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EBS Integrator

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About EBS Integrator

All our energy is focused on delivering outstanding digital experiences to every stakeholder, in an accelerated rhythm. We believe legacy systems are not a throw-out, but an opportunity, and new ideas deserve a fast-to-market approach. Re-engineering "the old" into modern platforms and implementing processes as software is the shortest path to productivity and this is what we are best at.

Alas, if this is not enough, you can always consider these reasons:

  • 100% Delivery – 0 ditched projects;
  • Highly qualified team;
  • Full software life cycle development process;
  • Customer-centric delivery;
  • 100% exclusivity for the developed business logic;
  • Dedicated Business Analysis and IT consultancy for new and recurring products;
  • A dedicated IT division for product development and maintenance, similar to in-house provisioning, without any recruitment, operational or management costs.
  • A to Z digitization (from process to software);
  • Just in time maintenance;

All of the above allows enable us to build products with a long-term shelf life, based on malleable infrastructures and iterative development paradigms.





Remy Sharp
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Reviews 7

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Latest client reviews for EBS Integrator

Everything was delivered on schedule, without major defects - in web development, there will always be bugs, however, they managed to fix them in a timely manner. In addition to the above, this team delivered us essential branding provisioning, helping us to re-invent our identity and deliver a fresh image to each of our stakeholders. Without a doubt, EBS Integrator is my first choice for complex development projects. We've been working with EBS for 3 years now and haven't been disappointed yet.

2022-01-20 at 22:45:34


Rating Cloodo
We have been working with EBS for 3 years now and could not be happier with their service provisioning. Together, we delivered several web and mobile projects and if the opportunity should arise, there's no other provider we'd consider.

2022-01-20 at 22:45:34

Itay Naftaly

Rating Cloodo
We wanted to create a new mobile app utility for iOS and Android to help users clean their phone gallery in a fun way. We wanted to implement complex UX/UI with animation. The backend needed to be fast and handle memory issues on a variety of devices. We wanted a high-speed app that could hold and delete large amounts of pictures and videos. We conducted an online search for skilled development companies and talked with select vendors via Skype. We chose EBS because they seemed the most professional.

2022-01-20 at 22:45:34

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