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About Diceus

For 10 years, we develop software that meets our clients’ business needs. 105 projects were accomplished during this time. We provide:

  • Cloud, Custom, Mobile, Web Development
  • Design
  • Testing and QA
  • IT consulting and Audit
  • Support and Maintenance

Our R&D department was the 1st in Eastern Europe to build a customer portal. By using it, any client can reduce the total cost of the project by up to 50%. This portal works great with our approach to the development process: 

Reducing your costs
We are focused on minimizing project costs for you. Our specialists gather requirements in such a way that your scope change rate is no higher than 15%. You will get regular recommendations on how to save money: reuse code or implement ready-made software modules.

On-time, on-budget, on-spec
From the project start, you know when it will be finished. After business analysis, you get software specifications along with a Work Breakdown Structure and a Critical Path. Every dollar and minute invested in the project are spent efficiently to deliver your product on time, on budget, on scope. 

Well set-up quality management
Code quality is reviewed by architects and SonarQube. Мanual and automated tests are run to make sure that your product works perfectly. With a traceability matrix, you are able to track whether the requirements are aligned with the system. 

Flexible in collaboration with you
Сhoose the engagement model, payment schedule, and team that is best suited for you. We have flexible working hours and days. You are welcome to our office, daily and weekly sync-up meetings. Regular reports and metrics inform you about your project status. 

Ready to serve your project needs. Send your requirements here or email to [email protected]





Remy Sharp
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Andrew Sidirov

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We approached Diceus for the Earth-observation solution to use it in our insurance-related operations. We needed the solution to accurately forecast risks associated with insurance occurences. The Diceus analysts explored our business thoroughly and applied the knowledge they've got to introducing the right technology solution. What we liked about our cooperation most is transparent project execution and fair project status reports. We were aware of what was going on with the project. The developers were always available to give replies to our requests. We highly recommend this company to deal with for software engineering.

2022-01-20 at 23:00:05



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Our bank hires DICEUS to reduce the scope of manual work and improve the payment process flow with the help of robotic process automation. They are experts in RPA and offered us a great solution quickly. The collaboration and communication were smooth. Once the solution was implemented, we experienced significant improvements in the processing time and flow. As a result, we could reduce the number of staff involved in this process. We’d highly recommend Diceus to other financial organizations or banks that need robotic process automation expertise to automate their core processes.

2022-01-20 at 23:00:05

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