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Contatti & Servizi

Contatti & Servizi

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About Contatti & Servizi

Contacts & Services was born in 2008 from the entrepreneurial idea of ​​Daniela and Rosangela, who after a long experience gained in various companies, decided to direct their professional skills by creating a cutting-edge business in the marketing sector.

Competence, passion and synergy: these are the common denominators that make Contacts & Services, a leading company. Each service offered represents a goal achieved with years of experience and customer satisfaction.

Marketing must be targeted and managed by following the various contacts in a continuous and discreet way, with all the professionalism and sensitivity necessary aimed at the goal that our customers must achieve.

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Logo Project Orpiv
Rating of Project Orpiv on Cloodo

18 Reviews


Orpiv Technologies is a company-based in Jammu and Kashmir India. We have 45 marketing, data entry, lead generation, and excel experts working in our company. Orpiv is composed of a bunch of passionate individuals who are steered by a creative spirit and intuitive thinking. Armed with expertise and guided by innovation, our enterprising arsenal has some of the best minds in the world of web development, design, and more. We are a digital marketing and Development company, which provides end-to-end solutions in connection to website development like website design, applications, and online marketing. Our holistic services include right from offering your website an excellent UI to helping you market digitally. We guarantee that regardless of the size of your business, you receive exactly what you envision for your site. Along with our wide range of expertise, you are certain to explore strong solutions, which help you handle businesses challenges. Our company has served clients around the world and boasts of a comprehensive clientele who vouch for our own services. We provide bespoke solutions that offer you a service specific to your requirements and relevant to your own business. From defining your site to exploring definitive solutions for your online marketing dilemmas, Orpiv Technologies is your go-to agency, which offers a bouquet of services related to data solutions, web hosting, website development, business solutions and so much more. Our team at Orpiv Solutions is driven by the appetite to present excellent result, enlisting us as the most reliable and trusted partner for our clients. Our indubitable work ethics and professionalism dictates our functioning style that leads to wonderful client relationships and excellent solutions. We have the necessary tools and superb workforce who continue to furnish premium service. Our reward lies in providing our clients with an enriching experience, which advocates our suggestion and makes you our loyal and repeat clients. Client satisfaction and creative contentment are what we aim for in our business. Orpiv Technologies was established in 2014. The journey started with a small team of five professionals working enthusiastically to make a difference in the field of web and technology. In 2015, the company was incorporated and gradually the team increased as the company achieved milestones of success and now the small team of five has reached the count of thirty-five. Our teams are committed to provide high-quality marketing and custom development solutions to small and big businesses alike. In this small duration, we have successfully established a strong relationship with numerous clients all around the globe. With the passage of time, our continuous efforts for innovative solutions have helped us in making a good name in the market of software development and digital marketing solutions.  

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Logo Project CIENCE
Rating of Project CIENCE on Cloodo

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CIENCE is a People-as-a-Service (PaaS). Our tech-enabled team members are accomplished, well-trained, positive forces of business change for our client companies. Our culture empowers our team to quickly solve problems and drive results for our clients. We work with the best brands, enterprise companies, and startups around the world. We test and experiment with our clients to find an Outbound Outreach formula that produces for their sales teams to develop long-term relationships.

This company was last updated May 18, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project BEETSOFT Co., Ltd
Rating of Project BEETSOFT Co., Ltd on Cloodo

11 Reviews


Beetsoft is an IT Consultancy, Outsourcing, Annotation and BPO company based in Vietnam and Japan. We cater to SME and MNC’s all around the globe by providing high-end services at a cost-competitive price. With 6 plus years of IT Consultancy and Outsourcing, BeetSoft is playing a stellar role in honing the skills of professionals, assisting companies to achieve success in their operating field of specialisation. We as an organisation have grown rapidly in the past two years, now with operating offices in Hanoi & Danang, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan with close to 600 employees. Beetsoft specialises in IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting, Application Development, Software Development, Game Development, Web Development, AR / VR / MR, AI & IoT, BPO & Annotation. Besides, we are also involved in projects related to Artificial Intelligence research and Robotics. Our Clients come mainly but not limited from The UK, Europe, USA, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Hong Kong and over 20 other countries around the world. 

This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Helpware
Rating of Project Helpware on Cloodo

7 Reviews


Helpware builds customized teams in Customer Service and Back Office for industry leading startups and modern companies. With offices in Irvine, Lexington, Kyiv, Manila and Guadalajara, we have the global scale to tailor custom teams and processes for success to our many powerhouse clients.

This company was last updated May 18, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Web Design Sun®
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Web Design Sun®

We are Web Design and Development Fully Remote Company focused on Client’s Results and Revenue. Let’s be honest – your revenue is very important to us, your success is our reputation. Our income depends on the effectiveness of the business solutions we provide. These are not empty words. Your results really matter to us! We have incredible expertise in creating customized web and mobile solutions; our programmers are dedicated code maniacs who adore bringing a product to perfection. Currently we are dedicated to next Tech List: Front-End stack: JavaScript(ECMAScript), React.js, Vue,js, AJAX, Bootstrap Python stack: Python 3+, Django, MongoDB PHP stack: PHP7, Laravel, MySQL Database stack: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, NoSQL The squad of our gifted designers prepares bespoke responsive design using the most advanced UI and UX technologies that reinforce websites and attract users. We hold control over your server and take care of the proper work of the whole system while you run your business. Operating with efficient SEO technologies our company works hard to propel forward brands around the globe. Since 2012, our company has completed hundreds of successful projects and developed high-performance products for start-ups as well as for bigwig enterprises. Web Design Sun® Team works remotely to get completely engaged in the development of your web wishes and needs.

This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project LimTC
Rating of Project LimTC on Cloodo

6 Reviews


We understand that it can be daunting for any small or medium sized business to walk the tight rope between managing costs, training manpower and still achieve the desired results. We know the importance of prompt service or skilled technical support in establishing your business and growing your customer base. Whether you seek support in marketing, sales, administration, customer assistance, onboarding or more, we extend our limits to exceed your expectations. Think of us as your extended team, behind the scenes, but working round the clock to give your business a boost of added power and performance. Our trained and experienced professionals work collaboratively with yours to maximize your potential and achieve desired outcomes, adapted and customized to markets worldwide.   Outsourcing that guarantees the results you expect and the peace of mind you deserve Pre-sales & Sales Support Helpdesk & Customer Support Technical Support (L1, L2, L3) Customer Success Backoffice Administration

This company was last updated May 18, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project TechSpeed
Rating of Project TechSpeed on Cloodo

6 Reviews


TechSpeed is a fast-growing premium Data Management service provider that enables clients to strategically outsource their data management in a cost-efficient way. TechSpeed has been providing innovative data processing solutions, personalized customer service and globally competitive pricing since 2002. Owned and managed in the USA TechSpeed has a portfolio of thousands of satisfied clients all over the world. TechSpeed offers free consultation, customized and collaborative transition planning, shared expertise and complete fee transparency to our clients.  Our Mission: To serve our clients with innovative data solutions, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. We strive to be your valued partner, by deeply understanding your challenges and building customized data solutions to drive your business.   

This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Triniter
Rating of Project Triniter on Cloodo

6 Reviews


Triniter helps top companies to expand and build specialized teams in customer service, back-office support, automation and AI. We have a global presence having offices in Miami, Manila, and Chennai. We have the highest customer retention and repetition rate in the industry which speaks for our quality.

This company was last updated May 18, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project SkyTech Solutions
Rating of Project SkyTech Solutions on Cloodo

5 Reviews

SkyTech Solutions

SkyTech Solutions was founded in September 2013 to meet the needs of organizations of all magnitudes, believing that the trend of outsourcing should not only benefit fortune 1000 companies but all businesses that aspire to become more competitive in their respective industries. Therefore, we set out to create a business model that, for the first time, made outsourcing affordable to businesses of any size, and we have successfully done just that. Today, we provide outsourcing services from our delivery centers in Bangladesh. Our facilities feature an on-site management team working all around the clock, fully redundant voice, data links to the global, enterprise-grade network infrastructure, uninterrupted power solutions, and all of the features of any imposing provider without grandiose cost structures. In addition, our service offerings comprise end-to-end customer management solutions, including an array of customer support, call-center, back-office support, virtual assistant, and digital marketing services. As a result, we help businesses deliver superior customer experience, improve customer loyalty, drive incremental revenue growth, maximize operational and organizational efficiency, and save operating costs by managing services on their behalf.

This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Plaxonic Technologies
Rating of Project Plaxonic Technologies on Cloodo

4 Reviews

Plaxonic Technologies

We foresee the future, we originate ideas, we befriend corporate challenges & we create the unbelievable.” - Plaxonic Technologies An organization with some of the most intellectual minds working together, Plaxonic believes in - “inventing advanced technologies & innovating them further to invent more.” We engineer smart IT & BPO solutions that understand, meet and deliver business expectations of our client base. Merging together our years of expertise and ambitious strategies, we serve the ever-evolving corporate world with services like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics & more. Our Diversity Is Our Strength That’s right! Our company has talented people from different fields, which helps to instill a unique perspective on every project we work on. From day one till the current year, we have earned some of the very prestigious clients who belong to businesses of every type, every size & every industry. Together, we create solutions that: Never go out of trend Support our clients to expand their business Build a long-term relationship between us and our client base Assure our clientele perform excellent at the global level

This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

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