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Event Mobi

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About Event Mobi

EventMobi makes it easy for event planners and marketers to create their own mobile event app for their meeting, conference, or trade show. Currently used by over 10,000 event planners in 40 countries around the world, EventMobi is the #1 event app worldwide providing technology for clients like Disney, GE, and Intel. With headquarters in Canada, offices in the United States and Germany, and an international network of partners, EventMobi has reached millions of attendees in over 18 languages. Consisting of industry leading event planners and creative tech entrepreneurs, EventMobi is constantly improving and innovating. Offering powerful tools like live-polling and attendee-to-attendee chat, EventMobi has improved the event experience for both attendees and planners alike. With the recent addition of event registration, EventMobi now offers a full suite of integrated event technology making it simple for events to cut costs and go green!





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Event Mobi

This is the second year our event has used Eventmobi for our event app. The app creation is super simple and yet the features are robust and exactly what we need. From last year to this year they have added several enhancements to the product (some of which I recommended, although I'm sure I was not the only customer to do so) which really upped their game. I'm very happy with the reliability and flexibility of the app. But that is not the best part of working with Eventmobi. Their customer service is second to none. They worked with me throughout last year to meet every need I had. Our needs were somewhat unique and they came up with solutions that were out of the box. One of their solutions meant that I needed to contact them to tell them when we were ready to migrate some data to their registration system. To make a long sad story short, I forgot to contact them. So with about 4 hours until our registration opened, on a Saturday, I called them in a panic because our registration data wasn't populated. Totally my own fault. First, someone answered the phone. On a Saturday afternoon. Second, when I explained my dilemma, this customer service gem went to work. She called people in to help me that were not supposed to be working that day. She assembled some kind of team, called me several times to keep me updated on the progress, and about an hour before our registration opened the database was populated. It truly brought us back from the brink of disaster. We had to check in 2000 people in about an hour and 15 minutes. We did it, and we could not have done so without Eventmobi's extraordinary commitment to going above and beyond the call for their customer. This year is the same - knowledgeable and dedicated customer service reps no matter what time I call. Always doing whatever is possible to offer solutions and meet my needs. They have earned my trust and loyalty. It's a great company.

2022-01-20 at 23:14:15

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