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About NIX

Over 27 years in the software engineering business we’ve delivered 3’000+ software solutions for clients worldwide. According to IAOP, GSA, & EBA, NIX is the recurring leader of TOP-100 global software development companies. With 2’100+ experts onboard, we deliver innovative technology solutions ranging from robust applications, powerful data analytics software, enhanced BI platforms, data engineering systems to holistic enterprise solutions. 

We help enterprise-level businesses line up mature software development processes and build scalable software with rock-solid security standards to gain technology advantages on the market and take over the industry leadership.


>   since 1994 in software engineering

>   3’000+ software products released

>   2’100 in-house engineers on-board

>   serving Fortune-1000 companies

>   TOP-100 outsourcing companies (IAOP)

Rating Cloodo

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Latest client reviews for NIX

I have used NIX for 3 different companies over the past 3 years that I have been CTO of. Projects have spanned a wide variety of technology stacks. Nix has come through each time with the right project manager, quality assurance, business analyst, devops, and developers. They understand the technology and the project development processes to get it done. They quickly and professionally get up to speed with our current processes and seamlessly merge with any professional environment.I highly recommend NIX for your next critical product development. It's in good, caring hands.

Review on January 20, 2022

Our company worked more then 5 years in total with NIX. Communication was always very clear and direct. Being a remote company, wasting time in communication is horrible, luckily with NIX we experienced any delay or missunderstanding. Quality of delivered work is outstanding, all task prior to delivery where tested in detail and bugs or mistakes were virtually non-existent.We worked with NIX in the field of software, front and backend development and server maintenance and wouldn't hesitate to choose NIX over every other competitor in the field.

Review on January 20, 2022

We've been working with NIX for over a year now and have nothing but good things to say about them and their talented pool of developers, staff members, and executives. They are extremely detailed, professional, attentive, and deliver top quality work within the time estimates that they provide. What else can you ask for. I highly recommend NIX for all tech related projects.

Review on January 20, 2022

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