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cloodo - Agency Listing - Adsup LLC

Adsup LLC

Medikov avenue 5, Russia

Phone: +78126481763

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Remy Sharp
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We work with the Adsup team only for 3 months so far, but the results of our cooperation are very beneficial already. The volume of media spend over the last 2 months increased by 400%. Adsup helped us to penetrate the Kazakhstan market and gain a foothold on it; they also significantly improved our positions in Uzbekistan. The level of communication with the media-buying team of Adsup is much more than satisfying, their feedback is always prompt, and they get the optimization steps done in a fast and efficient way. For now, Adsup performs not only UA but also dynamic retargeting and remarketing for ZoodMall in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan exclusively. We are very pleased with the cooperation and hope to strengthen it in the future.

Remy abc

Timur Kulbaev

2022-01-20 at 23:31:27

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We worked with Adsup throughout last year and I really liked their approach! The game we work on together eventually hit the top 10 grossing rank. Great job!

淑珍 陈

2022-01-20 at 23:31:27

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Having a good cooperation with adsup! The traffic quality is reliable.

About Adsup LLC

Adsup.me is a performance marketing agency founded in 2013 that helps promote mobile applications worldwide. The in-house UA team, its own creative studio, DSP and Influence marketing provide clients with a strategic set of solutions to develop their project.

The team of the agency unites employees in offices in Saint Petersburg (Russia), Nicosia (Cyprus), Dover (USA).

The partnership approach, together with an in-depth analysis of your verticality, provides a strategy that Adsup.me successfully implements to increase the profit of a mobile application. The mix of more than 20 sources of traffic (Facebook, YouTube, myTarget, TikTok, Instagram, VKontakte, Twitter, Snapchat, Adjust and others.), creations 2D and 3D formats and non-standard methods of working with target audiences, allows the agency to successfully carry out many projects for more than two years. 

It has over 200 applications, including Delivery, inDriver, Joom, Camel Games and many others.







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