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16/2A, Infantry Road, India

Phone: +91 9108053585

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Remy Sharp
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It has been wonderful journey with team. We have started this product with very basic knowledge on technology perspective.Once we decided to onboarded Hashtaag, there has been multiple discussion & iterations on product ideation, architecture, planning & strategy for this product. Their team has been working in co-ordination with our team for research on various aspects of IOT based devices to check compatibility with our product ideation. The process of research and development has saved lot of our time & money.DOECards is a mammoth project with difficult technology skillset needed. Hashtaag was able to find the best talent suited for our product. Our product has achieved great benchmarks in transport & Banking industry. The product is still in MVP stage and its currently evaluated at $ 200 million. We are very happy with the services & skillsets offered. We would like to go along way with the team for our future market release.“Miles to go with Hashtaag”

Karthik Jonna

2022-01-20 at 22:41:49

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The client has a revolutionary platform aggregating the newspapers market worldwide. It aims at connecting the next generation of readers with newspaper publications across India in one location through its web and mobile platform. Hashtaag partnered with the client to build a website and Android & iOS based mobile applications. The client is very satisfied with Hashtaag because of their design skills, creativity, and clarity in communication. The client is impressed by their pro-active nature of providing useful suggestions throughout the project.

The client is a startup that was seeking to develop a location-based services discovery application to help users discover recommended places, events, and offers around them. The client approached Hashtaag to develop the iOS version of their already existing Android app. Currently, Hashtaag is working on adding some more features and changes to the iOS app. The client is highly satisfied with Hashtaag because they developed the app on time and their resources are quite well-versed with the latest technologies. The client has already recommended them several times and continues to recommend them to all their colleagues.

Vybhav Ramachandran

2022-01-20 at 22:41:49

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The client wanted to develop a social media application with the feature of anonymity to allow people share whatever they feel without being judged and without the pressure of being noticed. Hashtaag was approached by the client to develop the MVP of the social media app so that the client can check the viability and feasibility of the project. Hashtaag completed the project within the decided time frame and budget. The client is highly satisfied with Hashtaag because of the quality of the work that they delivered and proactiveness that they showed during the development phase. The client has already recommended them to their colleagues.

About Hashtaag

When you need a talented, fast, and powerful team – Hashtaag, we’re it! We can deliver beautiful, functional products in about 1 Month with our product discovery!

Hashtaag helps entrepreneurs and startups bring their product ideas to life.

We care about your vision, mission, and company goals – we don’t just take your requirements document, give you an estimate and build it without feedback. We want to HELP you – and we’ll share our business expertise with you at every step.

What Makes Hashtaag Unique?

  • We have a dedicated PRODUCT DISCOVERY TEAM that designs and develops proof of concept, This is perfect to explore ideas, generate funds, or create an MVP to go to market fast.
  • Our Accelerated Agile Development – we work in 1-week sprints (vs. standard 2-weeks) so you get much faster results and more frequent updates.
  • We are focused on entrepreneurs and startups --- we want to create exciting new experiences and customer-first businesses.
  • We deliver beautiful UI/UX designs with highly functional and efficient front-end and back-end engineering.
  • We use great tech, including Node JS, Angular JS, ReactJS, HTML/CSS, Python, C, C++, Kotlin, Swift-iOS, MongoDB, MySQL and other current trends.
  • We tell it straight. If it’s not the right fit, if we have concerns or need more info - we let you know.
  • We’re happy to start SMALL. In fact, it’s often the best way to begin a project.

Hashtaag Portfolios 

Email: [email protected]

60+ designers, developers, project managers, QA.





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