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Top Retail Company In United Kingdom 2022

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the Retail In United Kingdom. Browse their ageny profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 443 Retail Company In United Kingdom By Client Rating

Rating of Next Big Technology(NBT) on Cloodo

90 reviews

Next Big Technology(NBT)

Company in Rajasthan, India

Avatar user Vickghy Umythy
Vickghy Umythy
Rating of Vrinsoft Technology on Cloodo

26 reviews

Vrinsoft Technology

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Tarnow Chelsey
Tarnow Chelsey
Since Vrinsoft made software for my business my business have shown and exponential growth.
Rating of Quytech on Cloodo

22 reviews


Company in Haryana, India

Avatar user Aria Lee
Aria Lee
I approached Quytech to turn my startup idea of building a live streaming application into reality. The first thing that impressed me was an instant response to my query. Being a naïve in the mobile development world, I was not having much idea about what would be needed to make my app successful. But, the team of developers, designers, testing engineers left no stone unturned to ensure that the developed app not only matches my requirements but also gets launched successfully on both the Android and iOS platforms. Today, my app is enjoying immense success and a humongous customer base. Would definitely recommended Quytech to everyone!
Rating of Parangat Technologies on Cloodo

21 reviews

Parangat Technologies

Company in Uttar Pradesh, India

Avatar user Shivam Gupta
Shivam Gupta
I have worked with Parangat Technologies on than 4 blockchain projects last year, they always amaze me their technical expertise and work ethics. They have an extremely talented team of Ethereum and Hyperleger developers which helped us with POC development of my project.
Rating of VironIT on Cloodo

18 reviews


Company in Minsk, Belarus

Avatar user Peter Winger
Peter Winger
VironIT helped us develop an iOS app that tracks transactions. The app includes security features.I've interacted with two developers and a project manager. The team addressed issues with receptivity and responsiveness. They delivered quality work accompanied by continuous status updates.There are some issues in progress. VironIT provides help with things that come up from time to time.
Rating of Mayple on Cloodo

18 reviews


Company in New York, United States

Avatar user Trevor Ogden
Trevor Ogden
A great tool to match marketers to clients in need of marketing.
Rating of Bird Marketing Limited on Cloodo

15 reviews

Bird Marketing Limited

Company in Essex, United Kingdom

Avatar user Rico Plumb-Jones
Rico Plumb-Jones
After reviewing a dozen SEO agencies, we chose to proceed with Birdmarketing as they provided a detailed yet transparent proposal.Both ends understood that we were entering a very competitive market on a minimal budget, so we were quite skeptical of the results and knew that they had their work cut out. From the moment that we signed the contract, it felt as if bird marketing had joined the team and was exclusive to us. They were bringing new ideas to the table and developing unique strategies that would help us achieve our goals and deliver an ROI. The bird marketing team covered most aspects of marketing and not only SEO. They delivered quality referral traffic and helped build our brand, all while providing high-quality backlinks. It becomes very clear from early on that we had chosen the right team for the task. Our search engine exposure was increasing month by month, and our platform was receiving more traffic than ever before. Bird marketing remained professional and responsive throughout; we expect to have a long-lasting relationship with them and would be fearful of any competitor that users their service.
Rating of Techcronus on Cloodo

14 reviews


Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Sophia Bendz
Sophia Bendz
Reactions to the new site are generally positive, and it has attracted more users. Techcronus Business Solutions responded well to changing deadlines and requirements, making them a valuable asset.
Rating of Unicsoft on Cloodo

12 reviews


Company in California, United States

Avatar user Mehdi Bellatig
Mehdi Bellatig
We needed a team to bring our idea to life within tight deadlines. We chose Unicsoft for broad expertise and involvement in the project from the beginning. They shared with us thoughts about possible limitations in concept implementation, which we didn't realize before, and some of them were eventually confirmed after PoCs creation. Several PoCs were created in parallel to help us save time and check out what will work best. After that, they built the final solution - the web extension for safe shopping, and we successfully met our deadlines.
Rating of Iflexion on Cloodo

11 reviews


Company in Colorado, United States

Avatar user Jimmy Carlisle
Jimmy Carlisle
I had the opportunity to work with Iflexion when my company was going through a digital overhaul. It wasn’t my first experience of cooperating with dedicated development teams, but this time I was really impressed by the developers’ professionalism and involvement. We appreciated that when we expanded the project requirements and needed to scale up the team, that was not a problem for Iflexion and they managed to involve more engineers on our request. They scaled up really fast with absolutely no disruption to the development process. The team understood our needs quickly, walked us through each step of the software redesign, and delivered a high-quality product on budget and on schedule. In general, I would totally recommend Iflexion as a trustworthy software development partner.
Rating of Rocketech on Cloodo

11 reviews


Company in Kiev, Ukraine

Avatar user Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov
It is very cool when working with a team is not just a customer / client relationship, but when it becomes a partnership in which common goals and the most effective methods of achieving them are jointly formulated.The processes built in ROCKETECH.IT and the general high level of specialists allow you to be confident in the results. The way the team is able to solve complex, sometimes conflicting tasks, speaks of a high level of professionalism and internal culture. I often recommend the ROCKETECH.IT team to those companies for which it is either important to find a long-term partner, or need to reach the result within the planned time frame.I wish the team great success and further development!
Rating of Appello Software on Cloodo

11 reviews

Appello Software

Company in New South Wales, Australia

Avatar user Simon Farrow
Simon Farrow
I am the CIO of a commercial real estate company, Walker Corporation. We have been building a tenant app for our commercial precincts both in Melbourne and Sydney, and we had embarked on our own journey building a backend API system and a frontend. We have some very intelligent people on our team, but we realized that we weren’t going to meet the mark. We tried no less than four other software companies, and on all occasions, we were very underwhelmed. In fact, one of them wasted a lot of time on code that was incorrect. One of my web designers found Appello Software online and had read some reviews and we reached out. They yielded a bug-free version and an excellent UI. The team addressed several challenges and was able to create a seamless solution. They managed the project well and were able to speed up development significantly. In hindsight, I would have asked them to do the project management from the get-go.
Rating of 3 SIDED CUBE on Cloodo

10 reviews


Company in Illinois, United States

Avatar user Neil Thornburn
Neil Thornburn
Having been working within digital and marketing teams for the last 22 years, very few agency's you interact with stick with you, 3 Sided Cube is one of those - they are focused, passionate, creative and professional, but more to the point from the top through all the teams they are a great bunch of people to work with!
Rating of Team Tweaks Technologies Pvt Ltd on Cloodo

10 reviews

Team Tweaks Technologies Pvt Ltd

Company in Tamil Nadu, India

Avatar user Sanjay Havaldar
Sanjay Havaldar
I have been working with Team Tweaks Technologies Pvt Ltd for over a year now and my experience has been nothing but great.Right from the day we first started talking, I and my team has received great support from Team Tweaks Technologies. Their team has the ability and skill required to execute any big project such as mine. Kapil from the management team was the first to respond and we finalized on the timeline and the budget of the project before my team being handed over to the PM and dev guys.Even though a few PM's on my project have changed over the past year, Muthu Krishnan the lead developer has always supported Petpad. There have been times where immediate action was required and Team Tweaks Technologies has always managed to deliver.
Rating of Seguro Technologies on Cloodo

9 reviews

Seguro Technologies

Company in Indiana, United States

Avatar user Jithu Varghese
Jithu Varghese
Had few issues with our previous development team and contacted team Seguro for the development and management. Now it is going well and we are planning for a long term partnership. Recommended
Rating of Tecocraft PVT. LTD on Cloodo

9 reviews

Tecocraft PVT. LTD

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user David King
David King
Very easy to work with, job was completed to a high standard :)
Rating of Igniva Digital on Cloodo

8 reviews

Igniva Digital

Company in England, United Kingdom

Avatar user Upile Chasowa
Upile Chasowa
Extraordinary professional! It has been an honor to work with Igniva. Great insights and implements with great attention to every detail. For me, one of their most important skill sets is their ability to self manage and keep our projects moving forward no matter my availability or the lack thereof. No worries once you have agreed on a gameplan and a course of action. Additionally, Igniva puts their heart and soul into their work. I am humbled to have worked with a great team of such high integrity and so committed to our mutual success. A truly great business partner.
Rating of Dolphin Web Solution on Cloodo

7 reviews

Dolphin Web Solution

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Costas Moschopoulos
Costas Moschopoulos
I needed some special code in a WordPress web site. The senario was not easy and the matching algorithm I designed was difficult to develop. Dolphin Team was made the code and all the support I needed afterward and was all the time working close with me to deliver the project. Great job!
Rating of Urteam Ltd on Cloodo

7 reviews

Urteam Ltd

Company in England, United Kingdom

Avatar user Md Asaduzzaman
Md Asaduzzaman
I am very happy to take excellent service .i highly recommend
Rating of itCraft sp. z o.o. on Cloodo

7 reviews

itCraft sp. z o.o.

Company in Mazowieckie, Poland

Avatar user Adam Kozłowski
Adam Kozłowski
We've decided to expand our project further and we can't imagine not working with itCraft. Their professionalism, flexibility and expertise are undeniable. The company helped us with creating the concept of cross-platform iOS and Android from scratch. We've started with 2-days of workshops to establish requirements for the production process. They took care of design and development and now we are finishing the product with additional modules. We definitely recommend working with itCraft!
Rating of Rishabh Software on Cloodo

7 reviews

Rishabh Software

Company in Gujarat, India

Avatar user Robert Boyett
Robert Boyett
We have worked with Rishabhsoft for over 1 year now and they have done a great job at working to understand the needs of our clients, delivering on project needs, and pivoting when needs change. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs professionals.
Rating of Mobitsolutions on Cloodo

6 reviews


Company in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Avatar user Liana Lianov
Liana Lianov
I am an independent consultant and founder of an LLC that relies on outside companies for all website development and maintenance. Mobit Solutions has always been responsive and reliable. They make a genuine effort to understand my web needs and to fully address them. Easy to work with them!
Rating of SovTech on Cloodo

6 reviews


Company in London, United Kingdom

Avatar user Abel McErick
Abel McErick
The way i met Sovtech was easy and simple to start a project online and i got contacted by a representative the following day, who took me through the process and i appreciated every bit of it. My project planning was straight forward, and all deliverables were discussed and planned out properly. My handler, Roland has been doing an amazing job in managing this my project. The feedback was on time and customer focused. and i will be moving forward to engage Sovtech for other projects going forward
Rating of iTechArt Group on Cloodo

6 reviews

iTechArt Group

Company in New York, United States

Avatar user Vadim Berman
Vadim Berman
I worked with iTechArt during my previous venture, and was thoroughly impressed with the combination of value, quality of work, and ability to deliver. With my current venture in Asia, I tried to find a provider closer to my time zone, but none of those I surveyed was even close to the level of iTechArt. In both cases, the project was front-end development, at times quite demanding and complex. Unlike many offshore companies where the modus operandi is hiring coding oompah loompahs coupled with whip-handling business managers to make sure that someone does not mess up, iTechArt's people are intelligent and capable of handling everything - but iTechArt still provides a "logistic aid" to arrange infrastructure, etc. for the projects. The business people in iTechArt are also technically savvy, which is yet another advantage. Everything is well-organised and works like a Swiss chronometre. They work a lot with startups, so if your tiny shaky boat may use a hand with infrastructure, they will help. While it may have no direct impact on the process, it is worth noting that iTechArt is not a sweatshop. They take care of their people and provide them with perks, like English classes and a gym. On the geographic note, iTechArt R&D is in Belarus, which has nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia-related political issues. The contract can be signed with their New Jersey branch, so the potential legal concerns are taken care of as well. (Although, even in the unlikely case you have issues, chances are, they will be resolved amicably.)I would like to mention and thank specifically the people who I worked with closely, Konstantin Tsybulko, Roman Prokhodsky, Olga Loiko, and Iryna Babrouskaya.
Rating of Inqsys Technologies on Cloodo

6 reviews

Inqsys Technologies

Company in Berkshire, United Kingdom

Avatar user Serene Wilken
Serene Wilken
This company was fast, reliable, and extremely easy to communicate with! I would highly recommend if you are interested in e-commerce, Wordpress development as well as seamless custom layout!
Rating of Codal on Cloodo

5 reviews


Company in Illinois, United States

Avatar user Mark Canty
Mark Canty
The client is a mobile-based app that provides a holistic discount to its members on various services in the Downers Grove area. The client aims to partner with local vendors to achieve discounts for members and add volume for a select group of vendors.  Codal was selected to provide iOS mobile application development services to the client and is currently in the progress to finalize the design of the website as well. The client also takes marketing and business strategy assistance from Codal. The client is extremely satisfied with the work of Codal. The client continues to use them and has already recommended them to a few colleagues. They were praised for their speed of implementation and cost competitiveness.  
Rating of Digital Promotion Agency on Cloodo

5 reviews

Digital Promotion Agency

Company in California, United States

Avatar user Jae Sabol
Jae Sabol
DPA did an outstanding job helping us improve our website through identifying and fixing errors, sitemap updates, etc. They were professional, trustworthy, and effective. I'd happily hire them again.

More Service Providers in United Kingdom

Retail Agency

Challenges that Retail is facing:
- Poor IT infrastructure
- Bad customer experience
- Digital transformation
- Stay competitive in the digital era
- Keeping up with technology and innovation: IoT, Big Data, AI chatbot, AR & VR...
- High Operating expenses
- Slow processes
- Challenges in time and cost savings
- Digitising customer expectations
- Poor customer data
- Multiple security risks

Benefits of technology solutions for Retail:
- Improve customer satisfaction
- Serve customers with the same efficiency
- Convenient and fast
- Increase in Efficiency
- Better manage inventory may improve profitability
- Make the supply chain processes more efficient
- Handling of Information Efficiency
- Reduce inventory costs
- Accuracy
- Easy Communication
- Advanced data analytics
- Automate your inventory control
- Facilitate inventory control
- Keep track of your margins
- Improve your forecasting
- Adopt a just-in-time relationship with suppliers
- Collect and store customer data easily and efficient

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of Retail agenices. Browse their agency profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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