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ALTERA.MEDIA is a digital agency founded in 2017 in Lviv, Ukraine.

With a strong focus on providing unique solutions and comprehensive internet services for the development of online businesses, ALTERA.MEDIA aims to offer an individual approach to each client's business development.

Our team at ALTERA.MEDIA understands the needs of businesses before starting a collaboration. We create innovative solutions that not only help our clients stay ahead of the competition but also set new trends in the industry. Our goal is to provide effective tools and open doors for online businesses.

At ALTERA.MEDIA, speed, quality, and quick decision-making are the driving forces behind our ambitions. Our collaboration will not only result in positive emotions but also a long-lasting friendship and/or a successful business partnership.

After the website creation stage is completed, our team continues to work with clients to develop a strategic plan that ensures even better results.

Our skills include programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax. We follow the Agile SCRUM methodology for effective project management. Our team is proficient in using systems like Trello, Git, and VCS for efficient control and collaboration. When it comes to wireframes and frameworks, we have expertise in PHP (Laravel, Symfony, YII2) and JavaScript (Angular, Vue, React). We work with web servers like Apache, Nginx, and NodeJS, and use tools like PhpStorm, Xdebug, and PHPUnit for testing.

With our expertise and comprehensive range of services, ALTERA.MEDIA strives to provide our clients with the best possible support for their online businesses. Our website, https://altera.media/, serves as a platform to showcase our capabilities and serve as a point of contact for potential customers.

With our years of experience in the industry, ALTERA.MEDIA has established itself as a leading agency in the digital realm. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional results to our clients.

For more information about ALTERA.MEDIA, please visit ALTERA.MEDIA.

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