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Top Retail Company In Russia 2022

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the Retail In Russia. Browse their ageny profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

List Of The Top 99 Retail Company In Russia By Client Rating

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3 reviews

Intellectual Development

We provide full-cycle software development of any complexity. We’ve been helping our clients to automate business processes since 2017. ...

Eugene Zubakov
The developers from Intellectual Development saved me a very important project, practically having created a custom product for a very specal customer with a lot of flexibility in design. So even after it turned out that the customer wanted much more then they briefed us initially, with the well-planned back-end and front-end we hadn't spent too much time to introduce new features.
Andrey Makarenko
The Intellectual Development team gave me an opportunity to reduce time-to-market for my Speech Cloud Service.They developed sustainable architecture for the software (that is proved now by the customers) and then regularly released new features according to our roadmap.Moreover, they provided me flexibility and speed for unplanned features design, so I could easily react to customers' feedback.

Intellectual Development is Retail Company in Ploschad' Stachek, 9, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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4 reviews

Adsup LLC

Adsup.me is a performance marketing agency founded in 2013 that helps promote mobile applications worldwide. The in-house UA team, its own creative studio, DSP and Influence marketing provide clients with a strategic set of solutions to develop their project. The team of the age...

Timur Sultanbek
We work with the Adsup team only for 3 months so far, but the results of our cooperation are very beneficial already. The volume of media spend over the last 2 months increased by 400%. Adsup helped us to penetrate the Kazakhstan market and gain a foothold on it; they also significantly improved our positions in Uzbekistan. The level of communication with the media-buying team of Adsup is much more than satisfying, their feedback is always prompt, and they get the optimization steps done in a fast and efficient way. For now, Adsup performs not only UA but also dynamic retargeting and remarketing for ZoodMall in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan exclusively. We are very pleased with the cooperation and hope to strengthen it in the future.
Stanislav A. Bukreev
With the help of Adsup team members, we could grow and increase our acquisition from channels like facebook & MyTarget

Adsup LLC is Retail Company in Medikov avenue 5, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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2 reviews

SEO Logic

"Seologic" - one of the leaders of the Belarusian Internet market. At our disposal are effective working tools, intellectual energy and talented hands of employees - to fully promote goods and services, increasing the income of your company. Our company offers you a full range of...

Анна Исакович
Our company Hilti started working with Seologic thanks to positive feedback from colleagues and on the Internet, as well as on the analysis of the commercial offer.We needed to raise brand awareness, fill the site hilti.by with content, and solve technical problems.The specialists did a great job. We received good traffic to the site and increased the number of orders, which is very important for us recently.The specialists of this company perform their work very well, and most importantly in a timely manner. We are very grateful to the managers for completing urgent tasks on a priority basis, as well as for constant communication on various issues.
alexei zimchenko
We addressed to Seologic for SEO optimization of our website. We were interested in the commercial offer of Seologic company, also we explored the opinions on the Internet about the work of specialists, from which understood, there work experts and they will help us to promote our site. Нашему сайту нужна была оптимизация и продвижение. Мы хотели выйти в топ поисковых позиций в Яндекс и Google. Now our site is much higher in the top search positions, and we also received high-quality traffic to the site. As a result, the number of orders increased. The company has developed a strategy for SEO optimization, eliminated technical errors from our site that detained promotion.Specialists are very attentive to details, have a high level of professionalism.

SEO Logic is Retail Company in 66, Karl Liebknecht street, office 503, Minsk, Belarus

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5 reviews

Hawking Bros

Hawking Bros is a leading Russian outsource web-development company. Our company was founded in 2014 in Vladimir city. Over 5 years of work, we have assembled a strong team of specialists and gained experience in developing projects for various industries. Our portfolio incl...

Павел Райков
It is very important for me that the external team that I outsource tasks, meets the deadlines by 100%, completes all tasks exactly according to the brief, and offers ways to optimize work on a particular block of work. If we agree that the work, taking into account the nuances, wishes, adjustments and features of the project, will be done, conditionally, by Monday at 10 am, this means that on Monday I will have accepted the task completed by the team on this day and at this time. This principle is at the base of my contractor selection strategy. And Hawking Bros fits in perfectly.Also, talking about Hawking Bros, I would like to praise the team for a clear prioritization of work and quality. Design, technical work-layout and programming are always performed at the highest level.I would also like to highlight the approach to project management, which is one of the most important peculiarities for me. I always estimate the approach to me, as to a customer, from the point of view of detailed assessment and elaboration of the task, both at the initial stage of the project, and at the stage when the project is already launched.Project management in the Hawking Bros team is really very strong, because nothing is forgotten, everything is fixed and done on time. For this, a special thank you to the founders, Egor and Kirill, because they have built the processes in such way that the customer always feels calm and confident.Pavel Raykov, Senior digital producer, Media Instinct Group
Galina Nuriakhmetova
— Galina Nuriakhmetova, Senior Web Producer in Fistashki agencyHawking Bros is one of our priority partners with whom we worked out plenty of projects of different technical complexity. The team resolve all the issues and problems quickly and that is the main point for us as the promptness of implementation of projects is our key priority. We appreciate the quality of service and development, high skills of budget estimating, scheduling and planning.Team’s advantages are a wide technology stack, a strong technical staff and flexibility in time and risks’ management, high quality of QA and efficient consulting.

Hawking Bros is Retail Company in Bolshaya Moskovskaya 11, Vladimir, Russia

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2 reviews

Iteora GmbH

Iteora GmbH assists companies in achieving their business goals in the challenging IT world. Our areas of expertise include enterprise solutions, blockchain, and fintech. Furthermore, we help startups across different industries build smart IT strategies and develop effective pro...

Alexander Polyakov
We've been cooperating with Iteora for several years on several projects. They are easy to work with and have a strong development team with modern web and cross-platform apps programming skills.
Peter Khokhlov
Great product, fast turnaround and reasonable pricing. Would definitely recommend.

Iteora GmbH is Retail Company in Düsseldorfer Strasse 85, Meerbusch, Germany

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20 reviews

Nord Clan

Immersion in Customer business is our ultimate goal for software development, as we seek for every opportunity to achieve and further sustain growth throughout digital solution creation and continuous deployment. We will assist you with: - Creation of turnkey IT products - Updati...

Aleksandr Mikhalev.
We decided to make our Pocketkey ACS (Access Control System) product as easy to manage and convenient for our customers as possible. In this regard, we approached Nord Clan for assistance - our reliable partner that already had experience in developing ACS solutions, which was a deciding factor for us really. Nord Clan managed to quickly assemble a team with project management and demonstrated the result within a short timeframe. The outcome is an ACS with a user-friendly UI, which combines several functionalities and features such as: setting up employee roles, visitor authentication, granting access rights to the particular premises, decision making for access rights ,traffic data storagging. We were able to acquire a new market segment, thanks to Nord Clan professionals. It is now possible for us to sell our product to customers who previously did not have club software. Among them are traditional businesses that are not digital in nature. On a separate note, I would like to mention the involvement and immersion of the Nord Clan team into the project. In the process of development they did not limit themselves to the set tasks, but additionally proposed new features with visual content: informative graphs and charts, which allow the user to see traffic dynamics, the number of visitors and discipline of employees. We are definitely focusing on further product development, so there are a lot of new features in the pipeline. To be completely honest with you, it’s somewhat easy yet inspirational to form a new backlog for our product with Nord Clan experts. They are always out there to give us a hand!
Alexander Sergievsky.
Nord Clan was involved in a number of fintech software development of I-Teco Group's partner banks within our collaboration agreement. We would like to point out that Nord Clan experts have efficiently and promptly been able to immerse into the projects building sound communication with the Client. The team proved to be highly qualified and its professionalism is beyond any doubt. A significant advantage the Nord Clan team has is the experience in developing banking products, highload applications, as well as an understanding of the specifics of banking business processes.At the end of the day, we absolutely recommend Nord Clan as a professional and reliable partner.We do hope that cooperation between I-Teco Group and Nord Clan LLC will continue and grow stronger.

Nord Clan is Retail Company in Federation 97, Ulyanovsk, Russia

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31 reviews


SimbirSoft was founded in 2001 to create world class software products and services for our clients. We develop custom software, mobile applications, complex web services, desktop applications, client server systems, and provide quality assurance services. Our team of experienced...

Ihor Voitenko
I contacted mobile.SimbirSoft to create an MVP version of a mobile app based on my video course. It was important to me that mobile.SimbirSoft has promptly responded to my request and formed a team, showing high interest in the project. In general, it has taken less than 10 days to start this project.A dedicated team has developed an app for iOS and Android platforms from scratch. In particular, mobile.SimbirSoft experts helped to think through the logic, to create prototypes of screens and administrative panel, design, and map of screens. All the tasks were divided into short sprints, with the result demonstration after finishing each one.The experts went deep into the details of the product. They have done a great work with app design and settings so that people with any training level can quickly working on their body and gradually complicate their training program. Company’s specialists always took the initiative, offered their ideas and various ways of implementation, and were focused on high quality of the end product.Within the first month after publication the app was downloaded 50,000 times, received more than 4,000 ratings and reviews, and was ranked among the most popular app in the "Health & Fitness" category.I contacted mobile.SimbirSoft to create an MVP version of a mobile app based on my video course. It was important to me that mobile.SimbirSoft has promptly responded to my request and formed a team, showing high interest in the project. In general, it has taken less than 10 days to start this project.A dedicated team has developed an app for iOS and Android platforms from scratch. In particular, mobile.SimbirSoft experts helped to think through the logic, to create prototypes of screens and administrative panel, design, and map of screens. All the tasks were divided into short sprints, with the result demonstration after finishing each one.The experts went deep into the details of the product. They have done a great work with app design and settings so that people with any training level can quickly working on their body and gradually complicate their training program. Company’s specialists always took the initiative, offered their ideas and various ways of implementation, and were focused on high quality of the end product.Within the first month after publication the app was downloaded 50,000 times, received more than 4,000 ratings and reviews, and was ranked among the most popular app in the "Health & Fitness" category.
Alexander Sotnikov
SimbirSoft team are not just the developers for us, but full members of our Qampus team, who constantly offer and implement great ideas to improve the product. This IT company assumes the team management work, providing us with the opportunity to focus on our product and its concept.We highly appreciate our cooperation with SimbirSoft because the company always meets deadlines, clearly manages the development processes, takes a responsible approach to the quality of work, and has a wide expertise in UX and CustDev – our partners are able to offer hypotheses of product use and successfully test them.Together we developed Qampus. It helped us to make the process of training more convenient, as well as to automate the operations with paid educational courses. As the result in 2019 the number of trained employees has increased by 3 times! The project won the annual award "Innovation Time-2019" in the category "Innovation of the year in the corporate education" and appeared to be so successful that the company developed an independent SaaS service on its basis.

SimbirSoft is Retail Company in Narimanova st, Uljanovsk, Russia

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4 reviews

Gravity Group

Our company started in 2011 and currently there are 20+ team members including top Android and iOS developers, UI/UX designers, server developers, analysts, testers and certified project managers. ...

Ivan kuzmin
I am СТО at growing regional IT Company. I am responsible for all IT services including infrastructure and business transformation of the company.We faced with rapidly growing business needs on goods for pets market at Perm and nearby regions. We needed to rapidly create IT infrastructure for internet sales and for couriers who will faster than competitors deliver goods for pets to clients. We needed to create mobile app and prepare server infrastructure, including interactive methods for it. We do not have any in-house mobile app or server developers, so we needed to outsource the entire project.Goals were to develop mobile app and IT services for it, including server interaction methods. The mobile app should work on special android devices used by our couriers online and offline and be interconnected with corporate CRM system. We asked for recommendations for our partners and also searched online. We searched vendor who have senior mobile and server developers who could done project in a 2-3 months. We made a list of 3 potential vendors and then took a series of evaluation meetings after which we chose this vendor.Once we selected this vendor, we discussed our goals to make common vision and after that for about a week we had a very intensive requirement eliciting session. After most of requirements were elicited by the vendor they developed project plan and we signed time and material contract. After two weeks they introduced all of the design sketches. After sketches were approved the vendor developed final UI design for Android that was impressive and made us felt confident about usability. The product was created on iteration basis, every two week we got a new version of product and their analyst/project manager demonstrated it at our office and solicited feedback. Finally after about 2 months we got developed server and working proto-type of mobile app that was tested by some of our couriers. Finally after following two weeks they released the app.Their company for this project offered us analyst/project manager, server developer, Android developers, UI/UX designer and tester. As far as we worked on time and material contract their team changed in amount depending on project needs.The vendor provided very good analytics and we together with end users really got happy when we get final product. After we launched mobile app our couriers became much more effective, we shorten delivery time and increased clients’ satisfaction. This is why we think we attracted new clients, the growth was 40% in 3 months after we launched mobile app. We increased our delivery services time and quality and became much more competitive and looking at new regions for expansion. We got the mobile app and server methods within agreed timeline.The analyst/project manager that we were assigned was very attentive to the details and easy to communicate. He demonstrated deliverables and always solicited feedback to make sure we get mobile app as we really needed.They showed very good performance on the project, their analyst was very experienced and it possible would take much more time to done the project if this effort would not be like that. We noticed that they are also great at UX and development. We recommend this vendor and planning to continue our relationship.
Ivan Petrenko
I am CEO at growing international IT company.We were asked by our key customer to develop mobile application within very tight timeline. Mobile applications are not primary focus of our company and we had all our mobile developers already assigned on other projects. So we needed to outsource the entire mobile app development project.Goals were to redesign older mobile app, fix some usability issues and update components it used to make sure it will be supported by followings versions of iOS and Android.We searched online according with recommendations of mobile app development companies who could take and successfully finish the entire project. After we made a shortlist of potential vendors we took a series of interviews and asked them for preliminary estimation of cost and schedule of the project, and provide CV of specialists who potentially will work on the project. After comparison we selected this vendor with awesome advantage.Once we selected this vendor, we had a series of discovery meetings to discuss our goals and objectives, and usability issues to be fixed. We agreed to sign up fix price contract because scope was well defined. Within three days the vendor introduced project team, project plan and even introduced some of the design sketches. After all of this the team has rapidly developed UX and UI design for Android and iOS that we also liked. The product was created on iteration basis and every 1 or 2 week we got a new version of product and their project manager demonstrated it via skype to get feedback. Finally after about 2,5 months we got redesigned and refactored mobile app for all platforms that full fitted all contract requirement and our expectations. Finally they released final app and published it at google play and app store.Their company offered balanced team consisted from professional project manager, senior or even top iOS and Android developers, UI designer, analyst and tester.After we delivered mobile app in a tight timeframe to our customer he was happy and we made our relationship more solid. The app have no bugs at all as hard as our or our customers testers tried to find them. We published the mobile app within agreed timeline. Redesigned app had many improvements that make our customer users more confident and happy.The project manager that we were assigned was easy to communicate with and every 1 or 2 weeks he demonstrated deliverables to make sure we get mobile app as we initially expected. The vendor met budget and schedule requirements and even done some agreed with us improvements that were not signed in the contract.They are professionals and no one question or notice we made were not forgotten and were all implemented in the app or we were explained by the vendor with better decision according to their experience in mobile apps. We noticed that they are great at development speed and quality. We strongly recommends them and would be glad to further partnership.

Gravity Group is Retail Company in St. Stakhanovskaya, 54P, Office 204,, Perm, Russia

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Rating Cloodo

1 reviews


ZeBrains creates cutting-edge custom software for business needs.  ...

Ekaterina Kitaeva
We are a nonprofit organisation which connects volunteers and charity organisations with people in need. We have been working with ZeBrains for over 3 years. First they created a mobile application that allows people in need and volunteers find each other. Then we moved forward with a website and more features for our app. We are happy to have ZeBrains as our software development partner. They don't just provide coding, they provide solutions that help us reach our goals.

ZeBrains is Retail Company in 13a Krasnoarmeyskaya str, Uljanovsk, Russia

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Rating Cloodo

3 reviews

Live Typing

We are digital production studio. We build powerful app solutions for startups, enterprises and other agencies. In today’s ultra-competitive app ecosystem, to stand apart from other mobile app development companies of USA, we lay strong emphasis on user experience and app d...

Brahman La Serna
We worked with Live Typing to help us develop our platform https://linguacompass.com
Dmitry Skorinko
I made several projects with Live Typing and always was completely satisfied.

Live Typing is Retail Company in 3 BETHESDA METRO CENTER SUITE 700, Silver Spring, United States

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Rating Cloodo

5 reviews

Integra Sources

Integra Sources is a team of professionals holding the key points to successfully bring your project into reality. Agile development, availability for chat, reliability, and tons of happy clients – want to become one of them? We will be happy if you do! ...

John Tolly
Integra has been great to work with. Our firm had an existing Flex PCB design which needed to be modified to very specific dimensions and tolerances, and was no problem for the team at Integra. We have since contracted with them for several more designs and research, and will continue to do so in the future.
Paul Susmarski
We worked with Integra Sources on a single project that didn't work out early on in development through no fault of their own. They were very detail oriented and transparent throughout the whole process. Our engineers were very happy with all of their responses and how well written the code was. We'd be more than happy to work with them in the future!

Integra Sources is Retail Company in Lenina - 154A/2, Barnaul, Russia

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Rating Cloodo

9 reviews


InfoShell specialise/speacialises in developing mobile and web applications and work with a wide range of businesses across many industries. Why us? Infoshell is based on the agile methodology of project management, which allows us/the client to accelerate the product to market, ...

Olga Zakharova
The client is a company that develops a platform that combines a set of applications needed for the effective conduct of business with a core in the form of CRM system. It replaces many programs such as messengers, bookkeeping, file exchangers, etc. Also, it allows one to significantly save time and optimize processes. The client is very satisfied with Infoshell because of their technical expertise and their professionalism. The client appreciates the project management tools used while developing the applications and their timeliness on meeting deadlines.
Ivan Alyakskin
The client is a mobile app development company based in Russia that mainly focuses on B2C applications. The client partnered with InfoShell to convert some of their technical ideas into functional mobile apps. Infoshell has designed and developed multiple projects for the client and is presently working on a movie screening application. The company has been highly efficient and has been delivering the projects within the pre-decided timeframe and budget. The client enjoys working with InfoShell since they always take a personal interest in developing the products together with the client. The client also recommends them highly to people looking for an outsourcing partner.

InfoShell is Retail Company in office 39, 26-28, Kamennoostrovsky avenue , Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Rating Cloodo

1 reviews


Our transparent and fully integrated workflows allow us to deliver world-class web & mobile development services. We offer a cross-functional team at a reasonable price for the bright future of your project. ...

Roman Vasilenko
I don’t have a lot to say. It was rather smooth collaboration right from the research stage. Whereas I paid an affordable price, the service I’ve got it’s chalk and cheese compared to my previous experience. The process was well measured, and finally, I’ve got the result we specified together. I wish good luck to this team and further success.

Molinos is Retail Company in Leo Tolstoy st., 9, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Rating Cloodo

3 reviews


Roonyx is an international software development company. We arm small and medium businesses with custom-made web & mobile apps. Roonyx team provides easy and efficient tools to hit goals, explore and conquer new markets.  Our focus: - Custom CRM & ERP systems - marke...

Austin Coleman
Four Consultancy hired Roonyx for marketplace design & development work. They developed a new marketplace with several types of users, admin panel, filters, integrations, UX and provided us with a lot of valuable information during prototype testing and after the MVP launch. Their input allowed us to change some business processes and change the initial marketplace vision. When the Alfa-version of the marketplace launched, the number of transactions increased up to 1000 approximately from 10; the number of registered users amounted to about 18000 in a month.I like the work approach of the Roonyx team and I enjoyed the fact that there was one point of contact for me during all the project development. Their product owner provided us with the daily reports, responded very quickly. At the same time, I could ask any questions to their technical experts. That’s great.We don't have any big tasks or projects to work on right now, but if we do, we'll definitely continue to work with Roonyx!
Alexksei Varfolomeev
I work in a large international oil & gas company with a complex, hierarchical structure and about 300,000 employees. With that many employees, our HR and accounting departments have to handle a large number of repetitive requests. To free them up from these administrative tasks and enable them to invest these time resources into vital projects, we elaborated on the possibility to automate such requests. In addition to these internal requests, we are also organizing large conferences on a regular basis. To facilitate a smooth organisation of these events, a large number of admin staff are required to answer basic questions related to schedules and travel itineraries. To solve both problems with one solution, Roonyx proposed an NLP chatbot based on artificial intelligence.Roonyx has developed a chatbot that enables employees to get responses to typical organizational questions, to request documents, to book courses and training by themselves. The chatbot facilitates artificial intelligence to classify the question and to propose the most appropriate answer. With every interaction, the chatbot learns whether the provided answer was perceived as sufficient or not. That way, we ensure that the chatbot continually improves its functionality and classification algorithm.The implementation of the chatbot reduced the monthly requests to the HR department by approximately 50% and the ones to the accounting department by 15%.

Roonyx is Retail Company in 400, Tradecenter, Woburn, United States

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Rating Cloodo

13 reviews

Umbrella IT

App Development and IT Consulting Our mission is to be a booster for the digital evolution of business. We provide IT teams that are formed especially for your project and integrate seamlessly into your processes. Our expertise covers IT audit and IT consulting, mobile and web de...

Megan Honke, MBA, MSc. CCC-SLP
Umbrella IT has provided an outstanding experience for my web and mobile application solution. A team, lead by project manager, Oleg, has been communicative, creative, and provide solutions to my many questions. I would not hesitate to work with Umbrella IT in the future and strongly recommend their services.
International Driving Authority
International Driving Authority (IDA) has been working with Umbrella IT (UIT) since 2017. Seeking to hire a qualified and experienced development team that would meet our project’s requirements, we chose UIT. During this project, the UIT team demonstrated management competence and technology proficiency. IDA recommends UIT as a reliable IT partner and consultant.

Umbrella IT is Retail Company in 80 Petrovskaya St., Taganrog, Russia

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15 reviews

Simtech Development

Simtech Development is a web development company launched in 2005. We develop complex online stores and marketplaces for midsize and enterprise eCommerce businesses resistant to high loads and integrated with any ERP or CRM to keep your business growing. Our team of web developer...

Ozan Kaplan
Simtech Dev is our partner for our marketplace project based on CS-Cart. They are for us the perfect partner who understand our needs and can develop our project exactly how we imagined it.
Alex Zinoviev
We needed a hosting provider that would help us make the most out of our eCommerce platform. Simtech was able to custom configure an environment for us that made it easy to manage and grow our store. In addition they helped with customer development by providing add-ons that helped extend our site's capability and add valuable features to our users.

Simtech Development is Retail Company in Proezd Sirenevyi 7A, Uljanovsk, Russia

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3 reviews


* instinctools has been a reliable technology partner in various industries for over 20 years. We advise our customers on the path of digital transformation and turn their visions into reality. As an international team with headquarters in Germany fueled by more than 350 exp...

Luka Marić
Vlad Lokshin
The client is an engineering and technology consultancy firm developing products for engineering companies. The client partnered with Instinctools for the development of multiple mobile applications for them majorly for the iOS platform only. Instinctools has been working continuously for the client and usually every project was finished on time and within the specified budget. The client is quite satisfied with Instinctools and praised their highly skilled talent pool and their efficiency of work. The client has already recommended them to their friends several times and continues to do so.

instinctools is Retail Company in 89 Hauptstätter Str., Stuttgart, Germany

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2 reviews

Shopdev Technologies

ShopDev is a technology & design company specializing in software product development, technology innovation and venture incubation. We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernize core technology, optimize and automate operations, fuel di...

Atif Irfan Abbasi
We are an online real-estate platform.We hired ShopDev to build our online platform. ShopDev provided a modern UI and functionalities for the web app and the back-end was created for easy management for the admin. ShopDev built a mobile-friendly website and had all the modern web features while maintaining the integrity and image of the brand.We launched the website in early 2019 and got an amazing response from our customers and new visitors.Project management was handled with complete professionalism and ensured the on-time delivery of every module.
Haasin Bin Zahid
The domain expertise and bench strength at Shopdev was definitely the wow factor for us. They had the skill-set available to customize and optimize everything the way we wanted it to be.

Shopdev Technologies is Retail Company in 412 N. Main St. Ste 100, Buffalo, United States

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11 reviews


ROCKETECH is a software development company that specializes in analytics-driven web and mobile development. Our team has released 100+ products for 70+ startups and enterprises as IT consults. Our solutions are recognized The Apps Of The Day on App Store, receive recognitio...

Vladimir Makarov
It is very cool when working with a team is not just a customer / client relationship, but when it becomes a partnership in which common goals and the most effective methods of achieving them are jointly formulated.The processes built in ROCKETECH.IT and the general high level of specialists allow you to be confident in the results. The way the team is able to solve complex, sometimes conflicting tasks, speaks of a high level of professionalism and internal culture. I often recommend the ROCKETECH.IT team to those companies for which it is either important to find a long-term partner, or need to reach the result within the planned time frame.I wish the team great success and further development!
Марина Борисова
Rocketech helped built a company website, using modern technology tools and design trends to implement new features and functionality that better serve consumers. They continue to provide support now.We needed a vendor with proven experience in the industry, an excellent understanding of modern web trends, IT knowledge, and top-notch design and development skills. We looked online for an agency that met our standards, also noting their price points and team depth. Rocketech met all of our requirements, so we chose to work with them.Rocketech developed a website to support our business. They continue to implement new tools and solutions to improve our processes and increase our productivity. The team continues to support the site, making any changes and updates we request.We worked with a partner, a project manager, several developers, a designer, an art director, and a QA specialist.With the help of Rocketech, we’ve completely transformed our business model. Now, we’re able to quickly respond to inquiries, allocate more time to tasks, test new tools, expand our functionality, and reach new customers. The website also includes different elements that reflect our company’s personality. I’m truly grateful for their help, and I see this partnership lasting far into the future.

Rocketech is Retail Company in Belomorskaya street, 1, Kiev, Ukraine

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1 reviews


We are a full-cycle software development company focusing on an approach to business transformation that puts people first. We combine our innovative technology vision with our clients’ business objectives to help them have a smooth journey to digital transformation. For ov...

Aleksey Moiseev
We started the development of medical software. One can imagine it's quite sophisticated still Sibedge was able to handle it. So we spent no time to enter the project. So far so good.

Sibedge is Retail Company in Leola Ct #1 , Cupertino, United States

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1 reviews

Globus ltd.

Globus is a leader in mobile and web development and analytics for enterprises. We can build a technically complex and user-friendly product. We create web services of varying functionality and complexity; our team has an extensive background in developing high-load projects. We ...

Ilia Moltyaninov
The client is a company providing recruitment services. They help employers to find an appropriate candidate for the vacancy in their company and they also guide employees in their search for a job by suggesting them the companies suitable to their profile. They partnered with Globus Ltd. to develop a windows platform based mobile application for job seekers. The client is very satisfied with Globus Ltd. because of their technical knowledge and excellent support services and recommends them highly to their colleagues.

Globus ltd. is Retail Company in Zemlynoi val str. 52a/3, Moscow, Russia

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1 reviews

Mobile Dimension

Mobile Dimension are the proven experts in enterprise mobile solutions and technologies. Our key services include developing mobile applications, building end-to-end corporate mobile infrastructure, developing unique b2b and b2c solutions, technical support, consulting and supply...

Andrey Petrov
Colleagues from MD were qualified enough to provide fast and good service in our project.

Mobile Dimension is Retail Company in Baumanskaya str. 7, Moscow, Russia

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2 reviews

SoftMediaLab LLC

Our team has expertise in telecom, fintech, e-commerce, marketing, advertising, retail, etc.  We analyze user behavior, run marketplaces and exchanges, develop banking software. We know how to reduce logistics costs for e-commerce or manufacturers, how to increase the income...

Всеволод Кылосов
SoftMediaLab is a team of skilled professionals that helps us develop our mobile applications. Company employees are always available to contact. I am proud of the product that came out of our work with the SoftMediaLab.
Всеволод Кылосов
Good developers. Everything you can expect from the development firm. Can't give highest rating because staff was removed from the project couple of times.

SoftMediaLab LLC is Retail Company in Mamina Sibiryaka, Ekaterinburg, Russia

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2 reviews


Founded in 2015, HuskyJam quickly proved to be a reliable and stable partners in fields of frontend, backend and mobile development.  Company has been working with Google, Toyota, Lexus, Tom Tailor, Audi, Porsche.  HuskyJam always delivers and has a great team...

Ivan Shushurin
Our company has long experience with the HuskyJam team. We managed to implement dozens of projects together. From very small to large enough. Often turned to them with complex ideas in terms of technical implementation. HuskyJam has a high level of trust with us.
Alexander Purgin
Husky Jam provides high-quality development services for a reasonable price. They are experts in WEB and IT. We've done several projects with them from websites to custom CRM's and etc.

HuskyJam is Retail Company in Marksistskaya, 20, Moscow, Russia

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3 reviews


Developing custom software solutions since 1998 and employing 150+ experienced in-house developers, Sibers provides safe outsourcing services and high quality results for your business. We love coding and know how to do it right. Among others 1700+ top-notch IT outsourcing soluti...

Rob King
We have worked with Sibers for many years on several web and mobile app products. A solid team with flexibility to meet our needs. Customer service processes are executed well.
I have been working with Sibers for over two years developing and improving an app for the entertainment industry which we recently released.Throughout the process, the experience was top notch, from affordability to reliability to availability and customer service. The project manager and developers completed tasks efficiently and brought creative ideas to the table that improved the app.I am happy to vouch for Sibers and the employees that I've encountered. It's been a great (and continuing) experience.

Sibers is Retail Company in Lavrentyeva Avenue 6/1, 605, Novosibirsk, Russia

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Retail Agency

Challenges that Retail is facing:
- Poor IT infrastructure
- Bad customer experience
- Digital transformation
- Stay competitive in the digital era
- Keeping up with technology and innovation: IoT, Big Data, AI chatbot, AR & VR...
- High Operating expenses
- Slow processes
- Challenges in time and cost savings
- Digitising customer expectations
- Poor customer data
- Multiple security risks

Benefits of technology solutions for Retail:
- Improve customer satisfaction
- Serve customers with the same efficiency
- Convenient and fast
- Increase in Efficiency
- Better manage inventory may improve profitability
- Make the supply chain processes more efficient
- Handling of Information Efficiency
- Reduce inventory costs
- Accuracy
- Easy Communication
- Advanced data analytics
- Automate your inventory control
- Facilitate inventory control
- Keep track of your margins
- Improve your forecasting
- Adopt a just-in-time relationship with suppliers
- Collect and store customer data easily and efficient

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