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APPSTIRR (Labstirr LLC) is a universal expert in mobile application design & development. We create comprehensive applications and games for entrepreneurs, start-ups and enterprises across various platforms such as Android and iOS.

We also provide high-end web solutions to assist businesses in achieving their true potential and spread their message across the digital world. Passionate, talented and highly trained designers and app developers are at your service 24/7 to deliver unprecedented mobile app solutions to you. We love to bring you solutions that not only meet your requirements and fit into your solution set but rather become an integral and natural part of the system and this is how we think and deliver.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for APPSTIRR

I engaged APPSTIRR two years ago to create a mobile application for the real estate development company I work for. We have more than three offices globally with upwards of 2,000+ clients. APPSTIRR helped us with creating a one-window operation for our business and customers to streamline the whole process on how we work with our clients. More than 50.0% of our customers are now using the application to interact with the company.The application development process was very smooth, it took the team six months to develop the application as they had promised. During the whole development process the project management team was very helpful in actually incorporating changes we had requested (this is something I was pleasantly surprised about).I have worked with consultants in many different fields from finance, IT services to lawyers. It has been a real pleasure working with APPSTIRR given their continuous communication, being helpful in accommodating our requests and delivering on all they promised..We have been now working with APPSTIRR for almost two years and have a great working relationship.Kudos to team APPSTIRR for all the support!

2022-01-20 at 23:21:52

Jasmine Morgan

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I had been managing my financial records manually for quite some time. Then I moved on to financial budgeting apps available in the market, but to be honest, I faced several problems while using them. One problem I have faced is coming across too many ads while using an app. For this reason, I thought of easing everyone's life by developing an app that would actually do what it is made for, without intrusive ads.I was looking for a professional app development company when I found APPSTIRR. After taking one look at their website, I instantly realized that they are the ones I am looking for. Their team worked on my project like they did not have anything else to do. In reality, they were handling multiple projects. I really like the way they work and manage time for different projects. I would go to APPSTIRR again for another project.

2022-01-20 at 23:21:52

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