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86-90 Paul Street, United Kingdom

Phone: +442033221046

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Remy Sharp
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Applify created an impeccable team of developers, designers, project managers, testers, and deployment engineers that perfectly met our requirements and needs. As soon as the designs for Thewashing app were shown to us, we knew we were in good hands. We are planning to launch our app within next 6 months and with all the trial tests we are doing we are highly optimistic that it will be a huge success. They are extremely easy to work with, and we have a very good working relationship with them.Everything from their approach to their process is excellent. Even during current crisis they have put a system in place for us to keep constant track of the progress on the project. They have arranged scrum meetings and weekly video calls with the team working on our project which makes us feel safe about our app.

Remy abc

Nitin Pahwa

2022-01-20 at 23:24:52

Rating Cloodo

Our experience has been phenomenal so far. We are loving how the app is turning out to be. Applify team is delivering exceptional work and exceeding our expectations. Absolutely recommended!

Remy abc

Jason Pinto

2022-01-20 at 23:24:52

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Being from the startup space in Mumbai and working from a company with an in-house app development team, I know it's importance. When I set out for launching my own app-based startup, I looked at all the Indian companies and among the multitude of Global App development companies - Applify in my opinion, stood out. From their account managers to their UX team, the quality is consistent and most importantly they make it a point that they are on the same tangent as the client. Well, I've had a smooth journey with them and it keeps getting better.

Remy abc

Gavril Cornea

2022-01-20 at 23:24:52

Rating Cloodo

Working with Applify team was a great experience, they followed my instructions and gave valuable advices. We are still working together and I will use them for my future projects.

About Applify

We Transform Your Ideas Into Reality – With Awesome Apps!

Applify is a rapidly growing app development agency with a focus on developing apps that people love to use and talk about.

We have the best team that works with full efforts and sincere dedication to bring your app into life. It's the result of their tireless efforts – that we have established ourselves in the league of leading mobile app developers.

We are best known for transparency and reliability in our workflow, take a look at how we work






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