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About Fora Soft

Fora Soft is a leading software development agency that has been delivering top-notch multimedia solutions for over 14 years. With a track record of more than 374 projects, we have earned an impressive 5-star average rating in terms of quality, expertise, schedule, cost, response, and professionalism.

Our achievements speak for themselves:

  • Our video interpretation software is currently being utilized in over 300 hospitals in the USA.
  • The Super Power FX app, developed by Fora Soft, has received over 7000 5-star ratings on the AppStore.
  • Over 240 US companies trust our video surveillance system for their security needs.
  • Our BrainCert eLearning system was awarded the 1st prize at DC Tech Day.
  • More than 1 million people have used our Webca video chat on vk.com.
  • We have been ranked as the #1 video software developer on Elance among more than 1 million developers.
  • Our clients trust us, with 50% of them making repeat orders.
  • We have successfully completed over 429 full-scale and high-loaded multimedia projects.

At Fora Soft, we specialize in developing multimedia software for various platforms, including web, mobile, desktop, smart TV, and VR headsets. Our expertise encompasses video, audio, and text communication, e-learning, internet TV, video surveillance, augmented and virtual reality, as well as computer vision.

With Fora Soft as your technical partner, you can expect timely delivery of high-quality products at a reasonable price. Don't waste time searching for different contractors for different platforms – we can handle it all.

All those who have succeeded in their businesses know the importance of having a reliable technical partner. At Fora Soft, we pride ourselves on delivering results that exceed expectations. Contact us today to ensure your project is completed right the very first round.

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