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cloodo - Agency Listing - Eminence Technology

Eminence Technology

Plot F7, Industrial Area, Phase 8, India

Phone: +91-8264431557

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Remy Sharp
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We worked with Eminence Technology for our website development. VersionQ is an educational training institute and we needed the presence on the internet. Eminence helped us with website development from scratch. The website they created Info-rich, playful, and CTA rich for getting students to detail at ease. The whole website development was completed before the delivery date discuss which was very impressive.On the Digital Marketing side, they were very active and their team consulted us very well. We went to their proposed plan of action. The result was getting a minimum of 10 qualified leads a day. Overall experience was great, they know their stuff and are experts in their respective field!

When I began my first website 8 years ago by coincidence I was put in contact with Eminence Technology and that turned out to be far more important that I ever could have imagined. I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted but really didn't know the first thing about was was possible technically and the importance of choosing the correct platform from the beginning. More than just programmers the people I've worked with were all capable of consulting so that we would do things right the first time. If one of them wasn't sure exactly what was best for my project then they'd take the time to speak with their colleagues. More than once it was decided that a different programmer in the team was better at what needed to be realized so the project would be handed off. My first online site turned into 3, all of which were eCommerce platforms. They've been responsible for doing everything from the concept development, graphic design, add-on customization to website security. Their prices are fair and all of their employees have honestly been interested in seeing that what is being done works well and makes sense. They are good listeners and open and honest about giving their opinion when they think that something you'd like done doesn't make sense. I honestly can say that they have acted more like partners than contracted programmers.

Remy abc

Marshall Masters

2022-01-20 at 22:39:14

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We’ve been with Eminence Technology for just over a decade and have watched the firm grow for the very reasons we stay with them. They’ve always got our back, and things get done.

Simone Pianetti

2022-01-20 at 22:39:14

Rating Cloodo

Solutions created by them are best for the client project, keeping scope & future implications in mind they create scalable solutions of the future. ROI that they provide on the projects benefits the client immensely. Overall I believe they are a great company to be associated with for being a global development partner.

About Eminence Technology

Eminence Technology is an award-winning organisation focused on producing one of the finest designs, developing innovative and versatile solutions with digital products from Startups to SME’s and Enterprises. We became an international brand with clients all across the globe that our official technical partner of RealVoice, Immersion and Net9 Designs are proof of.

With clients happily served from 20+ countries, we continue to grow and diverse us by adding latest and greatest elements to our services and expert developers that are working hard to make us the most valued and respected web and mobile app development organization.





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