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BR Softech Pvt Ltd

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About BR Softech Pvt Ltd

BR Softech is a global leader in next-generation software and outstanding application development. Stand out from the ordinary with BR Softech. It was established in  AUG 2010 and since then focused on building unique products and solution using advanced technologies.

It’s an award-winning ISO 9001: 2008 Certified web, game, and mobile app development company.  With years of experience and team of 250 + professionals, we help you transform the world by serving in various business verticals.

From artificial intelligence to machine learning, cryptocurrency, software development we help you bring innovation with advancement and creativity. With digital transformation, we encourage you to find opportunities right for you.

BR Softech strives to broaden the horizon of imagination while empowering various industries. As an advanced information and technology company, we connect people and ideas accurately with ever-changing groundbreaking technologies to accurately deliver compelling solutions.

BR Softech manly famous for game development and fantasy sports products which is mosltly liked by our users. Check our famous games

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Poker Game

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Remy Sharp
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Reviews 4

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Latest client reviews for BR Softech Pvt Ltd


Wedding OfficiantCanada

Rating Cloodo
This is the worst software company ever!Here are some issues you will encounter if you are take a chance to work with them:1. They will tell you all the nice things you want to here to get the bid especially if you are going through Freelancer.2. They don't adhere to the contract and do whatever they want. In my case, there were items listed in the contract but they then came back saying its too much work and that they will need more money to do it.Two of my major modules that I needed done was not done.3. They will promise you timelines which never materialises. In my case, they promised me 45days but took over a year and still only delivered 50% of the site along with some malfunctions.4. All they care about it money and not the work.5. They switched developers and project managers on me about 6 times and they don't seem to communicate with each other. I constantly found myself repeating the same conversation about 100 times. I don't know if it due to language barier but I even created a google document to make the expectations clear but they didn't follow through.6. I have lost time, money and a lot of business opportunities because of their constant lies.7. They don't even test the product before handing it over. I found a lot of bugs even after what they delivered and they refuse to fix unless I pay them extra money which is extortion. They promised to provide support for 3mths after the project is done but they just flat out refuse because they need money.8. The CEO never returns e-mails or phone calls but he sent me just one e-mail with all these promises. The workers are disgruntled because he neer pays them on time which affects the way the do their work.WARNING!!! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GUYS....IF GOOGLE ALLOWED ME TO RATE THEM 0, THAT'S WHAT THEY WILL GET.CROOKS!!!

2022-01-20 at 22:45:04


Priya Gupta

Rating Cloodo
The client is an e-commerce website that sells Indian handicrafts, tapestries, home decor, and clothing items. They display a wide range of products under each of their categories with free shipping worldwide and delivery at your doorstep. With the increase in demand of online customers, the client was looking for a company that could help them develop a website to sell their products online and thus approached BR Softech. They were content with the way their website was designed and developed. They highly appreciate BR Softech’s punctuality, their prices, and the support provided by them.

2022-01-20 at 22:45:04

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