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Gleecus TechLabs

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About Gleecus TechLabs

Gleecus TechLabs is a Forward Thinking Digital Innovation Company. We develop digital products and solutions with a People First approach that drives success. We take a consultative solutioning approach towards platform and product development for Web, Mobile, Chatbots, AI, SOA and Cloud enablement.

Services Verticals: -

  • Product & Platform Development -
  • Consumer & Enterprise Mobility
  • Digital Transformation
  • User Experience Solutions
  • Chatbot Development

The Gleecus Team with its vast experience and deep understanding of industries, use-cases, user and business expectations, works in a consulting and partnering mode with its customers and their products and solutions.

Our Strategy and Innovation practices reflect in steering our customers solutions in the right direction. Providing effective idea conceptualization, market-reseach, gap-analysis, road-mapping and LEAN Product Management helps our customers achieve the most of their developed products.

Gleecus is ambidextrous when it comes to Technology and Experience creation. Our teams deep tech knowledge and expertise in empathetic user-experience brings the best of both worlds to our customers’ business and its users.

Using Open-Source Technologies and Platforms, we keep our solutions agile without the bounds of legacy systems. We are also highly skilled with 3rd Party integrations and leveraging. We believe in Service Oriented Architecture and Micro-Services which steers our “Code is Company” ideology.

We are Process Oriented. As simple as that. However we do not apply the “one size fits all” approach. We have identified LEAN management as our style of development, delivery and support.

We keep our processes simple and transparent to keep our customers informed on a near-realtime basis and reduce development and delivery cycles. Following a Continuos Delivery and Integration practices we keep shipping features from Staging to UAT to Release in a swift manner.






Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Gleecus TechLabs


Debashis Behera

Rating Cloodo
Gleecus was our development partner for executing multiple projects into the space of mobile and web apps for various industries. They are exceptional in Development and maintenance of our applications.

2022-01-20 at 23:03:20


Ajay Kulkarni

Rating Cloodo
We partnered with Gleecus TechLabs for our technology requirements as well for those of our clients. We found the team very process oriented and diligent in their approach. They were quick to grasp on the requirements and delivered excellent quality be it on web or mobile. They are flexible to work with and bring in the technical expertise having worked across Industries. We strongly recommend working with them for your development projects.

2022-01-20 at 23:03:20

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