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BrainX Technologies

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About BrainX Technologies

BrainX is an offshore software development firm offering services and solutions to the global market. Our top priority as a company is the satisfaction of out clients.

It was established by a team of self-motivated and vibrant individuals who anticipated the impact of technology on global business. We are a diverse group of determined engineers driven to succeed through the individual strengths each one of us brings to the table.

Mission Statement

Empower business owners to achieve exceptional performance and growth through software products.

What to Expect

At BrainX, we believe in a thorough approach that provides our clients with as much engagement as they request. While our entire team will be developing your project, we will assign a project lead who will be your main point of contact.






Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for BrainX Technologies

We hired Brainx to fix an app that was poorly done by our prior app developer. The guys at Brainx knew exactly what we were looking for and worked with us to redesign the app to accomplish just what we wanted. Since then, the support has been excellent and we continue to work with them for periodic upgrades. All of the staff we interacted with were very professional and knowledgeable and all were a pleasure to work with. We strongly and warmly recommend Brainx to anyone looking for a skilled and knowledgeable app developer.

2022-01-20 at 22:56:13

Bina Jangda

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I hired in BrainX Technology to build a custom plugin. I am not in tech and this was my first plugin venture. Anyone who builds plugins or has taken on this type of project knows that it a long journey from idea to creation. I wasn't aware of the massive amount of work it would take perfect the plugin. Adeel and his team at BrainX were very patient with my lack of experience and very willing to work with me to see my vision to fruition. We are two years into this project. The plugin was successfully completed last year. We are still working together to tweak and change the plugin as needed. I did have a third party check the code simply because it is not my field of expertise. I can assess the plugin is working now but can't verify that it would stand up over time. Third party was very satisfied that the code was solid. We have had very few bugs and no major issues with the actual plugin. The few bugs that have come up have been fixed promptly by BrainX. I was very afraid that I would shell out a lot of money for the plugin and then the development team would not be available to help with bugs. I have had this issue on other projects. This is not the case with BrainX. We have a very good relationship one year after the plugin is completed. When issues do come up, they respond back to me within a few hours. Fixes are completed same day for simple things and never more than a few days for bigger issues. I am really happy to find this team of expert coders and developers. I hope to continue working with them for years to come and can not recommend enough.

2022-01-20 at 22:56:13

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