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Top Company In Uruguay 2022

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the Agencies In Uruguay. Browse their ageny profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 166 Company In Uruguay By Client Rating

Rating of Stadium on Cloodo

Trust score 4.6 on Cloodo


En Stadium encontrarás la mejor selección de calzados y accesorios de las mejores marcas. Somos la zapatería número uno de Uruguay con más de 30 sucursales, tenemos una gran variedad de calzados y accesorios, para todos los miembros de la familia y para cualquier presupuesto. Nos...

Company in Montevideo, Uruguay

Rating of Rootstrap, Inc. on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Rootstrap, Inc.

At Rootstrap, we help enterprises scale people, processes, and products through outcome-driven development. We choose projects upon which we can make an impact and measure our own success by the success of our clients. Companies like Disney, Salesforce, Google, Spotify and Master...

Rating of Asap Developers on Cloodo

Trust score 3.92 on Cloodo

Asap Developers

asap developers is a San Francisco App Development company. We specialize in web and mobile app development for iOS and Android. With our team of engineers and designers we’ve developed awesome MVPs for many startups and San Francisco Bay Area companies. asap...

Rating of Abstracta on Cloodo

Trust score 4.88 on Cloodo


Abstracta is a leading, pure-play and independent software testing services company founded in 2008 with offices in California, the UK and Latin America. We offer testing consultancy services centered on building custom, dedicated testing teams. Our teams have the added...

Rating of Solcre Technology on Cloodo

Trust score 3.67 on Cloodo

Solcre Technology

We provide a full range of services that encompass the areas of programming, design, animation, video, and online marketing. The creativity of a design studio, the effective communication of a marketing agency, and the extensive knowledge of a software factory are all combined he...

Rating of QAlified on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


QAlified is a software testing and quality assurance company specialized in solving quality problems by reducing risks, maximizing efficiency and strengthening organizations. An independent partner to evaluate software quality with experience in different technologies for any typ...

Rating of CodigoDelSur on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


  CodigoDelSur is a 12-year-old expert software, web, and mobile app development shop. With a team of more than 90 talented developers & designers excited to incorporate the latest technologies into the more than 200 top-notch applications created so far, we pr...

Rating of Lares Uruguay on Cloodo

Trust score 4.1 on Cloodo

Lares Uruguay

Active tours focused on wine, art, gastronomy, nature & culture. At Lares, we believe that true travel is so much more than simply ticking places off a list it is about an authentic, intimate connection with the environment, people and culture, and its on this unwavering ph...

Rating of sophilabs on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


We are a software development and design company formed by experienced designers, software and data engineers who love building web and mobile applications. At the beginning of each project, we run a product inception workshop depending on how clear the requirements are...

Rating of Bixlabs on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Technology is shaping the world. With that idea in mind is that we work every day to help improve peoples' lives. At Bixlabs we create digital products for web, iOS, and Android. With offices in Houston and Montevideo, we communicate with our partners using a mature Agile approac...

Rating of Octobot on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


We’re a software consultancy passionate about creating innovative digital solutions and transforming ideas into products that people love. The mobile and web apps we’ve built continue to support the evolution of key industries in the United States and improve people&r...

Rating of CasaTropical on Cloodo

Trust score 4 on Cloodo


Casa Tropical ofrece departamentos, casa y pisos compartidos para estudiantes y jovenes profesionales en América Latina....

Rating of Kadabra IT on Cloodo

Trust score 4.33 on Cloodo

Kadabra IT

We are a team of technology information specialists dedicated to mobile and web developments. We are located in Uruguay, we have the potential, knowledge and willingness to work with you!.   ...

Rating of OneTree on Cloodo

Trust score 4.5 on Cloodo


We are a technology services and consulting company; we help clients, in more than 10 countries, through our experience in software development, UX design, Ecommerce, and Mobile systems across different industries. We are passionate and committed to take on challenges that can ma...

Rating of December Labs on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

December Labs

At December Labs, we identify, design and develop innovative software solutions, applications, services and platforms. With offices in San Francisco, Houston and Montevideo, our team of 40+ top-notch PHD's, Architects, Researchers, PM’s, Strategists, Developers and Designer...

Rating of Modelit on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Our services include Salesforce Custom Development, Salesforce Configuration, and building apps for the Salesforce AppExchange. At Modelit, we take care of all the aspects to implement a new system, configure a current set up, or build an application. Our team of Salesforce Certi...

Rating of SpaceDev on Cloodo

Trust score 4 on Cloodo


SpaceDev is a software factory serving companies and start-ups all around the world. Using agile methodologies we develop Full-Stack projects together with our clients, working as a whole team with them to expand their capabilities and resources. Our team is comprised of highly s...

Rating of Uruit on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


We are a committed nearshore development companylocated in Colombia, Uruguay, and incorporated in Los Angeles, California. Since 2007, we’ve created web & mobile solutions with innovative US companies. Whether you need to build a new product, scale your existing so...

Rating of VAIRIX Software Development on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

VAIRIX Software Development

VAIRIX is a software development boutique based in Uruguay that helps US startups and businesses build and grow through end-to-end development and staff augmentation services.   We are an agile, highly responsive team of expert developers  ready to help you scale, ...

Rating of Todoofertas.com on Cloodo

Trust score 3.2 on Cloodo


Descuentos y promociones en Celulares, Notebooks, Computadoras, Artículos para el hogar, muebles, televisores y mucho más todos los días! Envíos a todo el país....

Rating of Toptier Labs on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Toptier Labs

Between NYC and Montevideo, we’re a group of 40 designers, developers, product strategists, business analysts, and Scrum Masters who are all committed to one mission: making the digital world a more be experiential place. Whether you are a small company looking to grow, or ...

Rating of ZirconTech on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


ZirconTech is a trusted partner helping organizations to thrive in their digital transformations using its expertise in Blockchain technologies, Mobility, IoT, big data and cloud computing. Ensure the success of our customers by providing them with the best solution based on sta...

Rating of Software Testing Bureau on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Software Testing Bureau

Ensuring that the value of software meets business expectations. Software Testing Bureau performs tests on software to validate that it is functional, safe and reliable. Based on a comprehensive approach, applying best practices, technology and guided by a specialized team of c...

Rating of TowerHouseStudio on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


At TowerHouse Studio we realize our clients goals and vision by crafting custom digital solutions to real world problems. With a strong focus on quality and client satisfaction, we go above and beyond to provide the best service possible. We work with a well defined, refined, and...

Rating of Innuy - Full Stack Development on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Innuy - Full Stack Development

We are a software factory that tackles the hard problems, developing high-quality, state-of-the-art applications for global markets. Not only do we use cutting-edge technologies, we also apply the latest productivity tools and methodologies to deliver great, scalable software fas...

Rating of On Mango on Cloodo

Trust score 4 on Cloodo

On Mango

On Mango is a marketing agency that provides consulting services, development and implementation of online marketing strategies. Our goal is to maximize the return on advertising investment, advising our clients on all aspects of the presence of their brand in the digital environ...

Rating of Ironhide Game Studio on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Ironhide Game Studio

Ironhide is a video game studio founded in 2010 by three friends. We work in developing games for mobile devices and PC.  ...

Rating of Kaizen Softworks on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Kaizen Softworks

We are a consulting tech shop focused on collaboration. We deliver quality software aligned to your business needs. Since 2014 we have been working for US small to midsize companies in several industries using the latest Microsoft and Open Source technologies to enable their digi...

Rating of Kreitech Software on Cloodo

Trust score 0 on Cloodo

Kreitech Software

Kreitech is a software development company created by Software Engineers that love developing and engaging new challenges. We are home to highly skilled developers, technical architects, project managers, analysts and quality assurance specialists that can make your project a suc...

Rating of QB Media on Cloodo

Trust score 0 on Cloodo

QB Media

QB Media is a boutique design and animation studio located in Uruguay. We happen to know a bunch about branding and interactive solutions. Our services include logo design and corporate identity, advertising, web design and motion graphics (video, animations, etc.). So far we ha...

Rating of Altana Films on Cloodo

Trust score 0 on Cloodo

Altana Films

Altana Films is a full production service company for TV commercials, multi-media content, TV shows, feature films, stills photography and documentaries. ...

Rating of Infuy on Cloodo

Trust score 0 on Cloodo


We develop web & mobile applications in java, php, clojure, node and ruby for worldwide clients. We are a small company run 100% by technical people who loves to create, discover and experiment with new technologies. ...

Rating of Ledanet on Cloodo

Trust score 0 on Cloodo


With the aim of providing integral solutions based on IT services (Information Technology), in 2007, Ledanet was created, an enterprise that since its inception seeks to meet the needs of companies in terms of integration and technological solutions. Our bet is to provide integra...

Rating of Cualit on Cloodo

Trust score 0 on Cloodo


Cualit (www.cualit.com) is a full service agency that helps create innovative, quality digital experiences to drive success for the worlds leading brands and startups. We are a single vendor, offering convenient cohesive services of emerging technologies, marketing, design, teams...

Rating of DevXtend on Cloodo

Trust score 0 on Cloodo


Devxtend is an Uruguayan company, dedicated to the development of software and implementation of computer systems. We are dedicated to developing useful and efficient solutions for our customers, using the latest technologies on the market. ...

Rating of Brocsoft on Cloodo

Trust score 0 on Cloodo


We are a company located in Montevideo, Uruguay, associated with CUTI (Camara Urugaya de Tecnologias de la Información). We are specialists in custom software development such as: CRM, ERP and mobile applications for all platforms. Our team: Engineers and business analysts...

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