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24 Executive Park Suite 140, United States

Phone: 9498789800

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Remy Sharp
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We hired ANiMODUS to handle our IT-related issues like desktop and server security as well as setting up our VMware infrastructure and colocation servers. On a day-to-day basis, ANiMODUS handles all of our company's IT needs. I appreciate that I never have to worry about anything related to servers, desktops, firewalls, and infrastructure. They've also consulted on larger projects for us. ANiMODUS has set up multiple VMware infrastructures, servers, storage systems, and colocation farms. Since I never have to follow every aspect of their work, I don't have a detailed list.ANiMODUS provides many different layers of support. The owner is my main point of contact, but we also interact with other members of their team. At my old company in 2004, I called a local IT shop to find help with merging three different offices over the course of one weekend. They Connected me with Gary (Owner, ANiMODUS) who was working for someone else at the time and worked all day and night all to get that project done. I've known him ever since, and it was an easy decision to hire ANiMODUS when he started the company. We haven't experienced any issues with downtime or security since we've been working with ANiMODUS. As a software company, we don't have a massive number of employees on staff. The VMware infrastructures and colocation server farms they set up, architected, and guided us through have been hugely successful. Anecdotally, one of my business partners and I were on a cruise our database server had a problem, and our backups weren't on. While we were communicating from the cruise ship, ANiMODUS assembled a team to piece together SQL server backups and restore our hard drive. The team went far above and beyond our planned day-to-day operations. They saved all of our client data while we were away. It seemed miraculous. I consider that experience to be a major success. I'm 100 percent happy with ANiMODUS's level of responsiveness and coordination with our team. They performed well from a communications standpoint.

About Animodus

At ANiMODUS we’re taking Managed IT Services to another level. To the right level. To a truly proactive level. So forget everything you know about IT providers and how they work, and let’s cultivate your vision with strategically proactive technology.

At the end of the day, it’s about the people and how they interact with technology. How they view the workplace. And how they experience the world around them.

Our goal with Managed IT Services is to remove technology-based obstacles from the picture altogether — giving us the ability to focus on what really matters. Your vision.





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