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cloodo - Agency Listing - foOfys Solutions

foOfys Solutions

103, Service Road, Kasturinagar, India


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Remy Sharp
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Remy abc

Dheer Lalit Gupta

2022-01-20 at 23:03:12

Rating Cloodo

Young team. Responsive team. Strong technical and design Team. I have used team foofys services twice and have recommended them to a bunch of folks. I must say before foofys I have tried several freelancers for my logo design but none could understand what my design requirements were. Then I get to speak to foOfys and BANG - Very first iteration we were impressed and good to go. I typically collect feedback of people to whom I give reference, and trust me all had to only praise this team. One of the companies told us that they were so impressed with the work that they gave them more money than the deal. Few Good Things about the team:- They have a nack to understand what customer needs.- Will tell you upfront what they can do and what cannot (havent experienced this with many)- Very responsive to the requests/ queries.Teams like these set the bar high for other service providers. Wish them good luck and work more and more in future.

Remy abc

Karthik Thirumalasetti

2022-01-20 at 23:03:12

Rating Cloodo

The client is a full-fledged technology firm which has created a new technology called micro-apps, which is similar to Android & iOS Apps, bringing out a technology of their own. FoOfys Solutions was involved in graphics and pitch-deck designing and content development work for client’s upcoming portal. They work with the client on an on-going basis and finish each and every assigned task on time or before time and also finishing those within the fixed budget. The client is highly satisfied with FoOfys Solutions and appreciates their development skills. The client also praised their faster delivery time and reasonable pricing and recommends them highly to their friends and colleagues.

Remy abc

Bipin Chandra

2022-01-20 at 23:03:12

Rating Cloodo

The client is an energy sector company with products and services catering specifically to the growing energy automation & e-Governance sector. They are the first implementers of Smart City Smart Grid project. The client is satisfied with the revamping work done for their website by foOfys Solutions and the prices charged for the same. They appreciate their quality of work and their timeliness on delivering the project. They are impressed by their designers and their technical expertise which has helped make the website better.

The client is a service provider in the education industry and aims to resolve some major educational issues in terms of journey of a parent, discovering a school and then interacting with the school, being a part of the overall growth of the student. They partner with schools and provide such solution programs to them. The client is very happy with the way the website was developed and is looking forward to work with them on Android and iOS applications as well. They are satisfied with the services provided to them and highly recommend working with foOfys Solutions on any project.

About foOfys Solutions

We are a team of designers, developers, innovators and hackers who want to work with Companies and Startups to help them strengthen and grow their visions of a sustainable businesses for a better future.

We have worked with companies, knowing how to establish a synergy with their team and having our team of management, designers and developers to be an extension of their teams and not a vendor.

We look forward at co-creating with you !






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