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Top Law Firms Company In United Kingdom 2022

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the Law Firms In United Kingdom. Browse their ageny profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 189 Law Firms Company In United Kingdom By Client Rating

Rating of Next Big Technology(NBT) on Cloodo

90 reviews

Next Big Technology(NBT)

Company in Rajasthan, India

Avatar user Vickghy Umythy
Vickghy Umythy
Rating of WEB CHOICE on Cloodo

27 reviews


Company in Somerset, United Kingdom

Avatar user Caitlin Stewart
Caitlin Stewart
Sam, Philip and the team at Webchoice have been very helpful in implementing our SEO strategy. They are quick to respond and their activity has already shown clear results in our search ranking for our chosen keywords which are resulting in more leads through our website. They are understanding and patient regarding our limited in house capabilities and are quick to help solve any problems and answer questions. WebChoice is expert at what they do.
Rating of Vrinsoft Technology on Cloodo

26 reviews

Vrinsoft Technology

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Tarnow Chelsey
Tarnow Chelsey
Since Vrinsoft made software for my business my business have shown and exponential growth.
Rating of VironIT on Cloodo

18 reviews


Company in Minsk, Belarus

Avatar user Peter Winger
Peter Winger
VironIT helped us develop an iOS app that tracks transactions. The app includes security features.I've interacted with two developers and a project manager. The team addressed issues with receptivity and responsiveness. They delivered quality work accompanied by continuous status updates.There are some issues in progress. VironIT provides help with things that come up from time to time.
Rating of 3 SIDED CUBE on Cloodo

10 reviews


Company in Illinois, United States

Avatar user Neil Thornburn
Neil Thornburn
Having been working within digital and marketing teams for the last 22 years, very few agency's you interact with stick with you, 3 Sided Cube is one of those - they are focused, passionate, creative and professional, but more to the point from the top through all the teams they are a great bunch of people to work with!
Rating of Tecocraft PVT. LTD on Cloodo

9 reviews

Tecocraft PVT. LTD

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user David King
David King
Very easy to work with, job was completed to a high standard :)
Rating of Seguro Technologies on Cloodo

9 reviews

Seguro Technologies

Company in Indiana, United States

Avatar user Jithu Varghese
Jithu Varghese
Had few issues with our previous development team and contacted team Seguro for the development and management. Now it is going well and we are planning for a long term partnership. Recommended
Rating of Urteam Ltd on Cloodo

7 reviews

Urteam Ltd

Company in England, United Kingdom

Avatar user Md Asaduzzaman
Md Asaduzzaman
I am very happy to take excellent service .i highly recommend
Rating of Inqsys Technologies on Cloodo

6 reviews

Inqsys Technologies

Company in Berkshire, United Kingdom

Avatar user Serene Wilken
Serene Wilken
This company was fast, reliable, and extremely easy to communicate with! I would highly recommend if you are interested in e-commerce, Wordpress development as well as seamless custom layout!
Rating of Passionate on Cloodo

5 reviews


Company in London, United Kingdom

Avatar user Francesca Rossi
Francesca Rossi
I love working with them! on point, great skills, always supporting and happy to do the extra mile to support and accomodate last minute requests.I cannot recommend them enough!
Rating of Digital Promotion Agency on Cloodo

5 reviews

Digital Promotion Agency

Company in California, United States

Avatar user Jae Sabol
Jae Sabol
DPA did an outstanding job helping us improve our website through identifying and fixing errors, sitemap updates, etc. They were professional, trustworthy, and effective. I'd happily hire them again.
Rating of DreamzTech Solutions Inc. on Cloodo

4 reviews

DreamzTech Solutions Inc.

Company in Arizona, United States

Avatar user Kc Jones
Kc Jones
If you can dream it, they can build it! Dreamztech has been a pleasure to work with. Very professional and they were able to build feature we wanted. We have developed multiple product and service platforms with Dreamztech and we highly recommend them for any idea you want to create!
Rating of Tech Pathway Consultancy LLP on Cloodo

4 reviews

Tech Pathway Consultancy LLP

Company in Rajasthan, India

Avatar user Vikram Sarswat
Vikram Sarswat
Working with Tech Pathway is a very good experience for us. They provides quality service and always complete their commitment.
Rating of Uptown Logo Design on Cloodo

4 reviews

Uptown Logo Design

Company in California, United States

Avatar user Trony Martins
Trony Martins
One thing is for sure they know how to sell, and for the next episode they pretty much deliver what they say!Long version : Only bought a logo design from them, ended up buying the whole site design, service delivery was timely but there were some disagreements. Overall it was fruitful since I was not thinking as the designers were. Final product and the work files alongside were pretty decent, nevertheless
Rating of New Vision Digital on Cloodo

4 reviews

New Vision Digital

Company in Uttar Pradesh, India

Avatar user Divya Gupta
Divya Gupta
I really love the way they work. Hardworking employees who offers results. since we are connecting with NVD for SEO, SMM and PPC services our turnover has improved. Keep up
Rating of Mrmmbs Vision on Cloodo

3 reviews

Mrmmbs Vision

Company in Delhi, India

Avatar user Babita Sharma
Babita Sharma
The most impressive thing about Mrmmbs Vision's team is their dedication and the way they deliver the right solutions. We are working as a single team and the level of communication and support in development stages are excellent. They went above and beyond to accommodate any changes that I requested.
Rating of Excelsior Technologies on Cloodo

3 reviews

Excelsior Technologies

Company in England, United Kingdom

Avatar user Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia
Perfect communication, good technical skills, competitive budget. Very reliable. Totally recommended
Rating of Opace Ltd. on Cloodo

2 reviews

Opace Ltd.

Company in West Midlands, United Kingdom

Avatar user Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley
I've been working with Opace for around 3 months and so far im very impressed with the service they offer. I've already ranked for some of the keywords they targeted and they send me a monthly report updated me with the work carried out and my new results. After working with a few different SEO "gurus" in the past coiple of years, im happy i've found a company that can bring in the results they promise.
Rating of Reflect Digital on Cloodo

2 reviews

Reflect Digital

Company in Kent, United Kingdom

Avatar user Mandy Coltham
Mandy Coltham
Whitehead Monckton has worked with Reflect Digital since 2012 following a competitive pitch for our business. They were the clear winner offering a very flexible approach and charging structure.Initially encouraging us to focus on SEO, website traffic and enquiries have continually increased year-on-year. They are integral to our development as a firm. When opening new offices we have specific focus on practice areas, ensuring we have tailored our limited budget to best effect. SEO work has been essential in the success of these offices, particularly for private client work.In 2015 we selected Reflect to deliver our new website, following a competitive pitch, and are delighted with the outcome. Their bespoke CMS is both flexible and user friendly, whilst still ensuring we maximise rankings. In summary, our budget goes a long way with Reflect - they understand our business and objectives and deliver to our requirements, enabling us to compete with larger competitors and access potential clients. These clients obviously benefit from this greater access and choice, whilst still receiving appropriate personal legal advice.
Rating of Tucanoo Solutions Ltd on Cloodo

2 reviews

Tucanoo Solutions Ltd

Company in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Avatar user Richard Tannenbaum
Richard Tannenbaum
Expertise in so many areas - Mobile App development to Browser Apps - Knowledge of so many technologies they are indeed, a one-stop shop with AWS and Microsoft certification. For me they have produced cutting edge browser apps including PDF redaction, OCR, Dictation, Global Document search, Document Management, Office integration, Email and SMS integration, with modern user interfaces and an eye for smooth workflow. Dave Brown , the founder of Tucanoo Solutions Ltd, is a pleasure to work with and is very collaborative bringing new ideas and unexpected functionality into the apps. Only 3 categories are allowed to be specified however I would've been tempted to select many more.
Rating of DCSL GuideSmiths on Cloodo

2 reviews

DCSL GuideSmiths

Company in London, United Kingdom

Avatar user Pooja Jain
Pooja Jain
Everyone is well educated, communicates effectively and has strong problem solving capabilities as well.
Rating of App Maisters Inc on Cloodo

2 reviews

App Maisters Inc

Company in Texas, United States

Avatar user Aniqua Tabassum
Aniqua Tabassum
Had some work performed by App Maisters and was very impressed with the company. Both Micheal and Brad were extremely professional and courteous. Work was done on time with update on every major step. I would highly recommend to others
Rating of Alphawizz Technologies Pvt Ltd on Cloodo

2 reviews

Alphawizz Technologies Pvt Ltd

Company in Madhya Pradesh, India

Avatar user Harshvardhan Jain
Harshvardhan Jain
We have hired Alphawizz to integrate designs into Wordpress website. The designs were in Zeplin and the goal was 100% exact same design into Wordpress. They have done very good and error free job.
Rating of VerveLogic on Cloodo

2 reviews


Company in Florida, United States

Avatar user gaurav sharma
gaurav sharma
Nice working environment you can get better learning opportunity and will learn how to work independently on a project
Rating of Magicmind technologies Limited on Cloodo

2 reviews

Magicmind technologies Limited

Company in West Bengal, India

Avatar user Rahul Sonar
Rahul Sonar
The team was very professional, and they understood my requirements in detail. The delivery was on time and up to the mark.
Rating of ABC Copywriting on Cloodo

2 reviews

ABC Copywriting

Company in England, United Kingdom

Avatar user Rodrigo Ivn Camacho Arvizo
Rodrigo Ivn Camacho Arvizo
Amazing and knowledgable copywriting team, they finish my project fast and efficiently, plus all the communication for a couple of corrections was simple, highly recommend them.
Rating of Makolab on Cloodo

1 reviews


Company in London, United Kingdom

Avatar user Radoslaw Knap
Radoslaw Knap
Makolab is a reliable company working for many sectors including the real estate sector. They developed and designed the website for association - Polish Council of Shopping Centers which was active and maintained for 3 years. I would recommend Makolab rather to bigger entities.
Rating of Red Cow Media Ltd on Cloodo

1 reviews

Red Cow Media Ltd

Company in England, United Kingdom

Avatar user All Car Leasing
All Car Leasing
This is a truthful and honest account of our experience and the reason why we can’t recommend Red Cow’s service to any prospective clients. This is our opinion and you are free to make up your own minds up.We engaged with Red Cow June of 2019 media to help us improve the visibility of allvanleasing.co.uk which was a domain that had little attention up to this point.They began with the usual audit and some on page changes for the first couple of months which we were pleased with. It was basic stuff but it was what the website needed.We started seeing some traction and had no reason to doubt their quality.However, things went sour quickly starting in September when they began to build links towards the website. Instantly, it became obvious that they were simply paying for guest posts with aggressive exact match anchor texts – an example can be found here: http://mahdi-news.com/audi-announces-driverless-goals-for-the-near-future/.For anyone who is even remotely clued in with SEO knows that these violate several of Google’s own link scheme policies (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en) which meant that as of today we have had to disavow pretty much every link they’ve built for us. A total waste of time and money on both sides and shocking to be honest.Immediately, we stopped being happy clients and became unhappy clients and we raised this issue straight away. We continued to get invoices but stopped getting work updates.At this point, Stephen McCance stepped in to defend Red Cow’s actions and to quote him “You can second guess work and links all day long, at the end of the day it's all subjective and opinion as to what is and isn't a good link.”.We felt that it was a bad link and they felt it was a good link. I have a document which can be made available to anyone with details of our complaints.So to be clear for any clients potentially wanting Red Cow to help with links – you may get poor links built towards your website that violate Google’s guidelines but Red Cow’s opinion matters more.If you disagree, tough. Pay the invoices.Like he has said, it is all subjective and a matter of opinion so if you feel the example link is good then you’re in luck, if not then do not use. Feel free to contact us for more example or simply plug the domain into ahrefs, Moz, Semrush etc and make your own mind up.What happened after this was perhaps the most abhorrent and cowardly act I have ever seen from a service provider of any type in all my years in the industry.Stephen decided that he did not want to speak with a paying client anymore, we were unhappy and he did not want to apologise or accept what we were saying.A quote from Stephen “I will not go into this any further, I will not be attending a meeting or spending any more time on it, Please settle the outstanding invoices, or we will be forced to proceed with legal action.”In our opinion, we had Red Cow bang to rights and they were forced to defend themselves to the point where they realised they couldn’t. It was impossible to defend the links they were building so long as the Google’s link guidelines existed.It was at this point where we were ‘happy’ to part ways. It seems good practice for a client and provider to be able to part ways amicably should a disagreement like this come up. Not for Stephen and Kelly.They wanted us to be unhappy and paying.At this point they had built two links in October (equally as bad as the previous) and we still have had no evidence of any other work being done.They had the cheek to invoice us for October, which we did not pay as we had no evidence of the complete work being done or the month end report.They proceeded by sending our account to a collections team and STILL failed to provide evidence of what they actually did for the money.Because of the lack of evidence of work we have had to assume they didn’t do the work because if they aren’t able to build poor links then what else could they possibly do? Nothing.Upon receiving the email from the collections company I asked Stephen:“Stephen,What work was done for this invoice? What is the time frame for the work and where can I see a report that this invoice would have covered?If you remember, I sent the last email to no response and you point blank refused to discuss the matter but now you want us to pay for the service?Please help me understand the situation “I have yet to receive a reply which I am not surprised – the work was poor quality and they simply did not do the contracted hours.This has been an immensely regrettable experience, Red Cow have been the clear winners with limited efforts, all invoices (and then some) paid and they didn’t even need to all the work thanks to some clever wording in the contract.Their actions, we feel, leave a stain on the SEO industry and we hope that we can help potential clients ask some hard questions at the pitch process about how they plan on building links and how do they deal with disputes.We feel like both sides can learn a great deal from this experience.If you’d like more information please free to give us a call on 01565 880 880 or send us an email at [email protected]
Rating of Ruvca Consulting on Cloodo

1 reviews

Ruvca Consulting

Company in London, United Kingdom

Avatar user Anabelle Lewis
Anabelle Lewis
We contacted them for a frontend - progressive web app for our ML platform that predicts spread of crop infestation. Ruvca Consulting sent me URL of the mock design in 3 days. The work was completed in time. We have some future plans for our app and will be using them again for the same. Ruvca also introduced us to another digital agency for some marketing and SEO work. We have put them in our preferred vendor list. Thanks guys!
Rating of Strategy Plus on Cloodo

1 reviews

Strategy Plus

Company in West Midlands, United Kingdom

Avatar user Chris Woo
Chris Woo
Strategy Plus has helped Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter promote itself far and wide online. They created the website in 2006, developed our search engine presence and over 30k followers on social media. With the use of Video Marketing, they have taken our Digital Marketing to the next level, we can't thank them enough.www.birmingham-jewellery-quarter.net
Rating of The SEO Works on Cloodo

1 reviews

The SEO Works

Company in England, United Kingdom

Avatar user Naomi Hunter
Naomi Hunter
The SEO Works handle our search strategy across SEO, content and PPC. They are a dynamic and flexible team. We've seen a good growth in traffic and enquiries as a result of the work.
Rating of Techno Infonet on Cloodo

1 reviews

Techno Infonet

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Sumeet  Singhania
Sumeet Singhania
Professional company to work with. Provided quality work and support was awesome. Work delivered on time.
Rating of Curvearro on Cloodo

1 reviews


Company in New York, United States

Avatar user Bikash Mahto
Bikash Mahto
As I had a word with my friend regarding traffic on my website. How to increase traffic on my website?Here my friend suggested me for Digital Marketing or SEO. After that I started searching for best digital Marketing Agency in our area. I gone through many Agencies on an internet. It was so hard for me to select Agency online. But one Agency I found online nearby; they also have other branches in various places. After I consulted with this Agency, I like their content which they offered for Digital Marketing. I was a facing a lot of problems in managing my clients to attract to my website or how to visible in an internet world?Here this Agency helped me a lot in accomplishing my goals and still offering me a great service. Within 3 months of time period, initially traffic was increasing gradually but after one month of time interval there is rapid increase in web traffic and managing client through SEO.One thing which I really appreciate of them is, they offer services on time. As the services more than as I expected. I want to be in business relation with this Agency for future scope. I am so pleased with services they offered. Thank you, for making my website competent in internet world
Rating of Tech ICS on Cloodo

1 reviews

Tech ICS

Company in London, United Kingdom

Avatar user Rakibul Hasan
Rakibul Hasan
Amazing software development agency!!!Great job....TechICS is a London web design and web development agency, providing fresh, creative digital services to businesses who want to grow online. Focusing on results, By using their technical skill and industry insight to help you meet your digital goals. Whether that’s lowering your bounce rate with interactive web design or bringing brand new traffic and income streams to your website. If you are searching software development or website development company, highly recommended this one is the best choices for you..... Talk to them about your project to get started.

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What is Law Firms?
A law firm is an association of lawyers who practice law. It is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law

Benefits Of Hiring A Law Firm
- Protect your intellectual property
- Prevent lawsuits
- Drafting contracts
- Real-estate Lleases and agreements
- Create a voice for your company

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the Law Firms. Browse their agency profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs.

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