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This agency was last updated May 18, 2022 byCloodo

About CreatioSoft

Creatiosoft is a leading global Game Development Company that's Empowering Disruptive Startups & Fortune 500 companies in bridging the gap between Ideas and Reality through innovative gaming solutions.

We have a talented team of 50+ gaming experts, who have successfully Designed, Developed & Delivered more than 100+ Mobile gaming product globally in just 8 years.

Our Core Focus

We deliver high-quality gaming product including graphic design, character development, programming, mathematics, level design and quality assurance/game testing leveraging the game development technologies.

Who are our typical customers?

We have worked fast growing startup to some big giants like BBC, Maruti Suzuki, BodyShop.in, Games2Win, Airtel, Good Year, GSK, Wills and many more across 25+ countries.

Our track record

We served 60+ clients since 2012. Several customers have been with us anywhere from 3 to 10+ years. We are rated as 4.95 out of 5 on Good firm based on gaming product , schedule and budget.

What we do

  • 2D/3D Game Development.
  • Multiplayer Game Development using NodeJS, Photon.
  • Digital Gamifications.
  • Argumented Reality/ Virtual Reality.
  • Game Porting on iOS and Android.

Technology we work on:

  • Game Engine - Unity3d, Cocos2dJS, Phaser, HTML5, PixieJS
  • Back End - Node.js, Express, Firebase, Web Socket, Photon.
  • Database - Firestore, MongoDB, Postgre, MySQL, Parse
  • Source Control / CI - Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, CircleCI, Travis CI
  • Cloud - Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services

Working with Creatiosoft

  • 9+ years of game development experience
  • Accurate time logs for the work done
  • Smooth communication between developer, project manger and client.
  • Agile software development
  • NDA on request
  • Direct access to development environment and codebase
  • Certified Scrum Masters
  • Collaboration in different time zones
  • Fluent English speaking team

Contact Us:

Write us at [email protected] for further discussions in detail.


Rating Cloodo

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Latest client reviews for CreatioSoft

The client is a virtual and augmented reality app development company. Everything they do is mostly around 3D visualization and they help companies showcase their products in an interactive and engaging way. CreatioSoft was involved in the development work for the client’s standalone multiplayer computer game where the client did the designing themselves. The project was completed within the proposed budget and fixed time. The client is very satisfied with CreatioSoft as they did a good job with the development of the 3D game proving why game development is their specialty. The client always recommends them to their friends.

Review on January 20, 2022

The client is a start-up in the field of mobile application development focusing mainly on games for mobile platforms. CreatioSoft was responsible for some graphic designing and coding task as well for the app that was built for Android and iOS platforms. The project was completed well before the expected time and within the fixed budget. The client is very satisfied with CreatioSoft because of high-quality designing skills and professional communication and the client highly recommends them to their friends.

Review on January 20, 2022

The client is a gaming startup in the states which develops social casino games like Bingo and Slots for the mobile platform so that people can play these games with others who are online at the same time. CreatioSoft was involved in developing a gaming app for the client which was based on the Bingo social game. The project was completed a month earlier than committed time and within the specified budget. The client is very satisfied with CreatioSoft because of their quality of work and understanding of gaming field and the client highly recommends them to their friends.

Review on January 20, 2022

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