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Codein Software

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About Codein Software

In Codein we highly value quality, proper functionality,integration of existing solutions,one contact team and of course price. These are usually the main concerns of business owners,CEOs, CFOs, CTOs. People who are responsible for operation,finances and technology usually spend a lot of time to search for the appropriate team which will be responsible for a potential change on their current IT operation or the creation of a new one.

So initially you get the idea, gather all requirements and calculate your budget for such a project. Then you might be involved to a procedure which will cost you in terms of operational time and lost profits. For example,you might want to ask for a second opinion concerning your idea, perform some market research in order to find the ideal for you team and for such a project, and finally to shortlist the companies which you think are fitting better to your idea. On the other hand, you can avoid all this procedure and contact directly Codein.Just submit your idea (with full requirements/functionalities) and the rest is up to us. We have a great team with a lot of experience and a diversity of skills and expertise.

During the last 10 years we have successfully delivered projects (namely in financial services and exchange trading sectors, gaming, retail etc.) but we have created or participated in various complex and customized solutions. Of course, as all companies which don't put limits, we too have our strategic plans. Our vision is to create fully operative products which will help our clients boost their profits and minimize their operational costs. Till then, you can trust our team with current solutions as many companies did till now. We promise to be there in all steps of the project, from analyzing needs up to post delivery support.

So, if you have a concrete idea which you believe it can help your daily routine and engage more satisfied clients, act fast. Contact us now, and we will be happy to convert it to a useful business tool.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Codein Software

I'm director and owner of Golpas (https://golpas.com/) the oldest betting company in Kazakhstan, we operates more than 17 years. We have started our collaboration with Codein Software long-long time ago - at 2011.Since this time they serve us as only one technical team that provides all range of services.Our business has plenty of threats, starting from network attacks and up to cheaters who uses special software in order to get sencitive information that allows than to get some advantages for their betting.Also, as a live business we every time invents some ideas for implrovement of our services and new features creation. Some times, during our regular activity, we face to system issues and other troubles.Codein specialists closes all our neediness for development and support all this time.With Codein we have done such things like:- created white-label portals for our partners- created and implemented special data protection solution- created mobile applications for two platforms- created very functional module for client's bonuses and perks management- integrated plenty of 3rd-part content and games providersetc.Our collaboration is very fruitfull and efficience and I can confirm, that this team is definitely high-level professionals with deep technical competency and deep understanding of betting industry.

2022-01-20 at 23:24:19

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