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cloodo - Agency Listing - Big Drop Inc

Big Drop Inc

111 John Street, Suite 450, United States

Phone: (212) 244-3767

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Remy Sharp

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Undertaking the design and development of a new website is always a challenge, but Big Drop knows the process inside and out and steers their clients artfully. Working with Big Drop was such a pleasure. From the initial conversations, we knew that they had our best interests in mind. During the UX phase, they were knowledgeable and made great recommendations based on users habits and industry trends. During the design phase, they masterfully merged all of our brand elements and specific function requests with beautiful aesthetics. Since launching, one of the compliments we most hear is how nicely the site blends high-design with an easy-to-navigate UX. (What more could you ask for?)Throughout development, Big Drop was always available to answer questions and make adjustments – and did so in a way that could put our minds at ease if we were ever starting to worry about a particular element or the timeline. In the end, Big Drop designed and developed an amazing website and offered amazing customer service throughout the project. Every project of this scale will have a few bumps along the way, but it’s how you deal with them – and Big Drop is always ready to adjust course to keep things moving swiftly and smoothly.

Remy abc

Brittany Pearl

2022-01-20 at 22:45:13

Rating Cloodo

I have been working with Big Drop for about a year now their re-design of our website was beautiful and interactive. Their Project Managers for both design and development were very easy to work with and had amazing response time for changes that needed to be made. I would highly recommend!

Remy abc

Allen Yesilevich

2022-01-20 at 22:45:13

Rating Cloodo

I have been working with Big Drop for several years and the team has been an integral part of our brand's evolution. The team is responsive, knowledgeable and accessible - all key qualities that make an agency top notch. I highly recommend Big Drop as a website development and design company.

Remy abc

Megan Snyder

2022-01-20 at 22:45:13

Rating Cloodo

I had the pleasure of working with the Big Drop team to refresh our website. All the project managers we worked with throughout the process were helpful and collaborative. The team was creative and totally got what we were going for in a new website. It's been a few weeks post launch and we're continuing to have a great experience with the maintenance/support team.

Remy abc

Michelle Pittman

2022-01-20 at 22:45:13

Rating Cloodo

Big Drop helped us reimagine our web presence. We collaborated on the best approach to using our website to attract visitors and capture leads. They were a true partner and listened while giving us the full benefit of their experience. We could not be happier with the finished product!

About Big Drop Inc

BigDrop Inc is a design and development firm that specializes in bespoke digital solutions for brands of all sizes.Your identity is a reflection of your company and much thought and effort needs to be put into your presentation.  The current generation revolves around the web as primary means to run your business, serve your clients, and communicate your branded message to the World.

 Through careful consultations, we can find out what your taste is, whether it is a simple informational or a lavish multimedia site.  As a creative workforce, we produce design experiences that entertain, inspire, satisfy and challenge our clients and their patrons.  We help enable your market to see the "glow" of your organization and increase prospects from being one-time visitors to regular consumers.





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