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About Celadon

Our job is more than just software design and development, our job is taking care of your success. If you’re looking for a reliable Web and Mobile development partner, you’re about to knock the right door.

Why us?

  1. We focus on a selected set of technologies and industries to always keep track of new trends and best practices. Logistics, business intelligence, education, sports, and entertainment are our custom domains. 
  2. We realize that we live in a fast-paced world where time is priceless. We will reply to you immediately and start work instantly. Our processes are organized in a way we get the projects done without any waste of time. 
  3. Each project is special, but there’s still much in common. We know a number of tricks and approaches that can help you solve both technical and business challenges efficiently. We will not just help you bring your great ideas to life but will also hold you from making mistakes.
  4. We consider our work is something more than just software development. The first thing we’re looking to know is your goals. The first thing we’re taking care of is your success
  5. We are not a big company, we’re a team of engineers and designers that value each of our clients. We are flexible, committed and easy to work with because we love what we do. We are always in touch.
  6. We’re working as an extension of your business, in tight communication and total transparency. In this way, we ensure that the results of our work meet your expectations and solve your business goals without any waste of time on back and forth.

Isn’t it a pleasure to work with a team who knows their job and enjoys it? Like we do.





Remy Sharp
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Peter Kanmi

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We needed a social media marketing solution and for strategic reasons, we didnt have enough time. We contacted Celadon had a preliminary brief session on the phone. They were upfront with us and did an assessment of requirement. Afterward they simply told us they could not realistically deliver the project in the 4 weeks we had. So we dropped iOS App, dropped the Web App, Dropped the payment module. And requested for the Android App MVP. They said yes they could do that in 4 weeks but will require another 1 week for testing. So we agreed and they finished in 4 weeks and we started testing afterward and EXACTLY 5 weeks from the date they received the first payment, there were no issues noticed and we were able to launch.Generally,1. They are honest2. They are quite scientific in their approach. Beyond programming, they are Software Engineers in the full sense of it. They put a lot of thought into the user experience, system security, stability and bring it down to simple programmable tasks.3. Their project management is great, communication is perfect, and they are sincere.4. We have started a second project with them, a web application. 5. We overshot the budget by about 20%, which is within tolerance for us in the circumstance,considering we created something that never existed from ground up in 5 weeks.

2022-01-20 at 23:23:26

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