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Top Telecommunication Company In India 2022

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the Telecommunication In India. Browse their ageny profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 502 Telecommunication Company In India By Client Rating

Rating of Next Big Technology(NBT) on Cloodo

90 reviews

Next Big Technology(NBT)

Company in Rajasthan, India

Avatar user Vickghy Umythy
Vickghy Umythy
Rating of Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd. on Cloodo

55 reviews

Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Company in Karnataka, India

Avatar user Madison Carter
Madison Carter
Couldn't be any happier. Aalpha Information Systems helped us develop a truly amazing website from the ground up. Thanks again guys for all your hard work I will recommend you to all my friends!
Rating of Trigma on Cloodo

46 reviews


Company in Nevada, United States

Avatar user Prachi Mishra
Prachi Mishra
We were looking for a firm who can help us in developing our telecommunication app where people can connect with each other and call(video/audio) plus text messaging. We already had the designs and Trigma team successfully created the mobile app with those designs. The work flow was quite impressive and all the features we were looking for ,implemented.
Rating of BrancoSoft Private Limited on Cloodo

46 reviews

BrancoSoft Private Limited

Company in Uttar Pradesh, India

Avatar user Gabe Clark
Gabe Clark
This team of young professionals has been prompt in responding to all our requests and queries and helped us successfully achieve our target. We are thankful for their unique digital strategy and efforts.
Rating of Mobulous on Cloodo

32 reviews


Company in Uttar Pradesh, India

Avatar user E-Rx The Prescriptions Hub
E-Rx The Prescriptions Hub
Mobulous is a budget-friendly company that had helped me in creating the company's platforms and the apps the way I wanted it, they are friendly, professional and prompt, special thanks to Anuj the project coordinator
Rating of AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited on Cloodo

28 reviews

AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited

Company in Uttar Pradesh, India

Avatar user subhash chand
subhash chand
Thank you team AppSquadz! Their way of working was quite appreciable, the team dealt with all the issues promptly.
Rating of OM SOFTWARE PVT LTD on Cloodo

28 reviews


Company in Maharashtra, India

Avatar user abderrahim assab
abderrahim assab
The experience working with OM Software was great. Raj is very reactive and smart. He perfectly understood our requirements and helped us shape the product with his inputs. We highly recommend OM Software. It is a company that knows how to deal with complexity.
Rating of iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on Cloodo

26 reviews

iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user MO Hazim
MO Hazim
We worked with Icoderz solutions to develop our On demand Delivery (Deliverze platform app) We are pleased with the results of the project. Icoderz solutions was committed to delivering high-quality work while meeting all deadlines. Flexible and organized, they managed the project well and were easy to work with.
Rating of Vrinsoft Technology on Cloodo

26 reviews

Vrinsoft Technology

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Tarnow Chelsey
Tarnow Chelsey
Since Vrinsoft made software for my business my business have shown and exponential growth.
Rating of Quytech on Cloodo

22 reviews


Company in Haryana, India

Avatar user Aria Lee
Aria Lee
I approached Quytech to turn my startup idea of building a live streaming application into reality. The first thing that impressed me was an instant response to my query. Being a naïve in the mobile development world, I was not having much idea about what would be needed to make my app successful. But, the team of developers, designers, testing engineers left no stone unturned to ensure that the developed app not only matches my requirements but also gets launched successfully on both the Android and iOS platforms. Today, my app is enjoying immense success and a humongous customer base. Would definitely recommended Quytech to everyone!
Rating of iPrism Technologies on Cloodo

17 reviews

iPrism Technologies

Company in Telangana, India

Avatar user Support Legalleader
Support Legalleader
The idea of Web and Mobile App development is to improve the efficiency and increase the metrics of my business. This improved a lot in terms of user Interaction. The look and feel of the website has driven a healthy relationship with many potential and recurring clients .
Rating of BrainMobi on Cloodo

15 reviews


Company in Uttar Pradesh, India

Avatar user Yuvraj Sharma
Yuvraj Sharma
I can say that Brainmobi is an out of the box and exceptional mobile app development company, I wanted to build a sports app using which audience can connect with any type of sports like soccer, cricket, tennis etc. Brainmobi suggested to implement each sports one by one and not too invest too much in MVP. After launch, within a month I got more than 30k users that really makes me aim higher in my endavour. They have a fantastic team which delivered the components always ontime and app builds came to me every week with test plan. I surely recommend brainmobi to other entreprenuers and will surely stick with them for my project.
Rating of Kadam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on Cloodo

14 reviews

Kadam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Company in Rajasthan, India

Avatar user Dr. Arun Partani- Joint Replacement Surgeon
Dr. Arun Partani- Joint Replacement Surgeon
They delivered the work as I demand. They developed a web application portal with admin setup. Now doing digital marketing of it as well..
Rating of NOTO IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd on Cloodo

12 reviews

NOTO IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Company in Rajasthan, India

Avatar user Denis Peters
Denis Peters
Great experience working with the staff. Looking forward to the next project.
Rating of MetaDesign Solutions on Cloodo

12 reviews

MetaDesign Solutions

Company in Haryana, India

Avatar user Eduardo Pacheco
Eduardo Pacheco
Really need to thank MetaDesign for the outstanding work that they have been delivering to us. We are really happy with the service and with the technical results as well.
Rating of iGlobe IT Solutions on Cloodo

10 reviews

iGlobe IT Solutions

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Henk Bruyn
Henk Bruyn
Sincerely overwhelmed by the young, dynamic and very talented team of iGlobe IT Solutions. Work ethics and professionalism is essential part of iGlobe IT Solutions. Highly recommended !
Rating of Technource on Cloodo

10 reviews


Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Joe Viramontez
Joe Viramontez
My name is Joe Viramontez. I’m a Retired Fire Captain in Silicon Valley and a CEO with ICS4Schools/ICS4S. We have two apps that we use for both schools and emergency teams at stadiums, cities, counties, venues, and events. I recently worked with Technource on my ICS4S app. From the very beginning, when I contacted Technource, they were extremely responsive. Their company contacted me within 15 minutes after my initial email request to know more about them.Once I spoke with their “intake” person to begin the process of giving me the “step by step” process of working with them, I immediately knew that I was with the right company. In fact, every single step of the process was clearly and effectively explained and followed through on from beginning to end.I was assigned to a team of developers who handled everything from web app, to IOS, to Android. Every single developer completed what I wanted on our app and actually made things easier within the app to use. Many times, I worked with the CEO directly and I knew that things would be taken care of.We recently launched our app on the App Store and Google Play. I’m here to say that I have an app that runs quickly, effectively, and reliably. As a matter of fact, I just “pitched” a potential customer and they were extremely impressed with how user friendly and reliable our app is for potential emergencies.If anyone is investigating an app developer for building, collaborating, or simply taking an idea you have for an app….Technource IS the company. You will not be disappointed.This is a FIVE STAR company.
Rating of NetSet Software Solutions on Cloodo

9 reviews

NetSet Software Solutions

Company in Singapore, Singapore

Avatar user Meg Perry
Meg Perry
The most impressive part of Netset is that they kept their promise of delivering the same what I intended for. They well understood my requirements at the initial phase only which never created a bothersome situation for me.
Rating of Krify Innovations (UK) on Cloodo

9 reviews

Krify Innovations (UK)

Company in London, United Kingdom

Avatar user Medical Hub
Medical Hub
krify is the most reliable company to work with, at the beginning and while searching for a mobile application developers in the UK, we went through a number of offers but our choice went to the right organization. they have a well knowledgeable team, very supportive as well very productive. i advice anyone who's new into this to not hesitate contacting them for any work, i myself would love to work with them again for any new projects in the future.Thank you krify team once again.
Rating of Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd on Cloodo

9 reviews

Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Filip Čevizović
Filip Čevizović
They are willing to offer everbody a place to work and learn new things. Really good company!
Rating of Revinfotech Inc on Cloodo

9 reviews

Revinfotech Inc

Company in Delhi, India

Avatar user CoreSwap Exchange
CoreSwap Exchange
I have worked with other web designers before but was never satisfied with the end result. From start to finish my interaction with the team at Revinfotech Inc was professional, stress-free and I had complete trust in their ability to deliver. Their difference is :1. They don't use templates as standard, so could custom built to match my vision and created a website set-up that was completely bespoke to my needs.2. They took the time to listen to what I wanted but also brought their own ideas, experience, and creativity so that the end design was more rounded.3. They understood that I needed to see things in a visual context and have some flexibility to 'play' around with a few ideas. All of this was done face to face at their offices making the process highly personal.4. Bhavin Bhatt took the lead on my website and was exceptional - communication was constant and quick, he explained in terms I could easily understand and he made the whole process so easy it was a pleasure to work with him.Thank you for a great customer experience and fantastic end result website!
Rating of Seguro Technologies on Cloodo

9 reviews

Seguro Technologies

Company in Indiana, United States

Avatar user Jithu Varghese
Jithu Varghese
Had few issues with our previous development team and contacted team Seguro for the development and management. Now it is going well and we are planning for a long term partnership. Recommended

More Service Providers in India

Telecommunication Agency

Challenges that Telecommunication is facing:
- Poor IT infrastructure
- Technology continues to change and refresh every day
- Bad customer experience
- Digital transformation
- Stay competitive in the digital era
- Keeping up with technology and innovation: IoT, Big Data, AI,...
- High Operating expenses
- Slow processes
- Challenges in time and cost savings
- Digitising customer expectations
- Poor customer data
- Complex Operational Processes
- Security and the Risk of Data Breaches
- the shift from discrete network elements to virtualised communications and cloud infrastructure
- Upgrading Legacy Systems

Benefits of technology solutions for Telecommunication
- You will increase your software’s performance and strengthen your business’s backbone.
- Advanced Communication
- Improved Collaboration
- Enhanced Flexibility
- Better Customer Service
- Improved access to information
- Improved agility
- Seamless information transmission
- Improve efficiency, productivity and help your business expand
- Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction
- Reach More Customers

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of Telecommunication agencies. Browse their agency profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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