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Gravity Group

St. Stakhanovskaya, 54P, Office 204,, Russia

Phone: +73422540302

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Remy Sharp
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I am СТО at growing regional IT Company. I am responsible for all IT services including infrastructure and business transformation of the company.We faced with rapidly growing business needs on goods for pets market at Perm and nearby regions. We needed to rapidly create IT infrastructure for internet sales and for couriers who will faster than competitors deliver goods for pets to clients. We needed to create mobile app and prepare server infrastructure, including interactive methods for it. We do not have any in-house mobile app or server developers, so we needed to outsource the entire project.Goals were to develop mobile app and IT services for it, including server interaction methods. The mobile app should work on special android devices used by our couriers online and offline and be interconnected with corporate CRM system. We asked for recommendations for our partners and also searched online. We searched vendor who have senior mobile and server developers who could done project in a 2-3 months. We made a list of 3 potential vendors and then took a series of evaluation meetings after which we chose this vendor.Once we selected this vendor, we discussed our goals to make common vision and after that for about a week we had a very intensive requirement eliciting session. After most of requirements were elicited by the vendor they developed project plan and we signed time and material contract. After two weeks they introduced all of the design sketches. After sketches were approved the vendor developed final UI design for Android that was impressive and made us felt confident about usability. The product was created on iteration basis, every two week we got a new version of product and their analyst/project manager demonstrated it at our office and solicited feedback. Finally after about 2 months we got developed server and working proto-type of mobile app that was tested by some of our couriers. Finally after following two weeks they released the app.Their company for this project offered us analyst/project manager, server developer, Android developers, UI/UX designer and tester. As far as we worked on time and material contract their team changed in amount depending on project needs.The vendor provided very good analytics and we together with end users really got happy when we get final product. After we launched mobile app our couriers became much more effective, we shorten delivery time and increased clients’ satisfaction. This is why we think we attracted new clients, the growth was 40% in 3 months after we launched mobile app. We increased our delivery services time and quality and became much more competitive and looking at new regions for expansion. We got the mobile app and server methods within agreed timeline.The analyst/project manager that we were assigned was very attentive to the details and easy to communicate. He demonstrated deliverables and always solicited feedback to make sure we get mobile app as we really needed.They showed very good performance on the project, their analyst was very experienced and it possible would take much more time to done the project if this effort would not be like that. We noticed that they are also great at UX and development. We recommend this vendor and planning to continue our relationship.

Ivan Petrenko

2022-01-20 at 23:24:50

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I am CEO at growing international IT company.We were asked by our key customer to develop mobile application within very tight timeline. Mobile applications are not primary focus of our company and we had all our mobile developers already assigned on other projects. So we needed to outsource the entire mobile app development project.Goals were to redesign older mobile app, fix some usability issues and update components it used to make sure it will be supported by followings versions of iOS and Android.We searched online according with recommendations of mobile app development companies who could take and successfully finish the entire project. After we made a shortlist of potential vendors we took a series of interviews and asked them for preliminary estimation of cost and schedule of the project, and provide CV of specialists who potentially will work on the project. After comparison we selected this vendor with awesome advantage.Once we selected this vendor, we had a series of discovery meetings to discuss our goals and objectives, and usability issues to be fixed. We agreed to sign up fix price contract because scope was well defined. Within three days the vendor introduced project team, project plan and even introduced some of the design sketches. After all of this the team has rapidly developed UX and UI design for Android and iOS that we also liked. The product was created on iteration basis and every 1 or 2 week we got a new version of product and their project manager demonstrated it via skype to get feedback. Finally after about 2,5 months we got redesigned and refactored mobile app for all platforms that full fitted all contract requirement and our expectations. Finally they released final app and published it at google play and app store.Their company offered balanced team consisted from professional project manager, senior or even top iOS and Android developers, UI designer, analyst and tester.After we delivered mobile app in a tight timeframe to our customer he was happy and we made our relationship more solid. The app have no bugs at all as hard as our or our customers testers tried to find them. We published the mobile app within agreed timeline. Redesigned app had many improvements that make our customer users more confident and happy.The project manager that we were assigned was easy to communicate with and every 1 or 2 weeks he demonstrated deliverables to make sure we get mobile app as we initially expected. The vendor met budget and schedule requirements and even done some agreed with us improvements that were not signed in the contract.They are professionals and no one question or notice we made were not forgotten and were all implemented in the app or we were explained by the vendor with better decision according to their experience in mobile apps. We noticed that they are great at development speed and quality. We strongly recommends them and would be glad to further partnership.

Eugeny Tetrov

2022-01-20 at 23:24:50

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I am CEO at large medical IT company from Russia. We worked hard on development of large-scale web portal for medical IT system. It was challenging project for our company and it was one of the first big contracts with government customers. We did not even see that opportunities, but guys from Gravity group offered us to develop by themselves mobile application in addition to web application. We wanted to create unique content or product for our developing web application. It was important for our company to introduce innovations to get advantages to overtake competitors. Also we expected that mobile application will attract more and more users, both patients and doctors who use mobile phones in addition to web application. Initially Gravity group showed developed by themselves simple mobile app and we get impressed about it. So there were no choice between other vendors, they even offered us first version of mobile app almost for free.Once we selected this vendor, they showed us all benefits of mobile applications and offered best practices focused on mobile development. We also had a series of discovery meetings to discuss our goals and objectives. After all requirements were elicited we signed fix price contract. Within two months the vendor introduced design, regularly demonstrated deliverables, and finally released ready to publish mobile app.The vendor offered team consisted from senior android and iOS developers, designer, project manager/analyst and tester. After we published the mobile app and advertised it among potential clients we saw a 150% increase of users compared to all users who use our medical service. We also became one of the leading IT medical companies in Urals region of Russia and we got big advantage with this product among competitors.Guys built very clear and fair communication between me, personally and our teams. Every 1 or 2 weeks they showed up deliverables and shared their vision how to make the product betters, they were experts in mobile app development. The vendor met budget constraints and delivered mobile app for publishing earlier for 1 month.They are enthusiasts. They by themselves and on their own initiative developed proto-type of mobile app and demonstrated us all benefits at this area. We didn’t even think about this direction but always looked for some kind of innovations. They worked on this product truly with passion.

I am CTO at large medical IT company and we serve government clients along west part of Russia. I am also responsible for strategic IT development of the company.It was important for our company to introduce innovation services for dynamically changing medical staff environment and we needed to build mobile app for doctors as fast as possible to overtake competitors.We wanted to create unique mobile app that will change doctors’ environment and that would allow them to work everywhere. It is also a part of government policy focused on optimization and improved quality of medical services provided. The product of this project also should open new prospects for our company.Our company successfully accomplished some of the previous projects with Gravity group as vendor and they showed up unique combination of development performance, innovation vision, quality and flexibility. Despite of this, we also looked for other companies that could work on this project, but all of them proposed worse conditions even on schedule and budget.Once we selected this vendor, we had a series of discovery meetings to discuss our goals and objectives. We agreed to sign up time and material contract because of innovation matter of developing product. Within first two weeks the vendor introduced project team, project plan and finally introduced working proto-type that helped us to elicit new additional requirements. After all of this the team has rapidly developed UX and UI design that we also liked. The product was created on iteration basis and every 1 or 2 week we got a new version of product. Finally after about 6 month we got innovation product which we demonstrated to top government officials and after that started implementation in some of government medical clinics.The vendor offered optimal team depending on project needs. They have PMP Project manager who always looked for improvements on resources used. The team also consisted at various stages of the project from two senior android developers, UI/UX designer, analyst and tester.After we showed the product and started implementation in government clinics we became one of the leaders along IT medical companies. We also started transformation of IT medical government services and got following big contracts related with the product.The project manager that we were assigned was a professional, and built very clear and fair communication between our teams. Every week we had meetings where all questions were recorded and solved. Their team showed outstanding performance and quality. The vendor met all budget and schedule requirements.They always looked for technical innovations when implementing even routine functions. They team members who worked on out project consisted only from professionals that like what they do and they do it with passion. They have unique combination of performance and quality, and offers lowest cost from anyone others we could find. They always do what they promise.We have following bigger projects and we wants to continue to work with this vendor. We would be glad if their team consisted from more top developers and project managers, but we also understand that these specialists are very rare and this is why it is difficult for their company to grow rapidly.

About Gravity Group

Our company started in 2011 and currently there are 20+ team members including top Android and iOS developers, UI/UX designers, server developers, analysts, testers and certified project managers.





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