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cloodo - Agency Listing - Addon Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Addon Solutions Pvt Ltd.

92-Sarovar Compled, Bh/ Samudra Annexi, C.G.Road, India

Phone: +919925039225

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Remy Sharp
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We are a product development company with multiple technology partners to do the technical work. We have been working with Addon Solutions for the past three or four years. Over the this time, they developed three products and two apps for us from scratch.Good think about Addon Solution is that their team does not give up and sincerely try to deliver a working solution.If you are looking for a dedicated team to develop your web or mobile applications, I would highly recommend Addon Solutions.

Remy abc

Rakesh Zalavadiya

2022-01-20 at 23:04:22

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Addon Solutions team have great sense of commitment and design best part is with UI/UX. Really they have the Addon vision for your project. This is my third project and always completed projects on time. Very easy to work with team and were able to simplify instructions and processes to make our work much less stressful. During project development like few suggestion form team. Looking forward to work again with Addon Solutions team. Grate work keep it up.

Remy abc


2022-01-20 at 23:04:22

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The client is second largest music production company in Persian music industry. Addon Solutions was involved in developing a mobile application on both Android and iOS platforms to support their website for online music playback. The client is highly satisfied with the quality of work done and the customer service provided by Addon Solutions and recommends them highly to their colleagues.

The client is into industrial automation and makes innovative solutions for sailors of all levels under the name SuperSail. The client aims to make the voyage easier for the sailors through GPS-enabled systems and embedded data collection. They have developed some innovative tools in tight cooperation with elite sailors so that all sailors can improve performance and also monitor their voyage well. Addon Solutions was selected to provide mobile application development services as well as website maintenance. The client is satisfied with the services and deliverables of Addon Solutions. They were praised for their professionalism and fast response to queries. The client highly recommends them to their colleagues.

About Addon Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Addon Solutions is an offshore mobile and web development firm located in India. We create awesome mobile and web apps for entrepreneurs and startups. Addon Solutions is exclusive and pioneered providing Remote Mobile Applications Developer, Addon Solutions is offering various mobile apps for iphone, android and web development services. What we are best known for is our offshore staffing; we offer to dedicated developers. If your organization or you need a robust, focused and responsive software development outsourcing company with fluent English speakers developers and get directed connections with developers that can deliver what you need at a fraction of what you’d pay domestically, We are here to help you Contact Addon Solutions.





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