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Askan Technologies

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About Askan Technologies

We digitalize your vision. Askan Technologies is a custom software development company specializes in building large scalable applications, content management systems and business automation softwares. We automate your workflow to save tons of man hours





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Askan Technologies

I was pitched by Kan, the head of Askan Technologies, a few years ago when my website was lagging in terms of both speed and functionality. He cleaned it all issues without needing to resort to any of those dreaded third party plugins (that actually slow down your website when you have lots of them running!) and I went on to engage him and his team in helping rebuild Energy Therapy (energytherapy.biz) from scratch, including an e-learning membership site for our students worldwide. Kan and his team have always been super fast and efficient, as well as working to a very high standard both technically and aesthetically. Their communication skills are excellent, they are friendly yet professional in all aspects, including communication between their own team members, and I've found that their prices are always extremely competitive - if not the cheapest! - and they take good care of their clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Kan and his team to anyone wanting a first class website and excellent support alongside that.

2022-01-20 at 22:56:54

I am a provincial General Insurance Broker based in the North East of England and have been established 35 years.Over this time I have seen many businesses similar to my own disappear and close.The main reason is a change in shopping habits and businesses like my own not being able to compete with large comparison sites.I can across Kan and Askan Technologies as I had noticed that my own website was running slowly. I tested the speed of various so called experts own sites and found Askan to be the quickest.Being very impressed I then asked Kan if he could build me a website to quote and buy Gadget Insurance and also include a full back office system.The results were amazing and a fraction of what it would have cost in the UK.I now have a customer base of over 5000 that pay a monthly or annual subscription.My next project was to commission them to build an App. The app is designed to check that the phone to be insured is in good working order prior to granting Insurance cover.Basically to prevent fraudulent claims from people taking out insurance after they have a cracked screen and then submitting the claim.I have had a great response from the Insurance Companies and have told that the app is a market leader.Currently Askan are building me a system to quote Taxi Insurance online.In summary have assisted me more that any other company in any field since I started the business in 1985.I cannot over exaggerate the worth of dealing with Kan and Askan Technologies.Despite the distance in the locations the service that they offer is second to none. Also, their ability, reliability, quality, helpfulness and customer service is nothing short of excellent.As in the title my only regret is not discovering Askan earlier.Should anyone wish to speak to me or email me about Askan then please feel free to obtain my details from Askan Technologies.They are the best!Kevin SlowtherDirector MultiGadget.Insure

2022-01-20 at 22:56:54

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