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555 W. 5th Street 31st Floor, United States

Phone: (310) 906-2727

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Remy Sharp
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Design is a top priority for us and how our app looks is equally important as how it works. The C27 team emphasizes on a comprehensive, appealing UX/UI experience, with special attention to both cosmetics and an intuitive user experience. At each project milestone, C27 deliverables are consistent with our goals and priorities. This provides us confidence that C27 understands what our design expectations are.Vasile and his team possess a plethora of best practices from working with clients covering a broad spectrum of industries within the company’s portfolio. Vasile is genuinely interested in our mobile app idea from start to finish. He offers creative, award-winning input from working with market leaders while maintaining a pulse on the latest and greatest technologies.C27 prioritizes on project management and communication. Vasile is organized, proactive, and transparent during the project lifecycle. We greatly appreciate his commitment to establish expectations and deliver on target and on time. Vasile’s turnaround time for Q&A is typically less than two hours; and he maintains flexibility to work around our busy schedule. One of Vasile’s greatest strengths is his ability to translate technical terminology into plain English for non-technical clients like ourselves.Vasile maintains at least a three year horizon every step of the way. His ability to identify opportunities and potential risks provides invaluable business strategic value beyond simply as an app developer role. Although Vasile works with Fortune 500 clients, he treats entrepreneurs and start-ups such as ourselves with the same level of respect and attention.

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Loic Maestracci

2022-01-20 at 23:23:48

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The client is a leading technology company Samsung that is a global provider of digital and electronic products. The client approached Creative27 to conceptualize the new UI/UX for their WatchON technology. The client is extremely happy with the services and deliverables of Creative27 and praised their professionalism and skills. The client recommends them highly to their colleagues. 

The client is a Social, Health and Lifestyle company in California, USA. Creative27 was involved in the makeover of their mobile app which runs on both Android and iOS platforms and once it got completed client continued with them to provide more fluidity to their Watch App and Website. The client looks quite satisfied with the kind of work Creative27 has done for them for their mobile and watch apps as well as their website and they highly recommend them to their industry peers.

About Creative27

Fueled by excellence and founded on expertise, Creative27 is a pioneering app development and design powerhouse that has been making waves in the market. Featuring aesthetically creative and functionally distinctive products across platforms, we have certainly carved a new benchmark in this industry.

Our rich portfolio has been the proud recipient of prestigious awards including the CES Innovation Award, IF Design Award, Appy Awards and the Best International Mobile App Award among others.





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