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Corporate Road, India

Phone: +91 7383982541

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I am extremely happy and highly satisfied with services provided by this Software Development Company named Dexoc. They have vast knowledge across various technologies and platforms including cloud computing such as AWS & Azure. They always worked hard and patiently with me to deliver an outstanding job at the end. They are creative, hard working and will do research for a solution that will meet customer's requirements. Great experience working with Dexoc software outsourcing company!

Remy abc

Yogesh Nadiyapara

2022-01-20 at 22:47:44

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It has been amazing experience working with Dexoc and remarkable journey with gem of team since last 8 years. The team has expertise in various technologies, quick delivery turn around, smooth communication which helps me to finish my projects within budget & on-time. Dexoc is very flexible, very responsive software development partners and willing to tackle toughest problems or research work.

About Dexoc

Dexoc is a leading Software development company based in India having global footprints in USA, Canada, UK, Spain & Netherlands that provides custom software development, mobile app development, web development and cloud services. Dexoc offers services such as requirement gathering, software consulting, software development & implementation, cloud consulting & computing, maintenance, SQA & legacy software migration services.

We provide software application solutions using different technology and tools uch as Microsoft.net, Asp.Net, C#.net, Vb.net, MVC framework, JAVA, Node.JS, React.JS, BizTalk server, JavaScript, Swift technology, XCode, Android studio, SharePoint server, C++, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Bigdata, Blockchain, Azure and AWS Cloud services.

Dexoc has expertise in below software services:

Microsoft .Net technology for Windows Desktop app & Web application
Web services in .NET, PHP, JSON, NodeJS, ReactJS, Python, RoR
MSSQL Server, MySQL Server, NoSQL, MongoDB
Native Mobile Application Development for iPhone, Android & Windows phone
Geo Fencing & Geo location & location tracking Mobile map App
Cab & Taxi booking App development
Hybrid Mobile app - React Native app & Flutter
eCommerce, retail, sales force mobility application
Azure & AWS Cloud Computing & Consulting Services
Microsoft BizTalk Application Development
Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE, BLE), Bluetooth smart development
Dexoc specialize in the following Cloud Services:

• AWS (Amazon Web Services)
• Microsoft Azure
• Google Cloud Platform
• CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Continous deployment)
• DevOps pipeline creation for CI/CD
• Jenkins / Octopus
• GIT / GITLab / Bitbucket / SVN
• Elastic Search / LogStash / Kibana
• Docker / Kubernettes / Mesos / Swarm
• New Relic / GrayLogs / Splunk
• Puppet / Chef / Ansible
• Nagios / Sensu
• Kafka / Hadoop / HDFS

We are committed to provide custom software development & enterprise application development which supports full software development lifecycle and includes services such as product conceptualization, architecture design, enhancement, product re-engineering, SQA, maintenance and support.

Dexoc will help you to create below BizTalk development solutions:

BizTalk Messaging Engine
Create Schemas Using BizTalk Editor
Creating Maps Using BizTalk Mapper
Create Pipelines Using Pipeline Designer
Creating a Single Sign-On Application
Viewing Assemblies with BizTalk Assembly Viewer
Create Orchestrations Using Orchestration Designer
Creating & Using Business Rules
Message Security implementation
If you've prior built application or legacy software product that you want customise or re-engineering than our software programming team has ability to code the software component and make best use of the tools & technologies which are available.

Our objective is customer's utmost satisfaction by delivering cost effective &  best quality services with the help of highly talented software development professionals.

Why Software Development Company - Dexoc

Flexible Business Models with Competitive Pricing
Agile and Experienced team with proven experience of delivering small to large systems
Bunch of customer success stories spanning from Enterprises to Start-ups
Wide Range of Industry Domain & Technology Expertise
Collaborative Engagement Models for quick turn-around
Strict Adherence to Information Security & Data Privacy





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