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About Datapine

datapine is a young innovative company located in the heart of Berlin. We are developing a highly scalable SaaS tool that will revolutionize the way of performing database analysis by making even complex functionalities available to non-technical persons. With our product, we aim to become the innovation leader in the business intelligence market for small and medium-sized companies. 





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Datapine

My overall experience was (and still is) beneficial for my work and the practices I wanted to optimize. Creating dashboards and sending them as a report is easy and fast. I only had to drag values from my data source, adjust my analysis, and save it to my dashboard. Afterwards, I needed to select recipients and automate the schedule so that all relevant stakeholders receive the most up-to-date information. Our meetings also became more productive since the dashboard showed all relevant info, and we could discuss important questions without any extra files or calculations. It certainly improved our productivity.

2022-01-20 at 23:36:50


Korbinian Hackl

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We were looking for a solution that can manage our technical requirements but also offer us general and departmental management ability in order to develop our analytical and reporting process throughout the company. The connection with our data sources was quick, and the entire process was generally fast and coherent. From a technical perspective, we opt for the cloud option although they also offer an on-premise setup. We can access our data from anywhere and from any device so our experience with datapine is still effective and lucrative.

2022-01-20 at 23:36:50


Moritz Haller

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It’s very professional software that has excellent possibilities to analyze the data, visualize in dashboards, and connect to any data source I might need. Even if I had a more customized request or use case, the team was there to help and answer my questions. The tool has the ability to work with small and large datasets, a powerful analyzer section, and easy to use predictive analytics models (the simplicity level I haven’t witnessed in any other tool so far). I could also easily build SQL queries and reports on my own, but some days I just used the visual interface. When I wanted to create dashboards, I also used some of the built-in templates when I didn’t want to design by myself and then adjusted to my needs. Filters, trend analysis, and interactivity levels are quite easy to get used to, but, of course, I have given myself some time to get acquainted with the tool. Visualizations are also various and robust since you can build custom interactivity with each chart, and create really nice dashboards so you don’t have many limitations in the tool, except if you’re really picky and want to chase larger brands because they’re just larger. Pricing is also ok in comparison to some other tools I’ve used before, so I cannot say it’s over or underpriced. It fits the bill.

2022-01-20 at 23:36:50

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