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Adamo Digital

Adamo Digital

, , Vietnam


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This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

About Adamo Digital

Adamo Digital is a leading outsourcing software development company in Vietnam, offering outstanding mobile app development, web development, and custom software solutions.

In term of software development technology, we are leveraging cutting-edge technologies of both open and closed source:

  • Mobile app development: our dedicated developers focus on Swift, Object-C, Java, Kotlin, Android Wear, and React Native, etc. We have experience in deploying both pure native and cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Web development: we offer high-quality outsourcing services of front-end and back-end. We own a strong team of developers, testers, project managers in various technology. Including PHP, Node.js, Java, Ruby on reals, .NET, Angular, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Outsourcing dedicated development team: we offer custom software development team to companies or enterprises, which require developers in long-term projects. Working as in-house developers, businesses could handily scale up the development team and get full control of the projects.

Launching in 2016, We have successfully delivered over 60 projects to startups, SMEs, and MNCs from several parts of the world, including America, Australia, Europe, and Singapore. With high client satisfaction, we focus on a quality-driven delivery model and profound knowledge of the latest industry trends. We offer our clients progressive, timely, and high-value solutions.

With currently 50+ full-time staff, we are one of the fastest-growing software companies, enjoying a double increase in size and scale in just two years. Even in the midst of the pandemic, Adamo Digital has maintained a high growth rate due to our core strengths and clients’ trust.

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