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Digit Design Studios

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About Digit Design Studios

Digit Design Studios is a digital agency that not only strives to provide its customers with top-notch design services, but also the best customer service that they have experienced. Comprising of a team of dedicated professionals, the team has to its credit thousands of completed project deliveries and more.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Digit Design Studios

I have spent the last couple months trying to get over $800 back from Digit Design Studios. I came to them for a logo design for my blog. They held my logo package hostage after I approved the final concept. They told me that I need to pay them $500 to register my logo before they will hand it over. A month went by after I paid them the money, and they were "still working on it" they told me that in order to finish the registration in NV and DC I need to give them $315. I started to get very worried because the last time I spoke to them I had asked for a detailed description of their trademark registration. I asked them for a legal promise/agreement that Digit Design Studios will transfer 100% ownership of the logo (trademark, copyright, etc.), they avoided it and then began to pressure me for personal information so they can finish the registration. I asked them for proof of their work with the USPTO, and they said they couldn't do that and that they couldn't give me a refund when I asked for it because they paid the USPTO but they never provided me a receipt. I tried getting my money back via my card companies and Digit Design Studios lied to them and said that the trademark registration charges were for the logo design and that per their terms and conditions I was not owed a refund. Be very very careful if you work with these people. The will pressure you buy more "services" while simultaneously ignoring your requests. They will not uphold what they advertise on their website. Beware of them especially if you are a newbie looking for a logo like I was, or if your needing website assistance (from what I've read on other reviews). Document everything they say and do, in writing especially, if you decide to work with them.

2022-01-20 at 23:12:42

I paid the initial fee to create the logo and was contacted about various things they had to offer. I was not interested, finally approved the final draft to be told there was a hefty fee for trademark. I was not in the position to pay the fee and was basically told I cannot have the logo. After countless hours and the back and forth. I finally had enough and told them I was over it, to keep the logo. Adam Fisher basically threaten to have his lawyers sue me and I will be liable to them for a $1000.00. I disputed the item on my credit card and that's when Adam Fisher basically called to harass me. The unprofessionalism of this company and their ability to take advantage of people is unbelievable. I was not given all the information up front with all the fees and felt blindsided after the product was finished. At this point lesson learned!

2022-01-20 at 23:12:42

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