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Top Agency In India, Delhi

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the top agency profiles In India, Delhi. Browse their company profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 100 Agency In India, Delhi

Top agency offer teams a mix of services and business benefits that will help you get work done. Agency give you access to a specific skill or talent as you need it. The listing of agency is sorted out base on the client ratting, professional business category and project features

  • Programming & Tech
Rating of Shanti Travel on Cloodo

1,247 reviews

Rating of Fluper Ltd. on Cloodo

44 reviews

Fluper Ltd.

Jordan Lim reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:01:20 AM

Fluper has been very professional with their services so far in helping my company develop a mobile application. They were very clear with their milestones / goals, and have been very honest and reasonable with their dealings. They were also very accommodating and patient with proposed changes made at last minute. My company is very impressed with the standard of work delivered so far. Have made recommendations of Fluper to others in Singapore for various other project developments.

Avatar of Cloodo

Harpreet Singh reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:01:19 AM

Good Understanding Requirement and Eagle Eye Approach resulted a quality product.

Avatar of Cloodo

Moe Kakar reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:55:30 PM

I found Fluper on Google search and contacted them. After about several months of discussion (they promise the world to you before you give them the project), I gave them my project. Their contract says that they will pay you penalty money if they don’t finish the project. However, they will not finish the project and never give you a penny. The price was close to 8,000 US Dollars. I’m an American start-up company from Silicon Valley. They were supposed to finish my project in about 4 months. However, 1 year later they haven’t even finished one week’s work. They employ low quality developers. They do not have the skills to finish your project. They will not finish your project.

Avatar of Cloodo

SCOTT BEER reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:54 PM

It took almost a year to get my simple door to door app built and released. It is NOTHING like I specified,. they ask to accept "Milestones" but that doesn't show the operating product. they have received MANY e-mails requesting contact. I have e-mailed everyone from the sales person in the project I was working on to HR to inquiry and even the CEO Do NOT do business with this company. they say they'll refund 1105 of the money. they won't even reply to messages, or e-mail.

Rating of ValueCoders on Cloodo

22 reviews


Avatar of Cloodo

Deepika Chauhan reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:47 PM

I had a great pleasure in working with Value Coders for my mobile application development!Great Collaborative TeamsScrum masters100% Client Satisfaction

Avatar of Cloodo

Justin Spencer reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:47 PM

I contacted Valuecoders with no clue as to what technology should be opted to develop the website. I was clearly briefed on the various options and the relevance to my needs. This approach added a great value to the service by making the client understand things. I was advised to employ HTML 5 and i'm happy with my decision.

Govind Sharma reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:36:51 AM

Meeting all project milestones as expected. Valuecoders delivered a successful product that has resulted in user enthusiasm. The team works within budget and delivers on time. Highly recommended if you want save time and money.

Avatar of Cloodo

Shefali Basu reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:47 PM

Working with the ValueCoders software development team has been an outstanding experience. They were great communicators at every stage of development unlike my previous software outstanding company. The delivery made was beyond expectation. We are glad to have worked with such a software development company and hope to work together on future projects.

Avatar of Cloodo

Jack Reacher reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:44:47 PM

The dedicated Android developers from ValueCoders have done a marvelous job in designing of our mobile app. This resulted in development of a great app.

Rating of Sam Web Studio on Cloodo

17 reviews

Sam Web Studio

Avatar of Cloodo

Luc-Olivier Lafeuille reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:06 PM

As Designer the first quality I request from my integrators is : to respect mockups at the last pixel.I could be found very exigent but over 30 years of app designing, I experienced that this rule avoid tones of waste of time.I also noticed that people respectful of designer works are more capable to understand your design to adapt where it is needed.Has given a mockup and development rules for DOM & CSS structure organisation for a single page HTML/CSS/JS native website, I got a very good job from Sam Web Studio Team.We continue further with them.Thanks

Avatar of Cloodo

kamran khan reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:06 PM

Sam web studio is a professional web development team which can help you get the most out of your website. Contact them today!

Avatar of Cloodo

Genx Systems reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:06 PM

I am happy to say I was not disappointed, we have tried many web companies in the past but i feel glad to say this is our final stop! From the onset, I knew Sam Web Studio was a team I could work with. I worked with Satish, who offered professional service and expertise. He was very prompt in replying and addressing emails and our requirements, that makes it very easy to work with. In the end, I am very pleased with their work and now we only handover our designing work to Sam Web Studio!

Avatar of Cloodo

Pulkit Garg reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:06 PM

Had struggled for a very long time, to break the vicious circle of incompetent freelancers, and self-proclained web-designers, i.e. when I met Satish from Sam Web studio. Journey since then has been really smooth, and I really love working with them. They are just a call away, are easily available on mail or emails.

Avatar of Cloodo

Bhanu Devgan reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:06 PM

If you're starting a new business or upgrading an existing site, I strongly recommend using Sam Web Studio. The employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to producing a high quality product. Saurabh, Satish, & Sushil all worked very hard to create my site. They are always available to answer questions, make improvements, and provide guidance. Even before the site was handed over to them (earlier there was someone else handling it and was doing a bad job, hence the transfer), they had offered unconditional unsolicited assistance. On a scale of 1-10, I give all of them a 8. I am extremely satisfied with them.

Rating of Redcube Digital Pvt. Ltd. on Cloodo

15 reviews

Redcube Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Nazia Hasan reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:23:12 AM

Had a great experience working with Redcube team. Be it the artistic visualization or the technical development, from point of view of a holistic website development and management they are one of the best the industry has to offer.

Shambhu Shreshth reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:23:10 AM

Design & developed my company website www.accommodation.com. Thanks Ajay for awesome website.

Priyasmita Bezbaruah reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:23:07 AM

Red Cube Digital has made a huge difference to our Brand Equity with their well planned digital marketing strategy that has yielded great results in terms of SEO and Social Media. Red Cube team is a pleasure to work with, Apart from being super fast to respond they are good at adapting to the client's brand needs.

Radhika Aggarwal reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:23:04 AM

I spoke to Ajay in 2020 and got this project going with his company. I am based in Boston, USA and I am so glad I found Red Cube to fulfill my dream project. Ajay and the team are extremely professional, committed to timely delivery and are very patient with their clients. The team never refused to make further changes and always took my feedback onboard. The team did extensive research to fulfill my development requirements. I highly recommend Red Cube for all your web development, graphic and marketing needs!

Avatar of Cloodo

Parul Sehgal reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:07 PM

Unprofessionalism at its height:Apply at this company at your own risk. There is no assurance even after confirming that you have been selected, they can take their decision back. It's my personal experience they selected me we talked about the salary and everything and later they don't even pick the phone. When at last after numerous attempts they will call you and give a lame excuse that they have some internal discussion and can't hire as they don't have any requirement. Such kind of unprofessionalism only shows the disoriented management the company is running under. I am very sure none of the employees working there is happy. If a company doesn't value their decision that how can they value their employees. I was fortunate enough that I had another offer in my hand and I stick to not reject that offer until I get the complete confirmation from red cube. Beware friends before joing the company.

Rating of Ads N Url on Cloodo

13 reviews

Ads N Url

Shikha reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:56:11 AM

Ads N Url is an extremely professional team whose work speaks volumes. This company has been great to work with. This was the first app development project with them and I must say, they dedicatedly worked towards delivering the quality results. I am highly impressed by their ability to turn an idea into a reality so efficiently and effectively.

Avatar of Cloodo

Purnima reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:32 PM

It was a great experience working with Ads n Url, on time fulfilment and quality assurance are the parameters i would like to rate them 10/10 for.

Avatar of Cloodo

Arun Rao reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:32 PM

Very good prompt support from the team at Ads&URL. They assigned a single point of contact, who was quite responsive, so it made conveying our requirements quite easy.

Avatar of Cloodo

Krishna Saxena reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:32 PM

They were very thorough in understanding my requirements and executing them in a timely manner. The team divided all the tasks into sprints which helped me keep track of all the functionalities in advance and helped my company plan steps for the coming future precisely. Immense knowledge and experience on all the technologies we worked with. I highly appreciate their suggestions for our application.

Avatar of Cloodo

ATHARV GUPTA reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:59:32 PM

Excellent work on my Mobile application development project. Loved the way they approached my idea and turned it into reality. I have been in to tech space for more than 25+ years and worked with many companies but I am really impressed with their processes and client centric policy. I am happy to recommend Ads & Url team for any Software development work.

Rating of Grey Chain on Cloodo

12 reviews

Grey Chain

Rajan Rakheja reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:12:36 AM

I had an idea to build Algo trading bot based on my static rules for which I approached Grey Chain. Their Fintech professionals and tech consultants worked along with me to understand the requirements in detail advised me on rich feature list and rule engine enhancement to make the tool more useful for today and easy to change for future. They patiently spent enough time on designing the system which was very important due to extremely complex requirements and trading rules. Their focus on dev ops & agile ways of working ensures that your current implementation and future cost of change is minimized. They have a team of sophisticated tech specialist who delivered the project with in the agreed timelines, budget and with high quality.I am absolutely delighted with the work done by Grey Chain Technology and I am sure we would work again in future on other requirements. This company is highly recommended.

Christine Heckman reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:12:32 AM

Working with Grey Chain has been an absolute pleasure. Prateek and team are highly-skilled, very responsive/helpful and flexible to the client's needs. We are thrilled with the product they delivered!

Avatar of Cloodo

Harshit Parekh reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:51 PM

It was a great team effort by the Grey Chain team to deliver the app in record time and record budget.The best part about these guys is that they provide active suggestions.

Avatar of Cloodo

Anupam Mittal reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:51 PM

They were extremely educated, accommodating and kept to the timetable and spending plan. We discovered it was a joy working with them

Avatar of Cloodo

Nikant Garg reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:38:51 PM

Grey Chain worked on the complete website development. Including designing my website and then providing a dynamic interface to upload new products for my catalog. My involvement with them has been incredible up until now. I am as yet working with them, so I trust it proceeds with the same!

Rating of Mantthan Web Solutions LLP on Cloodo

11 reviews

Mantthan Web Solutions LLP

Avatar of itskamalkumar

Kamal Kumar reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:19:15 AM

I got quotation from many companies but Mantthan was the most affordable but I was also impressed with the detail provided in their proposal. They delivered my website on time and within budget. The team at Mantthan did a great job of keeping me informed of progress and reaching out when they needed help clarifying a requirement or proposing a better solution. I continue to use them for additional work and even refer them to my network.

Avatar of itskamalkumar

Kamal Kumar reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:19:13 AM

It was really great to work with Team Mantthan, highly supportive!

Avatar of Cloodo

Shailendra Gupta reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:00:41 PM

Reasonably satisfied ; the reliability and promptness was very impressive

Avatar of Cloodo

Vishwam singhal reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:00:41 PM

I had a very good experience with Mantthan,from website designing to development the team has set a benchmark for other companies working in the same domain.

Avatar of Cloodo

Santosh Sharma reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:00:41 PM

In a span of 2 months of knowing Mantthan Web Solutions, we have assigned them 2 projects and both of them were executed with utmost professionalism.

Rating of Xicom Technologies on Cloodo

11 reviews

Xicom Technologies

Avatar of idanisur

anonymous reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:23:47 AM

Xicom is a very responsive company that worked with us to launch and expand our complex website and customer platform.

Fahad Almadhi reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:23:45 AM

Xicom has exceeded our expectations with the quality they provide and they quick and great follow up service. They provide the up to date technical services and I’m glad we choose them to deliver our projet

Kanewa Park reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:23:43 AM

this team was great at development speed and response.thank you so much. we are looking forward to do next project again.

Avatar of Cloodo

Vishal Thakur reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:11 PM

We needed to develop photography domain app and a website. We are happy to say that Xicom Technologies was our best choice. Xicom has delivered us high quality work which is giving us the desired results and outputs. Their work is perfect on both parameters i.e. UI and UX. We will definitely give Xicom more projects if we have in future. Xicom is Highly recommended !!!

Avatar of Cloodo

JUSTIN SNEED reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:11 PM

Over a year and a half ago, I started working with Xicom and things started off bumpy. I had one project manager who was young and incompetent who was fired thank God. I was worried things were never going to get completed in my application. The next manager they assigned Arshit Abrol came in like train. He had the development team whipped into shame in no time and I started recieving uodates with actual meat on their bones. My dream was taking shape but was not yet completed. Arshit then left the company for other ventures and then Gourav came on the scene. Young, ambitious and driven, Gourav also had the tenacity needed to get the app in full swing and happily I type this saying my app is just a few short weeks from being released. I won't lie and say it's all sunshine and rainbows. You are dealing with devlopers. You are almost dealing with robots. In yout mind you think saying "in the app you should be able to add friends, there should be a friends section" and that would translate into what we all know as friends section, the ability to add and block all that. The developers made a very basic here ya go where you could literally access anyone who was in the datebase. Things like that you'll be a very big part of. Accept yourself as an important member of the team and provide them with your vision and you'll leave happy.

Rating of Saffron Tech on Cloodo

10 reviews

Saffron Tech

Caitlin Thorpe reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:45:50 AM

Overall, working with Saffron Tech has been a good experience. The team are accommodating, hardworking, and take feedback well. They have been happy to make revisions until I am happy with the finished product.

Manan Parekh reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:45:48 AM

My experience with IT chimes has been wonderful. I have worked with a number of developers in the past but IT Chimes was able to understandthe business and its needs much better than the others. Also they knew what the consumer would want out of the website and suggestedaccordingly.

Xanare A Bomani reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:45:46 AM

I have been working with the Saffron Team for over 2 years. Their work has always been on time, reliable and dependable. Even during these trying times of COVID my project has continued.

Gregory Khoury CA(SA) reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:45:44 AM

We have utilized Saffron Tech's software development division for a variety of projects over the last few years. We have found that Saffron Tech's .NET division has provided well-rounded products with most deadlines being met. We believe that an area for improvement would be for Saffron Tech to perform more detailed testing internally before handing over versions for us to review, the lack of such testing has, on occasion, resulted in a large number of 'show-stopping' bugs being picked up on our end. But other than this, I believe that Saffron Tech is a great software development company with the ability to deliver a high-quality end product.

Avatar of Cloodo

Todd Emerson reviews at 1/20/2022, 4:53:43 PM

I inherited a relationship with Saffron Tech when I joined my company and took over the relationship. They had been working with my team since August 2018 and still had not launched the planned product. When I looked at the architecture they were proposing, it was clear that it would not scale to meet our immediate needs within the first 3 months of launch and would be extremely expensive to manage and maintain. The first proposal back from was extremely low -- too low for me to feel comfortable giving them the business. I reviewed the requirements, including the need for strong documentation and project management from their team. I met with their leadership and they adjusted the pricing to reflect the scope of what I was requesting, though they didn't seem to adjust their team or practices to meet that scope. Every deliverable has been late. They have required that we pay to actually see what they have produced -- when we SEE what they've produced does not match our requirements (and countless discussions that they want to have over calls), we explain this to them and they continue to struggle with implementation. I believe we have a team of about 10-12 people working on our project, doing the work that 1-2 competent engineers could easily do. Our application is not complicated, but basic architectural and design concepts around user management, application localization practices, etc (things that should basically go unsaid for an application that has a large international audience if millions of users) seem foreign to them (they assigned a "Sr Architect" to the project who was supposed to provide the team guidance on overall design -- yet we STILL don't have a design/architecture document).Their design team seems strong -- as does their Android Developer and their Quality lead (he has ended up taking on more PM responsibilities since their Project Manager seems to be unaware of anything going on). Their leadership team (Gaurav) seems knowledgable and respectable - however I don't think he has his fingers on the day-to-day pulse of the team. If you have a very simple application or website that won't have many users and you're willing to manage every aspect of the project AND you're comfortable with the possibility of having the work product being held hostage, then maybe Saffron is for you.

Rating of PerfectionGeeks Technologies on Cloodo

9 reviews

PerfectionGeeks Technologies

Shrey Bhardwaj reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:20:53 AM

Best mobile Application developed through unique approach. Dedicated team with refined knowledge & skills.

John Feltham reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:20:49 AM

Perfectiongeeks Technologies is the best place to get your ideas digitised. They poses powerful team with all experts and ready to take on challenges & they delivered which they committed. Great work.. Keep it up.. Highly Recommended to Hire PerfectionGeeks Technologies for your next project.

Elisabeth Krall reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:37:54 AM

I have made IOS Application for my business. They Did very creative and awesome work. Getting good response. Professional attitude and dedicated team. PerfectionGeeks Certainly provided the best Mobile Application platform my customers are happy with the application and my business is improved.

George Johnson reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:37:52 AM

PerfectionGeeks Technologies certainly you are a market leader. You guys delivered what you committed. Really Appreciated the efforts you have delivered to our project. Thank you team. High Recommend PerfectionGeeks Technologies for Web & Mobile Apps.

Sonia mathur reviews at 5/13/2022, 5:37:49 AM

I recently got in touch with them regarding my eCommerce application, it was very hard to find such dedicating clients specially at this time when whole wold is facing the crisis of COVID19. They promised us to give the 50% discount so my whole team was shocked after hear such comment we were not ready to believe them, but that was our myth as they completed our application in just 4 weeks with 50% payment only. This thing forced me to share my experience over here , I believe that Perfectiongeeks is going to be the best IT company in the coming years. Highly recommendable as they proved they are not only behind the money, and will always be stick on their words. Thank You PerfectionGeeks Technologies for your Wonderful support.

Rating of NexGen Innovators IT Services Pvt Ltd on Cloodo

9 reviews

NexGen Innovators IT Services Pvt Ltd

Sunny Nischal reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:26:10 AM

Nexgen Team is true professionals who work with the clients to shape-up the vision into reality. Despite being a small & young team, they have always delivered more than the established firms. The team is highly informative about different technologies and readily available to give expert advice on the important phases. I am very happy with their performance and continue to work with them for future projects.

Avatar of Cloodo

Karan Garg reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:43 PM

I got my mobile app built from the NexGen team. The overall experience was just amazing, on time delivery, stable product, great UX. It turned out to be a great app at last. I recommend them to everyone.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ashwani Kumar reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:43 PM

NexGen showed a great commitment and deployed the product with all the required deliverables in time. The app design is excellent and provides ease of use. Also, the services provided by them is worth appreciating.

Avatar of Cloodo

Ratul Pal reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:43 PM

Best IT services in New Delhi. Good work and good support.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sarthi Sawhney reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:43 PM

I designed both my websites through Nexgen and it was a great experience. The websites were nicely done and have really helped our business grow as well!

Rating of eSign Web Services Pvt Ltd on Cloodo

9 reviews

eSign Web Services Pvt Ltd

Cody Schuman reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:31:40 PM

Ash and the team have been managing my site for several years now. I have always been satisfied with their services and communication. They achieved ranking for my site consistently, even when I gave them challenging domain names. Their detailed reports of progress each week keep me up to date. Over all, I highly recommend eSign to anyone, and I will continue using their services for as long as I have a website.

Justin Zaroovabeli reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:31:38 PM

Ash and his team are extremely professional when it comes to SEO. I’ve seen improvements and continue to use them.

Nick Chave reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:31:40 AM

I highly recommend eSign as an SEO partner. We have found them to be capable, friendly, flexible - and the results they have achieved are undeniable.

Nick Trajkovski reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:31:32 AM

Avatar of Cloodo

Bobby Parsa reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:02:29 PM

Great experience working ESign Web Services. Ash and his team are very knowledgeable and provide great service.

Rating of Max Vision Solutions on Cloodo

9 reviews

Max Vision Solutions

Mohit Giri reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:18:57 AM

The client is an affiliate marketing company that works on various web related projects. One of their many projects was to develop an online platform that sells discount coupons for various products. They approached Max Vision Solutions for developing the website for this platform. The client is highly satisfied with Max Vision Solutions because of their quality of work and their technical expertise. The client appreciates their proactive approach in terms of providing useful suggestions and recommends them highly to work with.

Avatar of Cloodo

Rajan Sharma reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:18:55 AM

Last Year I hired Max Vision Solutions for my business website and want to say that they completed it on time and fantastic. They gave me those suggestions which no other company gave me in last 10 years. I was getting work from other companies earlier but now I want to give all work to this company only. They have logical people and have with good common sense.

pooja hemant achhra reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:18:53 AM

My experience with the Max Vision team has been wonderful. It was truly a joy working with them. They were so helpful and the team constantly exceeded expectations throughout the project and was always prompt on meeting deadlines

Avatar of Cloodo

Aayushi K reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:00:40 PM

The work they did with my business was highly personalized, and always Google compliant. I got seen right away. Very impressed that they write their own code - my site is elegant and highly visible. I'm having them maintain & updated it, too. They are top-knotch. Highly recommended.

Avatar of Cloodo

Parv Guglani reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:00:40 PM

I am owner of Oneliner.in, I liked max vision solutions ecommerce development services and Digital marketing services, I am using services from last 4 years and I am very satisfied with their quality and friendly support.

Rating of Revinfotech Inc on Cloodo

9 reviews

Revinfotech Inc

Sade Jennings reviews at 5/13/2022, 6:25:07 AM

Very helpful team, I was successfully able to launch a site with the help of infotech team

Avatar of Cloodo

Anil Panda reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:31 PM

They have a dedicated and trained team. You are bound to get 24x7 support including their CTO and Co-founder getting involved on critical issues. I have known the company for over 3 years now and have done couple of projects with them. Communication is bit of an issues but pleas bear with it and you will get honest and dedicated service. They have build all sorts of platform when it comes to crypto.

Avatar of Cloodo

Daniel Setton reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:31 PM

We've worked with RevInfotech on a number of projects, including our Magento and Shopify stores. Harleen and Navdeep have always been attentive and both the work and communication has been excellent.

Avatar of Cloodo

Jaime Schuster reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:31 PM

Worked with them on several projects and have had a great experience. Very reliable.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sherry Eshrati reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:01:31 PM

It was a smooth experience, everything went well as I expected. They were on time and expert.

Rating of Yield Interactive on Cloodo

8 reviews

Yield Interactive

Avatar of Cloodo

Md Prawez Musharraf reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:50 PM

We were looking for an agency which contributes at every stage since we were new to technology. Yield team understood our business expectations and created a highly efficient and user friendly platform for our branding and client management They were always available to discuss and update.At the end of phase I, we felt our investment totally justified. Highly recommended for those clients who wants a partner like team and not just a developer company.

Avatar of Cloodo

Md Prawez Musharraf reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:50 PM

We wanted to build a marketplace platform for a specific niche travel domain. We hired Yield Interactive team to provide us end to end service. Yield team designed and built a platform in incremental way. We wanted to create a system which is SEO friendly, quick to load, Secure and robust. They used latest PHP Framework – Laravel and followed Google Material Design. They also set-up our AWS and have been managing it from day one. We have got our own booking system created along with escrow implementation. This team understands marketplace and e-commerce better than any other team we ever came across. With Yield Interactive, you can rest assured about technology and business model together. They've been with us since our initial days and now they've helped us to set-up our own in-house team.

Avatar of Cloodo

Md Prawez Musharraf reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:50 PM

We engaged Yield Interactive to provide us full-service including product consultation, design, development and on-going enhancement of product. The team was quite apt at what they claim to be. They first helped us by developing complete platform including UI/UX and backend. Subsequently we took their help in managing our day to day user feedback implementation and development of new features. We are glad to find them and now they’re inseparable part of our team. What makes them best is their honesty towards what they do. Yield Team took consultative approach and helped us making right decisions.

Avatar of Cloodo

Md Prawez Musharraf reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:50 PM

Yield worked with us from very beginning starting from conceptualisation, wire framing and planning. Team developed native apps for both iOS and Android. We came across few challenges because we had to make the data feeding automated to populate latest predictions in regular basis. We also went ahead and implemented localisation. App works with 6+ Indian languages. Yield also implemented Stripe gateway for payment processing for which Apple rejected app 3 times saying it had to have an IAP. But Yield team got in call with Apple team and explained them why it’s not IAP and got the app approved. So, they went beyond their contractual obligations. They’ve been maintaining Apps since then and keeping app updated.

Avatar of Cloodo

Md Prawez Musharraf reviews at 4/20/2022, 4:53:50 PM

This project required a team who not only understand technology but also a bit of Forex trading essentials. They stepped up to understand our expectations and came up with a plan to execute the project. We wanted to run multiple live rooms sharing our trading expert’s screens with subscribers. They used WebRTC to achieve it and we run 7+ rooms at the moment 24x7. We got multiple level of memberships implemented and affiliate membership options. Platform works equally well on web and mobile and it has a recurring payments with discount options. Overall, we are very happy with the solution they offered. It’s highly secure, stable and easy to manage.

Rating of Digivigyan Marketing Pvt. Ltd. on Cloodo

8 reviews

Digivigyan Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Avatar of keithhuntdev

Keith reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:45:11 PM

Cooperate with them in EC operation, digital marketing and etc. They provide reliable and transparent service that help much in India market.

Isourse Technologies reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:45:10 PM

They have fulfilled our expectations and are one of the most reliable and innovative firm . They can help in all aspects of marketing . They can really help to grow your business.

Tushar Chaudhry reviews at 5/15/2022, 11:45:09 PM

Quick response times, high quality work. multitude of services provided.

Avatar of Cloodo

Sukhmani Waraich reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:07:26 PM

We have been working with Digivigyan Marketing Pvt Ltd since 2019 and have witnessed a significant growth in traffic for our website and increase in business as well. The team is responsive, helpful, and they know the world of digital marketing inside and out. And it shows in their work. Working with Digivigyan has added unmatched value to the All About Eve India brand and in a short period of time.

Avatar of Cloodo

Shekhar Mhaskar reviews at 1/20/2022, 5:07:26 PM

The Digivigyan team is highly professional and bring excellent service to the table. Their in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is par excellence. I would highly recommend them to my business colleagues. Wishing them all the best.

Most recent Agency reviews In India, Delhi

Check out latest reviews and suggestions from many client who are working with their agency on project. If you have ever using services, please do not hesitate to share your own reviews and feedback to help other understand more about your expenrience.

Worked for them for a while and have to say one of the better ones I’ve worked for, kept me going for better part of the year with some long jobs, looking forward to the next few years as they get bigger and better.

Reviews at 1/3/2023, 10:26:10 AM

I have used Vegamoon's services for a long time and am happy with the results. They are always on top of their game and offer the best search engine optimization services I have ever seen. If you're looking for a reliable SEO company, then Vegamoon is your go-to website.

Reviews at 12/22/2022, 4:56:58 AM

A transparent white-hat SEO is now available in Yaeris. Guarantee to rank 5 keywords in first page within 6 months SEO Malaysia https://yaeris.com/seo

Reviews at 12/9/2022, 8:59:45 AM

I have worked with TechnBrains on one of my projects. They have cooperated with me in every phase. Indeed, they are the best mobile app development company in the USA.

Reviews at 11/25/2022, 9:24:01 AM

Trilegal is one of the best corporate law firms in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Gurugram. It is known for its all-equity lockstep model which is unique in India. https://trilegal.com/

Reviews at 11/22/2022, 4:46:49 AM

At Tigtsoft, we maintain our ten-year-old, dependable relationship with our clients by providing a range of services for a range of solutions. We assist you in selecting the service that is best for you. According to us, there are no quick fixes and no alternatives to a sound marketing plan centred on a well-organized offer. Marketing should include a structured testing model to facilitate future ROI exploration in addition to achieving the best short-term results possible. https://tigtsoft.com/

Reviews at 11/22/2022, 3:16:26 AM

How to work with this listing of Top Agency?

Day by day Cloodo team builds up our listing database of agency with the contribute from agency owner and their clients feedback all over the world. You can browse the top In India, Delhi agencies, view their profile, portfolio and experience in services, contact them to explain your goals and get started working with your agency.

Project Build

Build relationships with your agency

Agency can be your long-term business partner. Even if it is just a one-person shop, their organization is agreeing to do work with yours. Cultivate these relationships just like you would with a vendor, supplier, or regular customer.

Project Build

Define project details

Agency doesn’t know your company’s inner workings or how you like to complete projects. You’ve got to clearly define all project details and requirements to ensure that the final result meets your expectations. Take the traditional project management approach and set requirements for each phase of your project.

Project Build

Provide proper documentation

All of agency will need some documentation to ensure their work meets your standards. These documents not only set specific requirements, but they help to ensure the project maintains your brand identity. For example, writers will need editorial guidelines that discuss grammar and the tone your agency uses for its blogs or website.

Project Build

Set expectations and a budget

Your agreement with an agency should set clear project expectations and the budget for the work. Stick to it. Respect your agency enough to pay separately for any additional work and ask them to respect you enough to fulfill their end of the contract at the negotiated rate. Align your budget to the project details mentioned above to keep everyone in agreement on what’s covered.

Related Agency Category in Delhi, India

Sticking and loving for your works but do not forget to check out of related category of agency on Cloodo to find appropriate listing that usefull for your jobs.

What is the benefit to work with Agency on Cloodo?

Cloodo is a flexible, innovative solution for any team and organizations to achieve more with a complete agency services connection platform to build, scale, and deliver any project.

Work with top agency

Get anything done, exactly how you want it. Turn that spark of an idea into reality. Browse global agency profiles. Chat in real-time. Compare proposals and select the best one. Award your project and your agency starts work.

Work on any sized projects

Get any job done. From small one-off tasks to large, multi-stage projects. Project management not only helps in managing your projects but also handles communication between your internal team and agency. Cloodo found that two out of three project teams use project management software to communicate with clients.

Flexible & secured payment terms

Pay your agency a fixed price or by the hour. Pay when you’re satisfied. With each stage of your process clearly defined in a kanban board, you can get deeper insights into your workflow’s efficiency, identify any blockers, and make improvements.nPay securely using our Milestone Payment system and only release payments when it has been completed and you're 100% satisfied.

Diverse talent on any services

Choose from expert agency in over 1800 skill sets, from all around the globe. Through our workspace, client can hire agency to do work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering, the sciences, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services.

Be in control. Keep in contact.

Use our collaboration tools to work efficiently with your agency. Share files, chat in real-time, monitor progress, and so much more. The difference between Cloodo Workspace with other freelancer marketplace is the Workspace management system itself where the task, team, financial and work flow is interageted flexible and seemlessly into your internal corporate management system.

Provide feedback to "title" company

The majority of agency want to do a job so good that you’ll become a regular client. They want you to enjoy working with them and reward them with 5-star ratting for their customer services. Creating that relationship can help you get the best work out of an agency too, making it easy to retain them again.

Top Agencies in other countries

Sticking and loving for your works but do not forget to check out of related category of agency on Cloodo to find appropriate listing that usefull for your jobs.

Top Agencies in regions in the country of India

Sticking and loving for your works but do not forget to check out of related category of agency on Cloodo to find appropriate listing that usefull for your jobs.

Most popular Organization and Agency using Cloodo to show case and manage their project

Cloodo help any agency and client to work hand in hand without being side by side by a collaborating on projects even when you’re on different continents. Thousand of agency enable all team members to update tasks simultaneously so they can get more done together.

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Rating of Ada Tech Solutions on Cloodo

0 reviews

Ada Tech Solutions

Today ADA-Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd has expanded its arms in providing an array of ITE services like- call answering services, telecom billing services, website and software development, data analytics services, IVR solutions, and knowledge process outsourcing. The holistic business

This Is The Top Of 66,620 Global Company

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Rating of Convoso on Cloodo

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Convoso's cloud-based contact center software converts leads faster. Dramatically increase contact and lead conversion rates with Convoso’s end-to-end contact center software. Our predictive dialer with superior recycle logic—combined with lead management automation a

This Is The Top Of 66,620 Global Company

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Rating of Agency VA on Cloodo

0 reviews

Agency VA

Don’t waste precious time and money hiring from job boards. New employees have a high acquisition cost due to weeks of training and heavy tax burden. Allow our team of experts to provide the staffing support you need to on-board and train new hires.  

This Is The Top Of 66,620 Global Company

Scaling Remote Team

Select the Top rated agency and start inviting them to join your projects...

Related services category

Cloodo help any team to work hand in hand without being side by side by a collaborating on projects even when you’re on different continents. Thousand of organization enable all team members to update tasks simultaneously so they can get more done together.

Logo Navlake za zube  - Stomatolog Beograd, Srbija service

Navlake za zube - Stomatolog Beograd, Srbija

Krunice za zube: šta treba da znate o proceduri ugradnje i cenama

Kada se radi o estetskom popravljanju zuba, jedna od opcija koju mnogi pacijenti razmatraju su krunice za zube ili navlake za zube . Krunice su tanke pločice od porcelana ili keramike koje se dodaju preko zuba pacijenta kako bi se popravio izgled zuba. One se koriste za popravljanje različitih problema sa zubima, poput oštećenja, neravnina, promena boje ili čak manjka zuba. 

logo service
Project Assistant:



January 28, 2023

Logo Best B2B and B2C Travel Portal  service

Best B2B and B2C Travel Portal

With OTRAMS, both B2B an d B2C travel agents as well as corporate clients can easily book inventory online, and manage all their customers from a single, convenient interface. This allows for a seamless and efficient booking process for all parties involved.

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January 25, 2023

Logo Business Leads World service

Business Leads World

Our merchant cash advance broker strive to support all of th e decisions your bank makes, ensuring that your pipelines are full of trustworthy, meaningful, and desirable prospective outcomes.

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January 20, 2023

Logo 3D animation Service service

3D animation Service

Affordable and quality 3D animation services for businesses that clients around the globe trust. Get your project started now.

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January 20, 2023

Logo Lawyers in Dubai | Advocates And Legal Consultants in Dubai | Dubai Lawyers service

Lawyers in Dubai | Advocates And Legal Consultants in Dubai | Dubai Lawyers

Lawyers In Dubai - Ask The Law

ASK THE LAW is a Legal entity of Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, providing Legal Advice, Legal Counselling & Legal Services regarding multiple legal issues. Our Law Firm consists of a team of well-trained, highly professional & UAE National licensed Lawyers and Legal Consultants, also known with alternative names Lawyers in Dubai & Legal Consultants in Dubai, who are most willing to help you by answering your legal queries and legal questions and helping out you by delivering the result-driven quality legal services. We are the Best Dubai Lawyers & the No.1 Legal Firm in Dubai. Our Legal Firm is one of the best Legal Firms in Dubai and UAE.

Advocate Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba of Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants is the same lawyer who gives answers to legal queries in Gulf News. A well-reputed attorney Advocate Mr Mohamamd Al Shaiba, is selected over a large number of Law Firms and Advocates, by Gulf News, because of his legal expertise and knowledge. His Legal Articles can be read in Gulf News. He is rated as the Best Lawyer in Dubai by several local and global lawyer evaluation entities and organizations. He is actively participating and contributing to legal services in the United Arab Emirates. He is among the top UAE National Lawyers in Dubai.

Business Keywords Or Business Services:

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Please Contact Us For More Detail. We Can Help You.

Please Visit: https://askthelaw.ae/

Email[email protected]

Phone: +971 50 188 8453

Whats app: +971 50 188 8453

Landline: +97142384444

Fax : +97142384445Our Office Address:  Fifty One Tower - Unit 1601 - Marasi Dr - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fifty One Tower - Unit 1601 - مراسي درايف - دبي

57QM+WQ Dubai

Business Hours: Sat- Fri - 8 AM–10 PM

Note: Business Direction Name & AddressFind Us: ASK THE LAW - Lawyers & Legal Consultants in Dubai - Debt Collection  

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January 20, 2023

Logo Ankpal Technologies Private Limited service

Ankpal Technologies Private Limited

Ankpal, a cloud-based accounting software, is designed to cater to all the important accounting functions of a business. We understand that accounting is the backbone of any business, so to provide business owners and accounting professionals with accurate and error-free accounting, we created Ankpal. All thanks to our forward-thinking, savvy, and intelligent online accounting solutions, which set the bar for your company to consistently stay one step ahead of the competition. The efficient and future-ready accounting solutions also attest to the achievement of your objectives 

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January 13, 2023

Logo Sikh Matrimony services service

Sikh Matrimony services

Find your perfect match now with our exclusive Sikh Matrimonial service. There are many Sikh brides and grooms waiting for their love life to make it big. Get connected to nearly 10 lahks Sikh profiles, find your soul mate and make it official with Sikh matrimony. The largest hub for Sikh Marriage services in India and Abroad.


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January 12, 2023

Logo Can I Host my Own Email Server  service

Can I Host my Own Email Server

Hosting your own email server can be a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses and individuals who want to manage their own email communication. However, it requires a significant investment in hardware, software, and technical expertise, and it comes with a number of responsibilities and challenges. 

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about hosting your own email server: 

Hardware and software: cheap email hosting india for your own server, you will need to purchase or rent a physical server, as well as install and configure the necessary software. This includes the operating system, email server software, and any other applications or tools that you need. You will also need to ensure that the hardware and software are regularly updated and maintained. 

Network infrastructure: To host your own email server, you will need to have a reliable and secure network infrastructure in place. This includes a fast and stable Internet connection, as well as a firewall and other security measures to protect your server and email communication. 

Email domain and accounts: To host your own email server, you will need to have your own domain name and create best email hosting accounts for your self and your users. You will also need to set up DNS records to route email to and from your server. 

Email security: Hosting your own email server requires you to take responsibility for the security of your email communication. This includes implementing measures such as spam and virus protection, encryption, and authentication to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. 

Technical expertise: Hosting your own email server requires a certain level of technical expertise, including knowledge of servers, networking, and email protocols. If you do not have this expertise in-house, you may need to hire a team of IT professionals or outsource some or all of the technical tasks 

Hosting your own email
server can be a
time-consuming and technically demanding task that requires a certain level of expertise and resources. It is important to carefully consider whether hosting your own email server is the right decision for your business or organization. 

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether
to host your own email server, including: 

Cost: Hosting your own email server can be a significant
financial investment, as it requires the purchase of hardware, software, and
possibly other services, such as a domain name and DNS hosting. 

Technical skills: Hosting your own email server requires a
certain level of technical expertise, such as knowledge of server operating
systems, networking, and security. If you do not have the necessary skills or
resources, it may be more cost-effective to outsource the hosting to a third-party

Support and maintenance: Hosting your own email server also
requires ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that it is running smoothly
and efficiently. This can be time-consuming and may require additional staff or

Reliability and uptime: The reliability and uptime of your
email server are critical to the smooth operation of your business or
organization. If your email server goes down or experiences issues, it can
disrupt communication and productivity. 

In conclusion, while it is technically possible to host your
own email server, it is not always the most practical or cost-effective
solution. There are several factors to consider, such as cost, technical
skills, support and maintenance, and reliability and uptime, when deciding whether
to host your own email server. It may be more beneficial to outsource the
hosting to a third-party provider that can offer the level of security,
support, and reliability that you need. 


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January 12, 2023

FAQ of Top Agency

To clear out your mind of any mis-understanding topics ralated to agency listing, we list here some popular questions and answers.

How to get listed on Top Agency listing?

Cloodo commits to support any services provider to attract leads, build their online reputation, and establish brand leadership in their industry. Premium options also exist for agency that want to upgrade.

Project Build

List your Professional Agency Profiles

It’s free to get listed on Cloodo and takes 20-minutes or less. A company can create different agency profiles suitable to the services and niches market that they want to support.

Project Build

Receive your Client Reviews, Interviews

Submit client references to verify and populate your profile with reviews. Send review request to build up trusted profiles from past happy client. Showcase your ratings and reviews with a blog, badge, or widget for your website.

Project Build

Get new client deals and projects

Thousands of companies come to Cloodo every month looking to hire a trusted agencies for their business and projects. After accepting an opportunity, you can directly interact with the client and manage the project deployment on Cloodo workspace.

Project Build

Leader Awards and Featured profile

Be ranked based on our research methodology and get featured as a Top Company in our monthly press releases. We also offer premium options for agency interested in more visibility, extra customer service, and additional marketing opportunities.

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Cloodo helps to accellerate Digital Transformation for any business with Know-How Agencies supported by Smart Project Management Apps and Secured Payment for Final Result

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