. Krishaweb brought end-to-end best practices to my project, kept me informed of the status of the buildout vs. the delivery date which they exceeded by delivering the work ahead of schedule. The caliber of interaction with them has resulted in me turning to them for many more projects and making as many referrals of Krishaweb, Parth Pandya and my team lead Nisarg’s services to businesses both needing project work and ongoing enterprises needing IT support relationships where Krishaweb works as an outsourced IT department for business that operate at scale.

Avatar of margarez

Maggie reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:19:06 AM

I met Milan from Krishaweb via linkedin. I am impressed by the enthusiasm to dive into projects and styel of collaboration. Milan, and Ashmi and Parth were kind enough to help me with an issue I had for a site I was building. The speed to get the issue resolved was quick and during this time I have built a great rapport with them. I am still new to this industry and I cannot thank them enough for giving me confidence to keep building my brand and with their partnership I know I can build myself. Even after resolving this issue, Milan and I keep in contact checking in with one another. It really feels like a family environment.

Colin Nackerman reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:19:04 AM

KrishaWeb was very efficient and reasonable in helping us replicate and redesign a website. While we were on very different timezones they effectively communicated and accommodated our many requests for design changes quickly.

Rating of 247 Labs on Cloodo

14 reviews

247 Labs

Avatar of Cloodo

Mego Salbashian reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:51 PM

247 Labs have been managing our e-commerce website for a few years and have never failed to settle any issues that we face from time to time. They always breakdown the different options available along with their timeline for us to make informed decisions. They also respond promptly to our queries despite our time differences and will certainly be readily available when any emergency issue occurs. Overall, a great knowledgeable team with outstanding service to serve all website related needs. Keep up the good work guys!

Avatar of Cloodo

Mego Salbashian reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:51 PM

was very pleased with quality and organization, i would gladly use them again

Avatar of Cloodo

Mego Salbashian reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:22 PM

Horrible attitude, low quality work at premium prices. Worst experience I've ever had with a development company. They also held our initial 50% deposit hostage when we realized that this company was a joke.

Avatar of Cloodo

Shahid Juma reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:22 PM

247 Labs provides exceptional quality. We have used them for many years now and all work is exceptionally great!

Avatar of Cloodo

David Radparvar reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:22 PM

I have been working with the team at 247 Labs for over two years. The team is fast, effective, and honest. As a remote team we really depend on partners we can trust - and since day one we have found that we can trust the team at 247 to follow through and deliver on the work they promise. As a small team we often need to scale up and scale down our web development efforts as new features, and product offerings arise - 247 has been flexible and available to help us at each stage and with each product. I look forward to many more years of working and growing together.

Rating of WebClues Infotech on Cloodo

13 reviews

WebClues Infotech

Avatar of Cloodo

SRK ONLINE reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:51 PM

As most of the software development companies, they follow you to start a project but once you are done with that, the after-sales service is way below expectations. For me as a client, this stage is even more important than the development stage. It is when the server is down that you need the most help. It is when you have a few improvements that you need help. WebClues Infotech proven that they don't stand out and they keep their clients without support. For the maintenance, their response time became ridiculously slow. It took them days to respond, sometimes a week. Lastly, they mentioned that the person handling our project is fully busy and can't work with us in the foreseeable future even though our tasks were limited to a couple of hours of work. And they never run out of excuses. In short, if maintenance and after-sales are important to you, just be cautious. If not, you are good to go with them.

Avatar of Cloodo

SRK ONLINE reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:51 PM

The team was able to take the initial business idea and translate it into requirements, undertake the development, and ensure that it was successfully released. They work in an agile manner, keeping on top of the project scope and communicating effectively throughout.

Avatar of Cloodo

SRK ONLINE reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:51 PM

We asked WebClues Infotech for a developer on very short notice. We talked to them on Saturday and got a developer two days later on Monday. They provided us with very professionell and experienced developers who always were on time. Especially the communication was very good.Overall, WebClues Infotech is a company which delivers very good results for a fair price. We can definitely recommend working with them!

Avatar of Cloodo

SRK ONLINE reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:51 PM

We have been working with Webclues Infotech Ahmedabad, since past 1 year for our project requirements, by outsourcing some of our tech requirements to them. They have been flexible and professional in providing experienced technical resources from their available pool of resources, such as UI/UX designer, Front and backend developers to support our company projects. Working with a remote team is not always easy, based on some of our past experiences, but surprisingly, we have been able to maintain a close communication with the ‘Webclues’ resources dedicated to our projects through various communication channels, reducing the response times. Based on our overall experience, we hope to continue working with Webclues for our current and future projects.Rajnish KautiaMD - SRK ONLINE FZ LLCDubai, UAE

Avatar of Cloodo

Shaz Mehr Khan reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:25 PM

The team at Webclues has been very professional with our ongoing project. I have experienced 3 different IT companies and Webclues have been the best and easiest to work with. They meet their deadlines and put in a lot of hard work which includes even working on weekend at times to deliver their promises. Will continue this association with Webclues for a long time to come due to their commitment, innovation and quality of work.

Rating of BrandLume on Cloodo

12 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Roya Jamali reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:54:02 PM

We owe our business's success to brandlume. They build everything for us from scratch, from brand identity and website design/ development to all of our client facing collateral and marketing efforts through seo and ppc. They made us profitable with in 3 months of going live in a very competitive industry and we rank amongst 15-20 year old business in less then a year. They had the best prices and great reviews and that's what we hired then for initially, but the stellar experience and roi they deliver every month is what keeps us referring others to them.

Avatar of Cloodo

Roya Jamali reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:40 PM

I hired Brandlume for a few of their services like Social Media Marketing, Graphic design, PPC, etc. Working with them has been nothing but exemplary. From their customer service to their on-time delivery and ROI, everything is done with easy and as expected.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ryan Maruffo reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:40 PM

BrandLume is one of the best digital marketing agencies out there. The team's attention to detail, along with their incredible response time speaks volumes as to how professional this organization is. Couple this with the exceptional results, and you have a top tier marketing agency. I have had the pleasure of working with a number of employees at BrandLume and cannot wait to meet and work with more members of their team.

Avatar of Cloodo

Greta Nelson reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:40 PM

We use Brandlume to manage all of our marketing. I have had a great experience with them thus far. The responsiveness and professionalism of Roy and his team have been top notch from checking in every month, to keeping us updated on what's new, and providing suggestions on how we could improve exposure and results while keeping our best interest first.

Avatar of Cloodo

Charles Wacher reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:40 PM

We were in contact with many different advertising companies, but none were nearly as impressive, all-inclusive, or cost effective as brandlume. Their customer service is hands down the best we have ever experienced. The great thing about them is that they view your success as their own and are truly partners in helping you grow. Most companies ask you to give it 6 months to a year to see results, but within the first 3 months of their service we noticed a night-and-day difference, and it was very clear that we had made the right decision in which company to go with. I can't recommend them enough!

Rating of Debut Infotech on Cloodo

11 reviews

Debut Infotech

Erwin Baquirin reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:08:27 AM

It was great, they were always there for me whenever and always had a solution. At no point was I uncomfortable and the whole process was transparent and I really enjoyed my experience with them. Everyone from Abhijeet to Narinder was always courteous and kind and had patience with the process. They will also contribute to your idea to help it become better. Thankyou for a great experience Debut.

Avatar of Cloodo

Christina Stevens reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:28 PM

I’ve been contemplating for about 6 months whether I wanted to write a review about Debut Infotech. Verdict—- please save your money and time and don’t work with them. As individuals, they are all nice and friendly. Harry, the sales director is questionable (even his peers thinks so), but as individuals they’re manageable. We worked with Debut from July 2017 to March 2019. Harry initially quoted us 13 weeks for Android development but it kept extending and extending. What was supposed to be completed November 2017 didn’t actually complete until March 2019. We had many troubles along the way. Once they fixed one problem, they seemed to break another. This was the cycle. It was so frustrating that we actually went to Chandigarh to meet the team in person in March 2018, but it didn’t help at all. In fact, after our in person meeting, everyone was optimistic that we would release the first build of our app but that didn’t happen until one year later. Around August 2018, we accidentally stumbled upon a big issue. Debut was and currently is careless with security. They store everything in Google Drives and it’s shared publicly. What do I mean by publicly? I mean the APIs of several companies was shared with us and they didn’t even know. Debut creates a shared Google account so that we could access the admin page but they didn’t treat that account as shared. We had APIs for about 10 other companies. Because Debut wasn’t able to keep their deadlines, our business suffered tremendously. We were constantly marketing for planned releases but since they could never meet their deadlines, we were not able to meet the customer’s demands and user adoption was low. One of the things that I distinctly remember was trouble with translations. We needed to translate our app to a different language and even though we gave all the translations to Debut, they still seemed to get it wrong. It looked like they resorted to Google Translate despite our warnings not to. It’s been more than 6 months since we discontinued working with Debut but we are still finding bugs. Our users are suffering because of the quality of work that Debut provided. During the process, they said that they would be proactive but they never once made it on time to a meeting, their internet always cut out while we were Skyping with them, and they never made a deadline. If you’re considering Debut, please don’t even bother. Do not work with a Debut under any circumstance. I’m saying this because I don’t want other startups to suffer like we did. Please take the time and do research to find another company. We almost sued them because of their security breach. They were and continue to share other clients proprietary information. Your app will not be safe with them.

Avatar of Cloodo

Biju Ayyappan reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:28 PM

Their support for our project was phenomenal. They are a group of highly knowledgeable professionals, who came up with a solution for every challenge we faced in the development. Highly impressed by their planning, design process, and the way they handled the project.

Avatar of Cloodo

Shanon Ha reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:28 PM

I am the Founder of Entwine Pty LTd, and we hired Debut Infotech to create our app for us. The entire process from quoting, to developing, to delivery was very good. If we had any questions or wanted to make any changes it was done very quickly, which we appreciated. They are very easily contactable via Skype and any time which was also very valuable. I would recommend taking a looking if you are looking for a developer with high communication.

Avatar of Cloodo

yogesh yadav reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:28 PM

Our partnership with Gurpreet and his team goes from small project to bigger enterprise app development for our company's suite of apps (in iOS and Android). They go to scale immediately and can get things done promptly and well. The team of project managers and developers are professional, smart, and timely. I trust the entire team at Debut Infotech. They have exceeded our company's expectations. Our experience at Debut Infotech has simply been exceptional. We strongly recommend them to any company looking for web and mobile application services.

Rating of Major Tom on Cloodo

11 reviews

Major Tom

Avatar of Cloodo

Vince Lau reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:54:32 PM

My team and I have have worked with Major Tom on a number of search and display advertising campaigns. Abdulah, Tina and team do a great job of listening to what we're trying to accomplish, who our demographic is and then creating a campaign around it using their expertise. We always receive timely updates, prompt answers to any questions. These are never "set it and forget it" campaigns - they are always checking in and optimizing as we go along.The team is knowledgeable and easy to work with. Highly recommend.

Avatar of Cloodo

Vince Lau reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:45:20 PM

Been working with Major Tom for over 5 years. I have nothing but good things to say about the team. Everyone is great to work with, easy communication, understand exactly what we need and when there's errors, they are quick to fix.

Avatar of Cloodo

Stephanie Hansen reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:45:20 PM

Major Tom has been a great agency to work with over the years. The level of service is fantastic. Each team member is very friendly and goes above and beyond to help us strive towards our digital marketing goals. I would highly recommend Major Tom.

Avatar of Cloodo

Roxie Leigh reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:45:20 PM

I have been working with Major Tom for three years and the service is always five star worthy. In the first year their team helped us rebuild a very outdated website complete with SEO optimization. With several smaller ongoing website updates over the following two years, they have helped us service our B2B customers better, and provided an exceptional experience for our B2C customers. Major Tom continues to perform exceptionally, and I can highly recommend Major Tom with confidence.

Avatar of Cloodo

Carolyn Phillips reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:45:20 PM

Wonderful partners for digital advertising. Their strategy aligns with larger business goals and they communicate regularly.

Rating of Local SEO Search Inc. on Cloodo

11 reviews

Local SEO Search Inc.

Jamie le reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:42:39 PM

John and his team provided website, social media and SEO service and grew our business from infancy to one of the leading clinics in Guelph.

Gioi Truong reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:42:38 PM

John and his team have done an amazing job for my website, and SEO! John's expertise in this field have elevated my business! I have seen a big difference in volume request/sales, as well as website traffic. His team are always on the ball, going above and beyond my expectations when i need changes, and advice to my website. Thank you John, & Local SEO search for always being there in need, and service! I know i will always be in good hands!

Sarah Yu reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:42:36 PM

This past year, I was fortunate to work with John and his team at Local SEO Search. I found them by typing SEO in Toronto in Google and they offered exactly what I was looking for, local seo services. As a medical doctor, I didn’t go to school for marketing and advertising. John has many years of actual business marketing experience working with small businesses like my own. He was able to provide invaluable insights on various marketing platforms and funnel activities to grow and scale my business. I use Google daily and therefore I wanted the best search engine optimization company in Canada to work with. Not only has the company provided amazing results, they are fully transparent and provide me necessary guidance. They also went above and beyond to accommodate me. I am grateful to have found John and plan to be with him for many more years.

Fervin S reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:42:35 PM

From POSRG Canada, we are very appreciative of the hard work from the Local SEO Search team. Thank you! We have been working with Roger and his team for a few years already and they always respond promptly to any questions or needs. Cost is fair and we have already seen a difference in gaining more opportunities to help our business grow. Looking forward to our continued partnership.

Carla H reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:42:33 PM

Cosmo Dental Centre has worked with John for approximately 5 years. He has been a tremendous help with maintaining our leads in a competitive profession. Even with a change of ownership of our company 2 years ago, John and his team made the transition seamless. He always responds quickly to any questions or concerns we have. Highly recommend Local SEO Search to any business.

Rating of iQlance Solutions on Cloodo

9 reviews

iQlance Solutions

Avatar of Cloodo

Peter Helin reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:50 PM

I have had the pleasure of working with Krunal and his team on several projects over the years and the main reason, besides excellent technical knowledge, why I keep coming back is Krunal's approach to projects and his 'win-win mindset'. He is extremely solutions driven, consultative and focused on the project delivery. And the end result is always excellent. Highly recommended.

Avatar of Cloodo

Stephanie Amico reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:19 PM

Their developers were skilled, and they helped us to integrate development with UI design were necessary. They were able to respond with high flexibility to the development model we requested. They did an excellent job. Their mobile app developer and UI designers are very expert. We can hire them again for future apps development...Thanks

Avatar of Cloodo

Dubie Bacino reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:19 PM

iQlance was a great team to work with. They were able to meet our timeline. They are great at technology, they know what they are doing. It has been a great experience overall. I highly recommend iQlance to the people looking for overseas company. They can handle things professionally, meet the deadlines and understand requirements. I actually got a chance to visit iQlance team in person; their knowledge of technology and their personalities were great. Thank you iQlance for the hardwork, we look forward to work with you on our next project.

Avatar of Cloodo

Rosemarie Burke reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:19 PM

Excellent technical partner. I have worked with iQlance and they were great

Avatar of Cloodo

Raffaeles Ice creams reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:37:19 PM

I hired iQlance to building an eCommerce application and website. They were just an absolute pleasure to work with. I had a lot of doubts about my project but I'm so glad I found them. The entire team is friendly, very knowledgeable, diligent and very easy to communicate. I live in the UK but we had no issues with the time difference, Krunal made sure to work around my schedule. They genuinely go the extra mile to provide quality work. I would absolutely recommend them for Mobile Apps and Website Development and continue with marketing. Thanks guys!

Rating of Quest Global Technologies on Cloodo

9 reviews

Quest Global Technologies

Avatar of Cloodo

Abhishek Agrawal reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:52 PM

It's been a real pleasure working with Quest Global Technologies. Their command on the problem and innovative solutions makes a lot of difference and helps us to reach out our customers more effectively. They are always on toes to solve any problem and never procastinate it. The owners hands on approach to all the projects gives the extra edge required. It's been a real pleasure working with Quest Global Technologies.

Avatar of Cloodo

Divya Jain Agrawal reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:52 PM

Quest Global Technologies were adept at software development work that we handed over to them. They made important technological suggestions that were beneficial to our organisation plus they were very good at implementation. We will definitely recommend them for future work.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sabil Chowdhury reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:52 PM

Alok, Mohit and the team at Quest have done an outstanding job in helping us develop our iPhone app whizleads for the iPhone. The team at Quest have very been professional with the job and delivered the product earlier than expected the communication and customer is also 10/10. Week done to Alok, Mohit and the team at Quest!

Avatar of Cloodo

Vishesh Kasliwal reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:52 PM

I got an app made for my club from quest technologies, and I was so happy with the work they did. In a very short span of time they created a beautiful app for both Android as well as for iOS . I cant thank them enough for creating such a wonderful app

Avatar of Cloodo

Husaina Dewaswala reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:52 PM

If your looking for quality work with professional attitude. This is the right place

Rating of Let's get Optimized on Cloodo

9 reviews

Let's get Optimized

Brandon Axtmann reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:29:51 AM

Loved the drive and zeal of the team working on our business. These guys are very passionate about what they do, making them an ideal agency to work with.There was a bit of hiccup in the beginning but that was probably because we had never worked with an online agency before and weren’t sure how everything works. Later on, everything went off pretty nicely.It’s great working with LGO team. It’s been a few years now since we started working together and the enthusiasm with which these guys work has not declined a bit. I’d recommend this company without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Avatar of Cloodo

Maxime Ladouceur reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:20 PM

They walk the talk !!!They help me regain my top ranking for the majority of my primary keywords faster then I expect!!!

Avatar of Cloodo

Frdric Feudi reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:20 PM

We got around huge increase YoY for 3 years in a row with Let's Get Optimized. They seem to know the secret to the Google sauce!

Avatar of Cloodo

Mario Liore reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:20 PM

I have worked on 20+ projects to date with the team at LGO, they are the best in the biz...hands down!

Avatar of Cloodo

charles le reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:20 PM

So far, it has been an excellent experience working with LGO. Our account manager is a thorough gentleman and keeps communicating with us back and forth to provide updates. We saw immediate growth in both traffic and sales as well. I’d definitely recommend this company to others.

Rating of GoThru Media Inc on Cloodo

9 reviews

GoThru Media Inc

Minn reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:42:13 PM

I have been a Google Certified Photographer since 2012, and Gothru is the only platform I use for publishing Google tours. Al and his team provide excellent support. The platform itself is well thought out and easy to use, and the team at Gothru continue to innovate and new functionality regularly. Hands down, the absolute best choice....an easy recommendation.

Avatar of Cloodo

Matthew Jones Photography reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:06:29 PM

I've been using this for a few years since Google deprecated their moderator. It’s a great tool and the support is excellent.

Avatar of Cloodo

Werner Getzmann reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:06:29 PM

For around 10 years, GoThru has been helping photographers around the world produce 360° virtual tours. Both on Google Maps and on their own servers. GotThru offers a highly professional platform at a very small price. GoThru is constantly developing its platform and software and getting better and better. The tools that GoThru offers for the creation of virtual 360 degree tours have long been far better than what Google itself offers. Thousands of photographers around the world use GoThru for their professional work and earn their living with it.

Avatar of Cloodo

Josip Posavec reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:06:29 PM

I'm using GoThru services for few years and they have the best product and the best customer service on market!

Avatar of Cloodo

Guy Couture reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:06:29 PM

We have a very good experience with the team of GoThru !

Rating of Boostbase Group on Cloodo

9 reviews

Boostbase Group

Alex Rosa reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:18:53 AM

I am the Founder of the Digital Marketing agency Rosa & Co. We help different companies to build awareness for their products and services with the help of in-depth analytics, SEO, Paid Media (PPC), content and email marketing. For one of our customers was very important to update the overall corporate identity and web-site. As our company doesn’t specialize in this area, we had to look for a company that could help us with it.Boostbase Group reached out to me by email and after a small test task and a very pleasant Skype call, I decided to work with them.Boostbase helped us with our customer’s website design and corporate identity. At first, we had a call with their creative team where they asked very interesting and important questions, during this call they also suggested the pipeline which we found very attractive and agreed on it. Next time they provided us several variants of corporate identity sketches from which we were delighted and we realized that we can don’t worry anymore, because these guys are going in the right direction.We started our cooperation at the beginning of 2019 and currently, we have a very active partnership, we understand each other with half the word, and we practically consider each other as one team. The workflow is very transparent and smooth, we always see the progress of work and can give any comments if needed.

Adam Hilman reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:18:52 AM

We needed to create a website for the Ukrainian market. Boostbase Group helped us with both design and development. On our website worked one designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, and project manager. At the moment everything is done, our website works successfully. I like what we have, I like how the website looks, how it works. The site fulfills the mission that we set for it.Boostbase Group was very effective, they knew what to do. From our first meeting, I understood that they are professionals and they will do exactly what I need.

Avatar of Cloodo

Monica Bright reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:05 PM

My name is Monica, I am the Founder of the company Fruity Lab. We are a young start-up and do our first steps to put our product on the market. We asked Boostbase Group to help us with the design of everything. We faced a situation when we realized that we have an understanding of our product, but neither I nor my partners absolutely don’t understand how to visualize all this. We needed help with absolutely everything, from logo and branding to the design of our website and application.We have successfully completed the design stage and are moving now to the development stage, guys told that they can help with this as well, when I heard it I was over the moon.I am really satisfied of the Boostbase Group’s work, when I showed design to my colleagues and consultants from accelerator everybody liked that a lot. The most impressive for me is an inexhaustible stream of creative ideas.

Avatar of Cloodo

Nik Polav reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:05 PM

Boostbase group had to design the whole platform, they had to make it for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile (both iOS and Android). I am very satisfied with our cooperation. I was impressed by how quickly guys understood my ideas and generate very creative and nice variants of designI would advise listening to Boostbase Group’s suggestions and follow them, this way your cooperation will be very effective and very pleasant.

Avatar of Cloodo

David Waltman reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:05 PM

The main goal was to make interesting, bright, and unique branding that would attract new visitors and facilitate their return. Boostbase team helped me with the creation of the logo, corporate identity, and all related products for my pub. The first thing that we made, was a very pleasant and very productive call with Roman and Tetiana. I told what is the uniqueness of my pub, what ideas for positioning I have. After that, we determined the total amount of work, and guys divided it into several stages. Then everything was due to agreed stages, Boostbase helped me with the name, logo, brand identity, design of all related products, and website design.

Rating of Fora Studio Pvt Ltd on Cloodo

8 reviews

Fora Studio Pvt Ltd

Angela Williams reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:22:32 AM

I had an overall very good experience with Dharmesh of Fora Studio. He was patient, thorough and professional. We are very happy with our website.

Bradley Waterstone reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:22:29 AM

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Always available for on-going support. Would highly recommend.

Jery Esparas reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:22:27 AM

Utopian Team is a software development company based in Karachi, Pakistan. With the brief moment that we worked with Dharmesh, he demonstrated high-level of professionalism and does not hesitate to pitch in his ideas. His UI/UX design skills is very clean and thorough. Although the project is on-hold for now, we will hire Dharmesh again as soon as we resume.

Avatar of Cloodo

Krishna Srinivasan reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:47 PM

In Whizlabs, we go with Fora for all our design requirements. They are one of the best UX designer we have found.

Avatar of Cloodo

Divyang Patel reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:46:47 PM

Our on going e-commerce work handled by their qualified resources with process oriented approach is remarkable

Rating of The Story Web Design & Marketing on Cloodo

8 reviews

The Story Web Design & Marketing

Darrin Lindsay reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:58:37 PM

The Story assisted us with not just our website, but also our brand. They designed the style of our logo, including colors and developed associated material, like business cards and letterheads.Once we had the logo, they provided website concepts based on the photos of the church we provided. Their team helped us clarify what information we needed, organized the content to be easily accessible to visitors, and worked extensively on our web copy. The Story's team created took our feedback, made the necessary changes, and developed a draft website. We reviewed the website before launch and their team trained our administrator on how to add new content to the site. After the completion, they called us 45 days later to make sure everything was running perfectly.We had someone who came to our church because who they enjoyed our new site. They said the website really showcased what they wanted out of a church. We believe that our new site is much more effective at attracting new people to our church. We’ve received really good feedback from our congregation saying that the site looks great, clean, and modern; reflects our diversity well; looks professional and is easy to navigate. The Story was very understanding about the needs of visitors to a website and how to organize our information. The Story was also great at understanding how to represent our content to reflect who we are as a church.

Wayne Brodland reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:58:35 PM

The Story started the project by learning about the content that was to go on the website. They offered many suggestions on how to better organize it and tie it to the home page. They provided us with two unique design concepts. I was really pleased with how both layouts enabled visitors to quickly see the resources available and navigate to topics that interested them. After choosing the concept I preferred, The Story designed the inside pages and developed everything needed to complete the site.I’m very proud of the new site; it is everything I had hoped for, and more. A number of people have written me to say how much they like the site.I was impressed with Trevor's strong graphics sense, his tasteful page designs, and his restructuring of the site to make it more attractive and accessible to a broad audience. I’m also very glad that it’s now mobile friendly. The quality, creativity, and ease-of-use found in the new site far exceeded my original expectations.I was very satisfied with the excellent work The Story did for me, and I look forward to engaging them for my next web project.

Avatar of Cloodo

Wayne Hinds reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:21:54 PM

The website of the non-profit organization I headed up had an issue that needed to be addressed. The Story Web Design & marketing helped us to identify the problem with our website interface. They were then able to fix the problem in short order. I’m grateful for the help that The Story provided for us.

Avatar of Cloodo

Steve Novak reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:21:54 PM

I needed a website for my new business that would help me to grow my business.When we started the project, I discussed with The Story the type of look and feel we wanted. The Story gave guidance on copywriting to help make it easier for people to read the website and to make buying decisions. For the design of the website, The Story provided us with multiple design concepts to choose from. They were both solid designs. I chose one and we made it even better by working through multiple revisions of the designs. Once the design was done, we started the development of the site.The website was designed especially with mobile in mind. It has a dedicated mobile home page and desktop home page. We expect a majority of our prospects will to our mobile site, so it was important to have an excellent mobile experience with our website.Throughout the project we there was a single point of contact. Nothing was lost in translation and I was able to get what I wanted. We had weekly project meetings throughout the project. The Story also helped to ensure we were focused on the right things while being patient with exploring the various ideas I had for the project. All of these things really helped to keep things moving forward.I wanted a modern look that utilized illustrations. The design we got looks great and has an excellent flow that’s easily digestible to read.The Story was professional, responsive, focused on my satisfaction and patient.The Story was easy to work with. They were always responsive via phone or email. They didn’t get frustrated with changes. They made sure I was happy.I’m just getting started with the promotion of the business website. I could be using The Story in the near future for management of our advertising to increase the effectiveness of the results.

Avatar of Cloodo

Leah Rochel Weisberg reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:21:54 PM

I hired The Story Web Design & Marketing to design and develop a website for us.I needed a website designed that looks professional and showcases our practitioners in an easy to view way. I was referred to The Story by a marketing firm.The project began with a kickoff meeting where I understood what I would need to provide The Story with.Once I provided the home page copy, The Story provided me with two different design concepts. I chose one and made modification requests. After a few rounds of feedback, we got it just right. All of the other pages were designed and developed. We had a lot of changes we requested, and The Story was accommodating in helping us get the changes for the website we wanted.Throughout the process there were lots of questions we had and lots of feedback The Story provided. If found them very knowledgeable and trustworthy. The design I got for my clinic is excellent. It’s high quality work and I’m very satisfied.The weekly project meetings really helped us to stay on track throughout the process. The Story provided excellent follow through on their commitments and they were very conscientious about providing us the best work and ensuring we were doing things to make the website more effective.Both the excellent design work and the weekly meetings that kept the project moving were very valuable to me.We will continue to work with The Story as we do further work on our website.

Rating of #UAATEAM on Cloodo

8 reviews


Zamberg Corp reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:15:02 AM

We've been working with UAA team for the three years. Very professional team. Great communication, monthly reporting. Pleasure to deal with

Jacopo reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:15:00 AM

Partnering with UAATEAM has really helped our company's success by increasing our customers' trust. The impact has been extremely positive, counting on the great experience that UAATEAM has in the digital marketing sector, on the management of PPC campaigns and social media marketing.Starting from scratch, the e-commerce business in the first month recorded a total turnover of over 400K $. And the turnover continues to grow!The entire team is ready at any time to answer our questions with competence and professionalism. The Team is attentive to details, results-oriented, and of a high level.Our work with them continues and we are sure that we will achieve many other great results with them.

Avatar of doctor-doubledrop

Alex reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:14:59 AM

the company's specialist helped to solve the breakdown with call tracking settings. everything was done on time and no unnecessary questions.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ievgen Anisimov reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:30:25 PM

I have a project where advertising consulting is needed. These guys are truly professionals! They helped me to increase my earnings within two months. Great communication and support. Thank you so much!

Avatar of Cloodo

Kseniia Elksnis reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:30:25 PM

I'd worked with these guys in Google Ads campaign. They always provide great support. It was pleasure to work with this team.

Rating of vinille on Cloodo

8 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Veniamin Rodionov reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:13 PM

Vinille created for my company Brand strategy & Brand Identity. They have a sense of design thinking and understanding how to create a future brand. We were very happy with the results and how responsive the team was. Hipoterum offers modern financial services to finance transactions and attract current assets, paying special attention to manufacturing and trading companies. I am the Executive Officer of this company. I evaluated their performance based on their past projects and portfolio.

Avatar of Cloodo

Maria Koroleva reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:13 PM

They understood our business well and gave us a platform to continue to grow. Their strategic and creative design expertise makes them very unique. They were involved in the feedback loop and were great to work with. They made the best offer on the market, because we are new established company with big goals and ambitions, according to this they proposed us to grow together step-by-step. No matter how big or small the clients. They’re very flexible and find the right solution.

Avatar of Cloodo

Dmitrij Polyakov reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:13 PM

Vinille developed our brand from scratch. They worked in tandem with our marketing department, but they did all of the heavy lifting. In terms of branding, they came up with logo, branding information, tagline, marketing tools, and visuals. Talking about web-page & mobile app UI/UX they proposed and developed revolutionary design ideas. Vinille guided us through a very through, multi-step process. What impressed me the most the very significant investment that the vinille team made in reviewing a tremendous amount of background material on our company and our process. Vinille is creative and collaborative. The team’s energy is amazing, non-stop with new ideas and feelings. They’re very customer-oriented. I’ve never felt like any concern I had wasn’t immediately addressed.

Avatar of Cloodo

Oleg Volkov reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:13 PM

They know design & design thinking better than any other vendor I’ve worked with in the past. We work really well together. It’s the balance between quality and cost. That is kind of rare. We hired the vinille agency to develop the brand, implementing the brand strategy, and design the new packaging for all our products and we understand the value which we receive now from them! Our brand soon will rocks the European market.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ludmila Kravceva reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:36:13 PM

The financial consulting firm has found vinille's output to be reflective of their company. The team had an effective workflow, marked by well-established communication channels and weekly progress reports. Their experience with fintech companies allowed for the quick accomplishment of the project.

Rating of Mantreza Technologies Private Limited on Cloodo

7 reviews

Mantreza Technologies Private Limited

Avatar of Cloodo

kapono meals reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:04:07 PM

They are not doing business but helping startups grow. I must say @Mantreza Technologies have made it. I was not much confident with Mantreza because my previous experience with other IT companies was not great. But Mantreza really made me feel like home, their team dedicatedly worked on my project not only the development part but they even guided me to optimize my business to generate more revenue and helped me with marketing part as well.

Avatar of Cloodo

bkatyayan office reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:04:07 PM

We hired them about 6 months before for our bubble bud project which is some kind of social media platform with multiple additional features(can't disclose publicly as app is still in production phase) having very challenging work for the field of software field we really happy and satisfied with there work on the project and will recommend anyone for the fucutre developement works.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ethan Hunt reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:04:07 PM

Great Team, on time delivery, very good understanding of the client requirement. Our end result of the website has been better than what we had expected. Arun from the Mantreza Technologies team has been very supportive and great in understanding the requirement. I would strongly recommend Mantreza to everyone looking to get their websites done

Avatar of Cloodo

MANDEEP KUMAR reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:04:07 PM

Mantreza Technolologies has done very professional work with our android development project. They were very patient in collecting all our requirements and developed the best application with their continued efforts. They delivered us a powerful, versatile application that far surpassed our desire.Their unwavering quality and viability was just matched by how proficient and mindful they were all the way. It was clear to see how agreeable they were utilising the present innovations and much additionally invigorating perceiving how eager they were with the project. I've been intrigued by their great correspondence and brief method of managing issues, which has made the undertaking run easily. I wholeheartedly prescribe them to anybody

Avatar of Cloodo

Apg Boss reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:04:07 PM

I was satisfied to work with Mantreza Technologies on my application idea. They have been extremely helpful and were consistently accessible for conversation during all hours. They invited all the solicitations I have made and hit all the achievements on schedule. My application incorporates highlights like guest's recognizable proof, joining of google advertisements, the absolute number of spam, coordination of telephone directory, and which was not a simple task to do but rather they thought of brilliant hues. In contrast with different organizations that are far much experienced than them, they are significantly more specialized and imaginative. Took my thoughts and caused it far better than what I to have envisioned. 5 stars for MANTREZA Team

Rating of AppStudio on Cloodo

7 reviews


Avatar of zeeshanali2288

Zeeshan Ali reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:07:01 AM

We got to the app studio to have a platform where musician can connect with other community musicians across and regionally in their area and also posting their portfolio along with online jam portal too

Harriette Reault reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:06:59 AM

We came across AppStudio through a technology show. Our company's hierarchy was present, and they were quite impressed with their station and presentation. We were looking for a digital agency with expertise in mobile app development, data science, and Artificial Intelligence. We contacted them through their email and then arranged a couple of meetings with their managers.As far as our IoT project is concerned, we want our premises to be secure and only authorized persons to use specific places within our buildings.The working experience is fabulous as we are having extremely productive communication and active collaborations. Their project managers are available on Zoom. However, most of the work is handled through emails without any misunderstandings.

Avatar of Cloodo

Robin Paul reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:24:43 PM

To be competitive in our market, we needed a platform that would help us communicate with clients and even internally, within the company. Since technology is moving, we needed to build a mobile application for this purpose. AppStudio developed our Android and iOS mobile application, including its server backend, which has allowed us to remain in charge of the platform.AppStudio had a very smooth process and good customer service. Our project manager had all the necessary information from the developers, so there were no delays.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sean Mascarenhas reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:24:43 PM

We are a research firm offering business users access to intelligence through our platform. We aim to be as fast and flexible as possible, offering executives and business analysts real-time contextual information through a cloud solution which combines enterprise and analytics capabilities in a single integrated format. We required an app which could provide us with user experience reports in a more interactive manner. We also required comparative usability test reports as well, as this is an aspect which is gaining ground in our industry.Through the app developed by AppStudio, we have been able to perform industry-specific user experience research. Our vendors can gain insight into reports of research methodologies and evaluation tools. This is a valuable advantage, given that dealing with hard numbers can be complicated. The app has simplified this to an extent, while also helping identify usability programs in user interface designs. This involved the examination of a UI [user interface], with the app judging the compliance to usability principles. Standardized usability checklists were included, which proved helpful for our users.

Avatar of Cloodo

Melissa Gardiner reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:24:43 PM

We found AppStudio through Google searches. AppStudio had a lot of good reviews and they were our first option, actually. I had a good conversation with their technical project manager who seemed to understand how we wanted our clients to be able to see the ongoing construction.We’ve been pleased with them since the first testing phase. Whenever our customers send in a request or use the app, we always ask them to rate it at the end of their interaction. So far, all of our customers, 55 of them, have given us 10 out of 10 ratings. None of our clients has had any issues with the app.

Rating of datarockets on Cloodo

7 reviews


Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:01:07 AM

We have been working with data rockets for 3 months and are very happy with their service. Their communication has been very impressive thus far. I was hesitant to work with an international group given a bad previous experience with another company, but DataRockets has been nothing but exceptional. They have taken over a complex software platform and have even assisted with technical support.

Avatar of Cloodo

Robert Osborne reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:01 PM

We have two datarockets' developers working with our mobile team and we are always impressed with their dedication to the project, willingness to go the extra mile and desire to learn and improve.

Avatar of Cloodo

Gabriel Ferrin reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:01 PM

We've worked with Datarockets for about 4 years now continuously and have been very happy with our collaboration. We've used them for both frontend and mobile development and they've produced high quality code and satisfied our project needs. They are a strong team and have helped enahce our own developer culture over the years.

Avatar of Cloodo

Alejandro Pérez reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:01 PM

We've done a couple of projects with the team at Data Rockets and our experience has been very positive. Communication is great which makes a big difference when running projects with a distributed team in various countries (from our end). Pavel and his team have been always available and reply to emails / requests promptly. When we've had problems they've reacted swiftly and thoroughly.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ed Wong reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:23:01 PM

I've been working in Product Management for a while in Toronto and the PM circle is quite small here. I was first recommended DataRockets by a fellow Product Manager that I was chatting with. She had glowing reviews for them so I decided to try them out for a project that I was working on - a platform to connect the brightest minds in Canada and provide easier access to expertise.Working with DataRockets was an absolute pleasure. It was incredibly enjoyable - I most appreciated their responsiveness, their quality of work, and most importantly -- collaboratively problem solving with them.They had tried-and-true processes that kept communication open. Tools and organization that made it easy for us to track work and discuss tasks. It was so effective that I adopted some of those processes in my day-to-day PM role. They are truly entrepreneurial-minded, so it was nice to be able to bounce ideas and have other bright minds thinking ahead on potential challenges or opportunities.I would highly recommend and would not hesitate to work with them again.

Rating of ShoutnHike on Cloodo

6 reviews


Vidhya Patel reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:31:30 AM

Thanks to ShoutnHike team to give me expected result in terms of leads, business ideas and the result.I really like their project implementation approach, to the point written communication which surprised me for SEO and Digital marketing services especially in Ahmedabad.They always give me clarity for all concern with the perfect solution in written. I recommend everyone to taste ShoutnHike the best SEO & Digital Marketing company in Ahmedabad’s Services for your business promotion

Avatar of Cloodo

Krunal Brahmkshatriya reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:19 PM

They help me to rank on Google for 50+ Keywords related to my business. Also redesign my website for conversion point of view.

Avatar of Cloodo

Livonta Global reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:19 PM

We are providing a Medical Tourism Service to all the patient from abroad who wants to take treatment in India (Especially from African countries). We knew the benefits of Digital Marketing but could not find a proper professional and lost my faith in Digital Marketing. Then I met Mr. Chirag and explained my problem. After understanding my business model and problem, on the spot he suggested smart changes that can be helpful in my lead conversion rate and we started the journey.There is no doubt they are good at SEO but when we started PPC I got unbelievable results and ​my cost per lead was very low as compared to the previous one!Before starting the service, we were nowhere at some of the money keywords and now we are in the top 3 at the same. This is how ShoutnHike showed me the power of Digital Marketing. The think tank behind my business model was very sharp. They have done a proper analysis of my business and provided foolproof strategies and now the results are proving the same.I highly recommend ShoutnHike for all those entrepreneurs who want to explore their untouched business regions via Digital Marketing!​

Avatar of Cloodo

Viren Patel reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:19 PM

The owner of Shoutnhike Chirag Shah and his team, is very expert and professional in SEO digital marketing. We're working with them for past 3 month and it seem it is worth to keep them forever. Due to their presence we see our bussiness grown somewhere around 15-20%. The reason to hire them was, we weren't showing up in Google or other search engine even though we were registered on it. It wasn't showing our motel when we search within motel premises or near by area. It was the main concern that we weren't getting enough business. All our business was running by word of mouth only.We took their service and now we are on Google map and on very 1st page. You know being on 1st page on google is the turnkey to grow your bussiness. Working with them is comfortable and effective due to social platforms. Their availability was excellent. They respond you on their off hours too. You never waiting for them to answer. Also you can compare statistics with past months and you can see the differences in map views, phone calls etc.If you're running bussiness, I highly recommend Shounhike because of their capability to improve your business at least 10%-20% I believe.

Avatar of Cloodo

Tushar Satani reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:19 PM

I am working with Shoutnhike for the last 2 years for our Digital Marketing Projects and they have given us a best result especially in terms of SEO, they have unique strategies for all the campaigns which they have created for me and ultimately provide the best result which I was looking for, I would definitely suggest to hire shoutnhike for Digital Marketing & Development related projects

Rating of Roars Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on Cloodo

6 reviews

Roars Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Nova reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:22:24 AM

We were initially hesitant about working with a new web developer but after having checked out the reviews Roars had and the fact that they have won awards for their previous projects, we decided to take a chance and work with Roars. Probably the best decision we have ever done! They changed our perception of website developers and designers. Their customer service is impeccable; Riinkesh has been absolutely hands-on, delivers exactly what we are looking for, offers suggestions and there never has been a delay in responding to us! We wanted our new website to look fresh, exciting, and inviting - Roars was superbly creative with the look and feel of the website, developing and keeping it user friendly and customer first. They have been supportive price-wise as well, and have worked smoothly without any issues with our third-party integrators/ suppliers. We only hope to continue to see results equally positive from this new site in terms of sales and lead-generation, and also from the after-sales service with Roars.

Avatar of Cloodo

Bri Bradford reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:01 PM

Any idea you have for a startup, Roars can create. The quality is good and they work very quickly. All changes that I wanted, at any step of the process, were applied without extra fees or hassle. The price is very reasonable compared to other quotes I received and they understood exactly what I was looking for and were able to make it happen.Rinkesh was a pleasure to work with!Overall, I would use their service again for future projects and updates.

Avatar of Cloodo

Nillaesh Sonill reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:01 PM

Roars Technologies provide an excellent service for digital marketing and SEO work. Excellent client communication and a very time efficient professional service.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ernest Silva II, MBA, ABD reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:01 PM

Can’t say enough, take you step by step, and get the job done efficiently.

Avatar of Cloodo

Deepak Chandwani reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:01 PM

Roars works hard to get things right. They are diligent, knowledgeable and patient. We had a good experience working with them and they provide good value for the money.

Rating of Mobiloitte Inc on Cloodo

6 reviews

Mobiloitte Inc

Michael Onwukaeme reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:33:07 PM

The client is a Storage & Moving company located in Washington, DC, USA. They provide students with pick-up & delivery services, free boxes, and supplies. The client wanted to develop a solution for students that can be used by them to book moving and storage services. Mobiloitte was involved in developing a website and an app for both Android and iOS platforms around the same idea. The project was completed within the committed timeline and budget. The client is highly satisfied with Mobiloitte because of their professionalism, understanding, and continuous support throughout the process. The client highly recommends them to their colleagues.

Avatar of Cloodo

Rod Love reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:54 PM

Mobiloitte started out with great possibilities and potential. I invested $20k and their development team abandoned my project after the company realized the reduction of residual income on the development of my app was completed. Mobiloitte cost my company a major contract due to not completing the bug fixes. Mobiloitte were impressive with promises and fell short on delivery. Still today, after pleading with this overseas company to satisfy their obligation, my company realized there our worst fear. No legal ability to address liquidated damages. My company lost its ability to compete by investing in overseas Mobiloitte. Not all overseas companies are incompetent or derelict as we have witness successful American businesses blossom from the production cost-effectiveness of engaging overseas, but this company has no integrity. We get e-mails and calls from potential companies inquiring about Mobiloitte and thank us immensely for the warning. Resolution of this issue is my primary objective, not recompensation.

Avatar of Cloodo

Joe Kissell reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:54 PM

Mobiloitte has great developers and a very responsive management team!

Avatar of Cloodo

Richard Fenner reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:54 PM

Mobiloitte Technologies has become our trusted go-to technology partners who facilitated us with a robust metal and alloy testing kit provider website. They collaborated very well and established seamless communication throughout the project. By showing the zeal to develop or else you can say the finest website, the team at Mobiloitte proved their outstanding project management. I have no words for the team as my dream of developing my dream website. The website had successfully developed and was made live in the given time period. Truly a genius pool of web developers I had for my project!

Avatar of Cloodo

Mzad Qatar reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:54 PM

We have worked with Mobiloitte to get engagements for my products over different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and on the other hand dealing with Google Adwords.They helped us with the increment in the number of downloads for our app. Posting of services offered by us was done by Mobiloitte on Social media Platforms which resulted in positive way and daily engagement on our website increased. Mainly it was a digital marketing work.

Rating of Softpulse Infotech on Cloodo

6 reviews

Softpulse Infotech

Avatar of Cloodo

Puneet Verma reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:33 PM

Fantastic team. Very happy and satisfied.

Avatar of Cloodo

Emiliano Ferreyra reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:33 PM

Avatar of Cloodo

Justin Eterovich reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:33 PM

I’ve hade softpulse create 4 of my websites. They are nothing short of amazing to work with. They did exactly what I needed fast and on budget. They also helped with after service requests.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ashmit Patel reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:33 PM

Our past experience working with developers on other platforms was very bad. We wanted a smooth working website with a specific design and layout. Sandip and his team have done a great work to include all the requirements into the website. The outcome was better than what we had expected. They are fast and efficient with their work and always open to modifications or changes during the development.

Avatar of Cloodo

Hiiren Jogiya reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:33 PM

They give us hassle free service after finishing work also,they know for their time line meet for the date which they offer to client,great experience again and again

Rating of Arete Software Inc. on Cloodo

6 reviews

Arete Software Inc.

richi reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:44:34 PM

I’ve known the team at Arete Software Inc since 2018. They provide great Website Development service and are extremely responsive. I really like that when I call for Website Development & designing related concern, they actually answer the phone and that is pretty unusual here in Toronto.

Raechael Christopher reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:44:32 PM

The first thing I noticed is that they are very hands-on. In the first few days, Clint sent me ten different emails. As I mentioned earlier, our website is rather complicated. Arete Software Inc handled the strategy and basically told us what to do, and then I would figure out how to implement it. Clint would have implemented it himself. I just didn't want hands in the system that weren't specific to our development team.So their input was more strategic, focusing on the things we needed to optimize. He also went in and changed some things like Meta descriptions. As far as interlinking category structure, product structure, getting product reviews in place, Arete Software Inc devised strategies to work in the content. They got the ball rolling really quickly on that.

Tedq williams reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:44:30 PM

Arete Software Inc provides web development services for a college. The team built and designed the client’s WordPress platform and is currently populating the site with content.While the site has not yet launched, the results have exceeded the expectations of the internal team. Arete Software Inc provides creative suggestions and advice to enhance the client’s vision. The team is collaborative, professional, and easy to work with.

Gloria Perzivezi reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:44:29 PM

Arete Software is doing customized web dev, taking over work when the previous partner failed to deliver. They work on numerous projects, including cost reduction within the app and feature updates.

Avatar of Cloodo

Mani Kaushik reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:07:10 PM

Fantastic development company. Talented and experience staff available. Highly recommended

Rating of bvblogic on Cloodo

5 reviews


Anastasiia Modlenko reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:31:26 AM

One of our clients contacted us with a request to build an on-demand delivery service like Uber-Eats or DoorDash, which should include a web-based system for administrators and restaurants, and mobile applications both for clients and couriers.The client had a business idea and a business vision of the project, how it should look at the final stage, but he did not have any technology preferences, so we almost immediately decided to contact our partners from bvblogic. Our main goal was to fully satisfy our customer's wishes and preferences.We knew that bvblogic has deep experience in the niche of developing on-demand services (often called Uber-like apps), so we decided to contact them and share the information about the request.The client had one crucial condition - the project had to be released in April, and it was not possible to delay the deadline. The final product was released on time and the client received a fully operational application, which was ready to become a great competitor on the market. Our business is dependent on our customer’s success. We are happy that we found bvblogic as the key partner in this field.bvblogic has been our partner for a few years now and during this time we have worked together on several projects. We value their high tech competence, flexibility, and reliability. They can deliver complex software projects due to a wide range of technology stack. All the team members are real team players. We also like their open-minded corporate culture and transparency. They are really great team. Go forward! We are very pleased with the work they are doing and hope to keep being partners for a long time.

Avatar of Cloodo

Nataliya Morozova reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:16 PM

They act like partners and invest time into finding the best solution possible to meet our specs.

Avatar of Cloodo

Maxim Moneta reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:16 PM

bvblogic is a long-standing partner for anything development related. They assign different resources as needed, mainly helping ramp up the speed of delivery, and also assist with coming up with new products.Their responsiveness, commitment to continuous improvement, and affordable prices are highlights of their work. bvblogic is also more than willing to assist with research for startup ideas, taking the initiative to provide quotations on vague concept projects. This kind of involvement is irreplaceable.They’ve been a partner company for a long time. They help me whenever I need to increase the development speed on some projects, and also assist with creating products. We’ve formed a tight partnership, as it’s hard to find product teams that can really deliver.They have a skilled team, which allows their account managers to pick who’s best suited according to the expertise we require. We’ve mostly used Python, Node.js, and database specialists, and frontend development in different technologies.The latest project was a four-part undertaking for creating mobile applications, involving server work and frontend development.

Avatar of Cloodo

Norbert Madyar reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:16 PM

bvblogic designed and developed an MVP mobile app based on a prototype. They created native iOS and Android versions using node.js. The MVP raised funds necessary to finance development of the fully-functional app. bvblogic was a consistent communicator and displayed strong adaptability. Mobile expertise and an ability to deliver key requirements are hallmarks of their work.Someone requested an iOS and Android mobile app, but I didn’t have the necessary mobile developers. After working with frontend developers for a month and liking their work, we expanded the engagement to include backend developers. I wanted to develop a stable, bug-free app that fit our client’s requirements. Our client gave us a prototype, so we worked with bvblogic’s artists to create the UI. Then, we brought on backend engineers to build a node.js MVP.

Avatar of Cloodo

Haji Furukawa reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:39:16 PM

We worked with bvb to help accelerate our product roadmap for our startup. They were very responsive and great team to work with.

Rating of E-Vision on Cloodo

5 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Kingsley Abeyieh reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:40 PM

E-Vision is a firm made up of young IT Professionals who are very visionary and reliable.

Avatar of Cloodo

Nayel Sadek reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:40 PM

Our Company has had the pleasure of working with E-Vision in the past, and I can only say that they provide pretty solid solutions, and that they are in command of what they offer in terms of customization and technical support.

Avatar of Cloodo

Moataz El basosy reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:40 PM

The best company at middle east, specially during operation time and on maintenance

Franco D reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:16:43 AM

Avatar of Cloodo

Hany Abdel Moneim reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:42:40 PM

The best quality of services and people and management , they are great company and qualified employees .

Rating of Net Solutions on Cloodo

5 reviews

Net Solutions

Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:33:59 PM

The client is a global breadth equity research firm serving portfolio managers, traders, and investors with unique research using modern technology. Net Solutions was involved in developing a web portal for the client and some additional functionality related to the equity research and investment. The initial built of the website was completed on time and within the specified budget and after that, they worked on four to five additional functionalities for the website as separate projects which were also finished on time. The client is highly satisfied with Net Solutions because of their technical expertise for any kind of development and meeting all the deadlines. The client highly recommends them to their friends.

Avatar of Cloodo

Rupert Forsythe reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:03:11 PM

The client creates customized products and merchandise for the Universities in the UK and they sell through their website and other online sources. Net Solutions was involved in designing and developing a personalized champagne app for the client for iOS and Android platforms along with a website backend as the client wanted to venture into a new product offering. The project is under development phase right now but the client expects it to complete it on time and within the specified budget. The client is highly satisfied with Net Solutions because of their professionalism and continuous support throughout the development phase. The client highly recommends them to their colleagues.

Avatar of Cloodo

Will Lord reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:03:11 PM

The client is an online education company in the UK providing interactive worksheets for children aged five to sixteen in Maths, English & Science. They are a subscription business, so parents pay for the subscription to their products and students use it. Net Solutions was involved in developing an iOS app for the client along with a web backend and other web services to increase their engagement with students and parents. The project was completed right on time and within the proposed budget. The client is highly impressed with Net Solutions as they also invested time in upgrading the skills of their human resource which helps in delivering a great product for the end-client. The client highly recommends them to their friends and colleagues.

Avatar of Cloodo

Braden Watts reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:03:11 PM

Working with Net Solutions has been an excellent experience from beginning to end. They are very detailed oriented and ensure the customer gets exactly what they want. The development team ensures there is strong communication every step of the way. I would highly recommend Net Solutions to anyone who is need of their various services.

Avatar of Cloodo

Steven Herson reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:03:11 PM

They truly take the time to learn about your product which I love. The team is passionate and a pleasure to work with. High expertise and fairly priced.

Rating of LeewayHertz on Cloodo

5 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Satayu Basu reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:57 PM

Simply Superb! We wanted a custom app developed for our online marketplace for both iOS & Android platforms. The features and user experience was quite unique - but the team was quick to understand our requirements and made a significant contribution is optimizing our product roadmap. I was pleasantly surprised not only by the quality of development but also sticking to our timeline. Very satisfied with their work and collaborative approach they brought to our project. Will defnirely hire them again!

Avatar of Cloodo

Pooja Wadhawan reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:57 PM

Our sales brochure app on iPad was a game changer during an event. We were able to attract a lot of visitors and gave them an amazing experience. Kudos to the team at LeewayHertz, they did an exceptional job and delivered the app in a short timeframe.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ashwani Gupta reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:57 PM

At the beginning of the project, I started to get a sense of achievement. When I first saw the wireframes and the designs I was satisfied that we choose the right company. Their design speaks for itself. Simply inspirational!

Avatar of Cloodo

Manish Sehrawat reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:57 PM

From the drawing board to the actual product the transition and development was smooth. On time delivery that exceeded our expectations. Will recommend and take services again.

Avatar of Cloodo

Radhika Gulati reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:27:57 PM

LeewayHertz has the best understanding in Blockchain development. The UX team delivered very innovative designs, keeping the use case in mind. LeewayHertz developed a product with high quality and within the delivery milestone, they mentioned at the initiation of the project.

Rating of Blockchain Mind on Cloodo

5 reviews

Blockchain Mind

DataOps reviews at 5/16/2022, 12:11:23 AM

Working with BlockchainMind has been a really pleasant experience. They are export in iOS and Android app developments in Blockchain domain.

Avatar of Cloodo

Aryan Nava reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:28:02 PM

We are a Toronto based Blockchain consulting firm which provides security and infrastructure solutions for Blockchain as well as Distributed Ledger Technologies for individuals and companies. Our mission is to leverage the Blockchain technology to revolutionise the business in general, as the internet revolutionised the society. Our understanding of Blockchain technology enables us to bring a level of expertise to your enterprise like no one else. We help you understand blockchain technology and the potential opportunities for your organisation in a unique and innovative way.

Avatar of Cloodo

CHETHAN SRINIVAS reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:28:02 PM

Excellent people with the amazing stuff and really helpful and can able to deliver what exactly needed

Avatar of Cloodo

Sen Ganeshan reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:28:02 PM

We have outsourced app development (iOS and Android) projects to BlockchainMind. The communication and collaboration between our teams has been extremely successful from the very beginning. We have started seeing functional apps within server weeks of development. Great company to work with for any kind of Blockchian based app development.

Avatar of Cloodo

lidya Ann reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:28:02 PM

Working for Blockchain Mind has been an exciting journey where I have learnt a lot about BlockChain technology and it proctical application in cryptocurrencies. The co-workers and my manager were extremely supportive in helping me on projects and ensuring i accomplish my career goals.

Rating of Bacancy Technology on Cloodo

4 reviews

Bacancy Technology

Avatar of Cloodo

Iyad Horani reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:24 PM

The team at Bacancy are reliable and accommodating to my business needs. Their account management is pleasant experience and I highly recommend them.

Avatar of Cloodo

DAVID CARTA reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:24 PM

We have used Bacancy on a couple occasions for iOS, Android, and Ruby on Rails development. Overall, we have been happy with them and will likely use them again.For our project, they didn't appear to adhere to any agile workflow, but they did have a good management structure of engineers and project managers. As with many offshore groups, there are senior and junior developers, so the quality of the specific engineer on your project does vary. This being said, they do a pretty good job using the senior guys to manage the junior guys.

Avatar of Cloodo

David Smith reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:24 PM

Working with Harshil and a dedicated developer for my mobile application project was a pleasure. Development was done exactly to specification, and I very much enjoyed the professional, knowledgable and friendly experience I had with Bacancy. I will definitely utilize them in the future for my project development needs.

Bryan Ashbaugh reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:08:18 AM

Most recent Agency reviews In Canada, Ontario

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Had really good vibes, and have spent up to £1000 with them...until there was a problem and they basically gave me the finger despite my loyalty, warning, and help. Miserable person, hope he dies of stomach ache.

Reviews at 3/22/2023, 11:40:05 AM

Had really good vibes, and have spent up to £1000 with them...until there was a problem and they basically gave me the finger despite my loyalty, warning, and help. Miserable person, hope he dies of stomach ache.

Reviews at 3/22/2023, 11:40:03 AM

I was happy until there was a delivery issue - £1000 later. And the owner basically said GFY. Gave them plenty of help and support none of which was returned in kind when needed. Please dont waste your money.

Reviews at 3/22/2023, 11:37:57 AM

I have booked with this company several times - always good.

Reviews at 3/20/2023, 6:32:41 PM

More tiume spent selling you additional services that have no value than in writing your book. Stay clear.

Reviews at 3/18/2023, 3:46:30 PM

Dont waste your time and money. the constract to sell you services is built on them selling you othere services that have no value. There is more time spent upselling you on things you dont need than there is on your book.

Reviews at 3/18/2023, 3:45:02 PM

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Define project details

Agency doesn’t know your company’s inner workings or how you like to complete projects. You’ve got to clearly define all project details and requirements to ensure that the final result meets your expectations. Take the traditional project management approach and set requirements for each phase of your project.

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All of agency will need some documentation to ensure their work meets your standards. These documents not only set specific requirements, but they help to ensure the project maintains your brand identity. For example, writers will need editorial guidelines that discuss grammar and the tone your agency uses for its blogs or website.

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Set expectations and a budget

Your agreement with an agency should set clear project expectations and the budget for the work. Stick to it. Respect your agency enough to pay separately for any additional work and ask them to respect you enough to fulfill their end of the contract at the negotiated rate. Align your budget to the project details mentioned above to keep everyone in agreement on what’s covered.

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Sticking and loving for your works but do not forget to check out of related category of agency on Cloodo to find appropriate listing that usefull for your jobs.

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Logo for Hendrik Thurau Enterprises
Rating of Hendrik Thurau Enterprises on Cloodo

1 reviews

Hendrik Thurau Enterprises

HTE brings, deep and broad experience to quickly solve the problems our clients have been facing. Our lead experts are local and provide top-quality project optimization, enhancement, to exceed their requirements, with local expertise that understands their market. They can relax

This Is The Top Of 66,620 Global Company

Logo for DesignBackOffice
Rating of DesignBackOffice on Cloodo

1 reviews


Design BackOffice is a Top California Company. We provide exceptional design, Web & Mobile App solutions to companies of all industries, irrespective of their size.  WHY US: ✔ Very High Quality Professional Work. ✔ No Upfront-Amount ✔ 100% Sat

This Is The Top Of 66,620 Global Company

Logo for Sigma Software
Rating of Sigma Software on Cloodo

1 reviews

Sigma Software

Sigma Software provides superior IT services to сustomers in such segments as Automotive, Aviation, Construction/Real Estate, Gambling/Gaming, Telecom, Media/Advertising, Finance and Banking, Information Technology, Healthcare, Energy. The company named to the list of World

This Is The Top Of 66,620 Global Company

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Logo Troubleshoot And Fix Bugs WordPress Site service

Troubleshoot And Fix Bugs WordPress Site

WordPress is a widely-used content management system that powers millions of websites. However, like any other software, WordPress websites can encounter bugs and issues that can affect their functionality, user experience, and search engine rankings. These bugs can result in slow loading times, broken links, security vulnerabilities, and other issues that can harm the website's performance and reputation. **What's included in our service:** Our Troubleshoot and Fix Bugs WordPress Site service offers comprehensive and timely solutions to any WordPress-related issues that your website may face. Our experienced team of developers will conduct a thorough analysis of your website and identify any bugs, errors, or security vulnerabilities. We will then provide you with a detailed report of our findings and recommend the most effective solutions to address these issues. Our service includes the following: • Thorough website analysis to identify any bugs, errors, or security vulnerabilities • Timely and effective bug fixes to ensure optimal website performance • Plugin and theme compatibility checks and updates • Website backup and restoration to avoid data loss during the troubleshooting process • Security checks and measures to prevent future security breaches • Comprehensive testing to ensure that the website is fully functional and optimized for search engines By using our service, you'll enjoy the following benefits: • Enhanced website performance, speed, and user experience • Improved search engine rankings and online visibility • Increased website security and protection against cyber threats • Minimized downtime and reduced risk of data loss If you're experiencing issues with your WordPress website, don't let these bugs and errors hold you back from reaching your full potential. Our Troubleshoot and Fix Bugs WordPress Site service provides you with the comprehensive and timely solutions you need to ensure optimal website performance, security, and user experience. Our team of experienced developers has a proven track record of successfully resolving WordPress-related issues and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our service and take the first step towards a fully optimized and secure WordPress website!
logo service
Project Assistant:



March 24, 2023

Logo WooCommerce store with ERP System Integration service

WooCommerce store with ERP System Integration

Managing e-commerce operations can be complex and time-consuming, especially when customer data and inventory are siloed in different systems. Without a unified view of business data, businesses may struggle to manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment, leading to errors, delays, and missed opportunities. That's why integrating your WooCommerce store with an ERP system is essential. Our "WooCommerce store with ERP System Integration" service offers a comprehensive solution to help businesses streamline their e-commerce operations and data management. With this service, we'll integrate your WooCommerce store with an ERP system of your choice, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or NetSuite. This integration will enable you to: • Sync customer data, order history, and inventory information between WooCommerce and your ERP system. • Get a unified view of business data across all departments and systems, including e-commerce, finance, inventory, and logistics. • Automate business processes and workflows, based on real-time data and insights. • Improve order accuracy, inventory management, and fulfillment efficiency. By using our "WooCommerce store with ERP System Integration" service, you'll be able to manage your e-commerce operations more efficiently and effectively. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and reduced costs for your business. Don't let data silos and manual processes hold back your e-commerce business. Contact us today to learn more about how our "WooCommerce store with ERP System Integration" service can help you streamline your operations and data management. Our expert team will work with you to understand your business needs and goals, and provide a customized integration solution that meets your requirements. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business.
logo service
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March 21, 2023

Logo Setup product options with Printcart Product Designer service

Setup product options with Printcart Product Designer

Setting up product options for complex products with many variations can be overwhelming, especially for those without technical expertise. Customers may struggle to customize their products as per their preferences, leading to a poor shopping experience and decreased satisfaction. Our "Setup product options with Printcart Product Designer" service offers a comprehensive solution to set up product options for your complex products. We work with you to gather detailed information about your products and set up the product options accordingly. Our service includes: • A detailed consultation to understand your business needs and product requirements. • Analysis of the provided information and identification of the best product options. • Set up of product options with detailed information and pricing options, including design elements such as colors, sizes, and materials. • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your product options are always up-to-date and functioning correctly. By using our service, you can save time and effort in setting up product options and offer your customers a seamless shopping experience with Printcart Product Designer. We ensure that the product options are set up correctly and aligned with your business needs, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction and sales. At Printcart, we understand the importance of having customized product options to attract and retain customers. We invite you to use our "Setup product options with Printcart Product Designer" service. All you need to do is provide detailed information about your products, and we will take care of the rest. We will analyze the information provided and provide a quote based on the detailed analysis. Contact us today to get started and offer your customers an exceptional shopping experience!
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March 9, 2023

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Magento Migration Version

Migrating a Magento website from one environment to another, whether it's a new hosting provider or a different version of Magento, can be a complex and time-consuming process. Businesses may encounter various challenges, such as data loss, website downtime, or compatibility issues, if the migration is not performed correctly. Our Magento Migration Version service is designed to help you seamlessly migrate your website to a new version of Magento or a new hosting environment. Here are some of the things that are included in our service: • Consultation: Our team of experts will consult with you to determine the best migration path for your Magento website. • Backup: We create a full backup of your website to ensure that all of your data is safe during the migration process. • Migration: We migrate your website to the latest version of Magento or to a new hosting provider while ensuring that all extensions and customizations are properly migrated. • Testing: We thoroughly test your website to ensure that everything is working correctly and that there are no compatibility issues. • SEO preservation: We ensure that your website's search engine rankings and traffic are not affected by the migration. • Security: We perform security checks and ensure that your website is secure during the migration process. • Ongoing support: We provide ongoing support to help you with any issues that arise after the migration. If you're planning to migrate your Magento website to a new version or a new hosting provider, our Magento Migration Version service can help you do it smoothly and efficiently. Our team of experts has years of experience in Magento migration and will work with you to ensure that your website is migrated safely and with minimal downtime. With our service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is secure, optimized, and ready to meet the needs of your customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you migrate your Magento website.
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March 9, 2023

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Web to Print Solutions

A perfect means of not only surviving but also succeeding in the highly competitive print market. Your online print business need not be difficult to run and expand. You can easily manage every aspect of your printing business with our complete Web to Print Solution . With the best solution, which includes W2P Store, Web2Print Software, and an effective Print ERP system, you can open the door to success.

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Pratik Shah


February 20, 2023

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The Usleep compa ny is a manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses and bed linen. The product is made of environmentally friendly components and is technically controlled. Consultants are ready to answer all the questions and help with making an order, depending on their needs and wishes, and also monitor the entire process of product delivery.
All the production is made by the company itself, so it allows to sell mattresses and bed linen at a minimum price. You can choose a convenient payment method.
The order will be delivered within 2-7 days.
Due to the use of innovative technologies and natural fabrics and fillers Usleep products provide customers with maximum of comfort and a healthy sleep.
"Usleep" produces and supplies orthopedic mattresses and bed linen. The product is made of environmentally friendly components and is technically controlled. Therefore, it is good for the health of children and adults.
The delivery is available to any region of Ukraine and is controlled by firm's workers. Consultants are ready to answer all the questions and help with making an order.
All the production is made by the company itself, so it allows to sell mattresses and bed linen at a minimum price and make high-quality filling for matrassess and bed linen with natural fabrics. 
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February 17, 2023

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VirgilHR offers a SaaS solution that helps HR teams stay compliant with employment and labor laws in real time, no research required. Our HR Compliance Software helps HR teams deliver beautifully against HR compliance requirements, ensuring employers reduce risk and liability in the areas of employment and labor law, and giving HR teams valuable time back to spend toward important strategic objectives across the business. 

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February 15, 2023

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TechSeven Partners

TechSeven Partners is a business IT services & consulting firm serving small, medium & enterprise businesses in the Carolinas. Our vision is to provide reliable, innovative technical solutions so our clients can concentrate on their business. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and their staff, and we have experience with enterprises of all sizes and industries. Our IT Services include network support, hardware and system services, network design & implementation, product purchasing and installation, security & compliance, fully managed services, and business network design services in charlotte.


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February 14, 2023

FAQ of Top Agency

To clear out your mind of any mis-understanding topics ralated to agency listing, we list here some popular questions and answers.

How to get listed on Top Agency listing?

Cloodo commits to support any services provider to attract leads, build their online reputation, and establish brand leadership in their industry. Premium options also exist for agency that want to upgrade.

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List your Professional Agency Profiles

It’s free to get listed on Cloodo and takes 20-minutes or less. A company can create different agency profiles suitable to the services and niches market that they want to support.

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Receive your Client Reviews, Interviews

Submit client references to verify and populate your profile with reviews. Send review request to build up trusted profiles from past happy client. Showcase your ratings and reviews with a blog, badge, or widget for your website.

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Get new client deals and projects

Thousands of companies come to Cloodo every month looking to hire a trusted agencies for their business and projects. After accepting an opportunity, you can directly interact with the client and manage the project deployment on Cloodo workspace.

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Leader Awards and Featured profile

Be ranked based on our research methodology and get featured as a Top Company in our monthly press releases. We also offer premium options for agency interested in more visibility, extra customer service, and additional marketing opportunities.

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