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Cyber Concepts
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About Cyber Concepts

Cyber Concepts is a renowned IT solutions provider, established in 2001 through a collaboration between Sri Lankan and Swiss professionals. Our primary goal is to offer world-class IT solutions at cost-effective prices to small and medium companies in Sri Lanka and globally.

At Cyber Concepts, our team of professional web designers and app developers utilizes a range of cutting-edge technologies including PHP, Java, WordPress, MySQL, Android, iOS, JQuery/Angular JS, CodeIgniter, Ionic, Spring/hibernate frameworks, and OOPS development methodologies.

With our highly qualified professionals who possess excellent English communication skills, we excel at providing hi-tech solutions that surpass our customers' expectations and fulfill their specific requirements.

Since 2006, we have also been serving offshore clients as a Top Rated Agency with a 100% Job Success rate on Odesk/Upwork. You can check out our profile here.

As an agency, we are always looking for strategic equity partners with strong access to markets in the EU, UK, or Australia. Such partnerships will enable us to take our company to the next level by injecting capital and new technology.

With our website at https://cyberconceptslk.com/, Cyber Concepts offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing various aspects of IT solutions. Our customer support ensures that our clients receive prompt assistance and seamless experiences throughout their engagements with us.

As a leading player in the industry since our inception in 2001, Cyber Concepts has achieved significant milestones. With a strong track record, we have consistently delivered exceptional value to our clients, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in the IT solutions landscape.

For more information about Cyber Concepts and our services, please visit our profile on Cloodo.

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