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cloodo - Agency Listing - eBizneeds Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.

eBizneeds Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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About eBizneeds Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.

eBizneeds has been solving software issues and creating incredible user experiences since the digital age was called ‘new media.’
We are pioneers who continually ride the wave of each new frontier of tech, backed by a mega-talented team of very experienced developers, designers and marketing gurus! At eBizneeds we have long-term partnerships with customers who love us, and the feeling is mutual.

But the real magic lies in the full extent of our digital repertoire. From software, AI and app development to marketing, we take the full journey with you. That’s right, you get one person to guide you, build a relationship and ensure that all your IT development needs are met with care and panache. From the first sparkly particle of an idea, to the brand development and ultimate market arrival that you need, we are here.





Remy Sharp
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Reviews 9

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Latest client reviews for eBizneeds Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Ebiz has been our digital outsource partner since 2008. They are a great team of brilliant and committed individuals who are always able to deliver our desired outcomes within the agreed timeframe. For 13 years, we have never looked for another provider. This explains how satisfied we are with this business relationship and the ongoing partnership.

2022-01-20 at 23:06:30

David Muxworthy

Rating Cloodo
Timely, Professional and cost effective services provided. Have used the team before on other projects and would recommend the business.

2022-01-20 at 23:06:30

One of our clients wanted to migrate to Magento and commissioned us to do the design and customer experience. Whilst we have deep experience in Saas ecommerce platforms, we didn't with Magento, so we turned to eBizneeds on the basis of an industry colleague's recommendation. Our client and us worked with eBizneeds in a 3-way collaboration to deliver a high-converting webstore on Magento, with integrations and full user training. Their scoping process was thorough, and laid a strong foundation for the build and development project. The project was completed in time, and under budget. We appreciated eBizneeds deep knowledge of the platform and the commercial realities of online retailers. We've partnered several times on joint projects which sometimes required complex and technical solutions, and have always been delighted at the professional and efficient way the eBizneeds team work.

2022-01-20 at 23:06:30

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