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About Bianor

Bianor is an award-winning software outsourcing company with more than 20-year experience in developing custom high-tech solutions for leading companies in technology, media, telecommunications, and defense industry.


We are proficient in:

- IT business consultancy

- Software products concept proposition, implementation, quality assurance, placing in service, and support.


We possess considerable expertise in developing custom:

- Video/image processing solutions

- Video streaming and live broadcasting solutions

- Video-on-demand distribution solutions

- Video recognition, object tagging, and pattern analysis software.

In addition to the A-list civil sector customers, Bianor has a history of successful partnerships with leading Defense Industry contractors on various large-scale multinational projects for NATO and the EU. The company has a positive credit as a reliable IT vendor among world Defense Industry leaders like Northrop Grumman, Leonardo, and Rohde & Schwarz.


Certifications and Awards:

Bianor is NATO AQAP 2110 & 2210 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and has twice been awarded the Innovative Enterprise of the Year Award and the LISA Top Product Award, among other industry recognitions.


What We Value:

Our company culture. It stands for engagement, a deep professional level of understanding of our clients’ goals, recommendations, and clear-cut action. 

Our long-term clients. Our partnerships are built on proven principles and values such as transparency, work-ethic, trust, communication, and excellence.


Next Steps:

If you are interested to learn more about us, you are welcome to continue exploring our GoodFirms' profile and our website.

We would be delighted to discuss your projects and needs and happy to be among your shortlisted vendors.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Bianor

My name is Franco Barretti and I am NATO Programmes Program Manager at Leonardo Company. Bianor designed and delivered video streaming software. The project had to adhere to high mission-critical requirements for quality, speed, and reliability. Bianor proved as a trustworthy partner, which we recommend in other projects as well.Bianor’s team of developers and customer relations are great to work with, highly professional and diligent at their work.

2022-01-20 at 23:28:37

Hi, my name is Dragormir Boyadzhiev and I am CEO of Sentra OOD. We engaged Bianor as a software development partner to take part in the data analysis, architecture design and development of a comprehensive integrated service for monitoring, management, and maintenance of all subsystems of the water networks. It is a cloud-based SaaS system that provides predictive maintenance of the facilities based on prognostic diagnostics - statistical modeling, self-training, and improvement, risk assessment etc., that help during the decision making process for taking preventive and/or corrective actions and generating a schedule for implementing the respective duties/tasks.Bianor’s team performed in a highly professional manner, advised on aspects of their specific domain and know-how. The project was delivered on time and within budget with the expected high quality. I value their professional attitude and the open and clear communication on all levels.

2022-01-20 at 23:28:37

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