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Remy Sharp
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I'm Siva, The CEO, and owner of Ostora, the fully integrated solution for e-learning and education. We were searching for a qualified company to solve our problem, It was creating the project, branding, logos, and almost everything. We didn't have enough time, Brightery was the choice after we discussed 3 different agencies from different countries, The project was a well-developed website with enough satisfying UI Design and good UX design. These people made the project more than we expected.The goal is creating better ways and easy for our students to help them with more advanced websites, loyalty systems, an automated system for billing to make the best and go on with them. they were recommended by a friend, they're good people and advanced knowing what they're planning for, He said. And when we finished the project, that's what we got.They created the structure of the website, application, loyalty program, and billing system and it was All-In-One app, helped our company to enhance the quality of services and products easy. They created an amazing interactive design with high-quality User experience. Developed the whole application and made an amazing combination of these tools they've added to help us in marketing. They created a high-quality code, we don't know much about development and codes, but the reports and look of codes they've shown us was amazing enough to catch your eye.Tested the application and got sure that everything is walking to the right path, at the right time. Enhanced our servers and created security checks. Make us an amazing report including every single thing.I don't know exactly because I was contacting the Account Manager of mine and she was too kind and always understanding what I wanted to say, What I needed to add before I even mention. But they told me about the whole team were working on my application, they were designers, developers, managers, analysts, Etc.Well, We don't have enough numbers and reports to talk about but, We had easier ways to reach, make new courses and offers with easy to use announcement tools, easy billing and easy to use applications our students using ostora could use.The truth is, they contacted me on my email, and I sent everything we wanted to do and waited for a day or less, They sent me estimation for my project and this estimation was suiting my budget, I Approved the cost. one day later they sent the timeline, the bill, and how to pay the project budget, I wasn't ready to pay the whole project cost, I was a little bit hesitated, it's my first time I contact a company and start work with this budget which isn't so small for a business like mine. They gave me the ability to pay 50% of the estimated budget, and the truth is they made the whole project in time and I paid the rest of its cost.unlike other companies, they're too friendly, like friends they're doing the work, advising you with things you should take care of, things should be added to the requirements, and they helped me to save some money with removing un-necessary requirements from the project. They are too friendly, That's a fact!I hope they can reduce the custom project costs a little bit, I know they're good people and so friendly, so professional and well-focused, but I think the custom project's budgets will not suit every business, I hope they scale more and gain more customers. but please guys, reduce the cost for more satisfied customers <3

About Brightery


About us
The Story

In 2015, a whole team gathered and made the first Brightery team for software development. About 10 Developers, Marketing specialists and graphic designers were together.

The same year this team added more people to make more difference to the world, Teams changed, morals and even vision and mission.

Brightery leading the marketing tools market

One year later, Brightery started with a new bigger, Better team to invade the marketing tools market and create the first product for this purpose (Brightery Facebook Business Scraper) the basic version and this was the first legal business scraper on the whole internet, giving information for marketers about the audience base they could target and make sales.

Then Brightery started producing more than application, enhanced the business scraper, made the Twitter bot, Brightery CRM, Brightery Customer reaction, Brightery CMS... etc

Brightery and new journey

2018 Brightery were sold, Most of the first generation founders left to start their own new Start-ups using their experience with brightery, Not all of them but most them left and this is how brightery started a brand new journey and new branches were opened.


Brightery has a branch in almost every continent: Africa, Asia, America and Europe. We're not going to stop there and going to add new branches.


Brightery hired different races, colors and nationalities. We're almost having so different amazing culture our selves that makes us in the top of the peace world. Brightery could prove that everyone can work in a team with other experts whatever he was, and his culture is.

This is what we call it:






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