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Evercode Lab

MARINOS Court, 3rd floor. Griva Digeni Avenue 81. 6043, Larnaca, Cyprus


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Remy Sharp
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Some years ago we contacted Evercode Lab to develop a web version for our ESCAR software solution. Its purpose is to handle information related to radiation indicators for equipment, premises, rooms at a nuclear power plant. The resulting web-based app was to contain the entire data from the main desktop program and to be accessible via standard browsers. The app was delivered on time and in conformity with our requirements and criteria. It was a total match.

Remy abc

sale sale

2022-01-20 at 23:24:55

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We are the NOWNodes team. Our task is to provide fast and reliable access to full nodes and blockbook explorers of different cryptocurrencies. Right now we support over 60 blockchains. To reach fast growth, we needed assistance rendered by blockchain experts, which we found in Evercode Lab. They are skilled, committed, and experienced experts in everything related to blockchain. They are also very good at Agile and iterations.

Remy abc

Pavel Sokolov

2022-01-20 at 23:24:55

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Evercode Lab provided the fast launch of our first mobile apps and saved the highest quality level. The team has a flexible and effective workflow with the ability to change the project scope. This allowed us to appear on the market on time, and confidently occupy our niche.

We at BitAprica are working on a multi-currency exchange for crypto. Our key priority in this respect is to give access to non-custodial secure wallets and an efficient P2P interface to numerous potential customers across Africa. The solution we offer to our audience must be high-performing yet convenient to use for first-time traders. Another key priority is to be a mobile-friendly technology for a wide variety of devices. That is why we needed a contribution from a team of experienced blockchain professionals. Evercode Lab is a great partner in this capacity. They know this field very well and are attentive to details. Their project management skills are also extremely useful.

Artem Kirillov

2022-01-20 at 23:24:55

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We at Guarda needed a reliable blockchain developer as we were launching our project. The Evercode team quickly developed 4 wallets for us: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Gold. They were all based on Android and intended to be used to receive, store, buy, exchange, and send these popular crypto assets. Our key requirements were as follows: the wallets were to be simple and convenient to use on the one hand, and offer a high level of security on the other hand. The Evercode Lab delivered these blockchain solutions successfully. The outcomes met all the stipulated specifications and timelines. We recommend them.

About Evercode Lab

We have experience in business services, financial services, e-commerce, health care, education, energy. Strong knowledge in blockchain fintech, custom CRM, marketplaces, and monitoring systems.

We doing work starting from project discovery, then through management, development till launch and maintenance using Agile and Lean practices.

Our customers are in Russia, EU, Switzerland, Singapore.





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