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Design and Test Lab

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About Design and Test Lab

The highest priority of Design and Test Lab ☆☆☆☆☆  is Mature Mobile Reliability Standard that is the development of reliable mobile applications.  But we don’t just write code. 


We help our clients to build better products by walking step by step along the way and helping to refine the vision and maximize chances for success. 


We apply the scientific knowledge in project planning, architecture development, programming and testing in our work. 


Our software engineers necessarily cover the software applications with automated tests and also carry out the obligatory code-review procedure to make sure the source codes are correct. 


Our mantra — “We do not develop without tests!”. 


Our slogan: “We correct mistakes at our own expense!” 


Because if this is done at the expense of the customer, then we are interested in making as many mistakes as possible. If this is at our own expense, then we think about how to program more reliably!


Design and Test Lab values:

☆ Proven mobi-modules;

☆ High-performance apps 

☆ Low-cost maintenance; 

☆ 1-2-3 integration;

☆ Certified reliability engineers





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Design and Test Lab

We have been working with Vlad and his team since 2016 and have found them very professional in all their dealings. They developed an APP and integrated website for a membership card platform called IDwaiter.com. They have always been there to support and help. Highly recommend

2022-01-20 at 22:42:30


Emmanuel Prat

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I was CEO of Librelio company in France. We hired Vladimir Obrizan and Design and Test Lab to work on our two projects: Skiuer and Bike Magazine.The challenge was to transfer knowledge about the existing code base to Vladimir’s team, and Vladimir quickly understood the code base, refactored, fixed lots of issues of the previous team, and implemented new features for us in tight deadlines.We successfully released the products, developed by Design and Test Lab on the app stores. Later, it helped me to sell the whole business to another company.I was impressed by high-quality work at affordable prices! They manage to fix previous issues, create their product and tested it. Everything was done as planned even better.Surely, I would like to work with Vladimir and his team again.​

2022-01-20 at 22:42:30


David Slinger

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We have worked with Design & Test Lab in the development of both an Android and iOS app. I can say it has been an enjoyable process in both cases with Vladamir and his team being very responsive to suggestions and feedback working towards a result we are very happy with. We will certainly be working with D&TL on any future app development and have already referred their services to a friend.

2022-01-20 at 22:42:30

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