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cloodo - Agency Listing - HoC Solutions

HoC Solutions

10 East St #303, Cranston, United States


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Remy Sharp
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HoC Solutions team performed an complete audit of our codebase to identify possible vulnerabilities and functional inconsistencies. After all flaws were eliminated, our project became even more secure and well-structured. These guys demonstrated their expertise in practice and confirmed their professionalism. I would any day recommend this young and energetic team for blockchain consulting and development. We are fully satisfied with the cooperation. Looking forward to work with your team again soon.

Remy abc

David Malits

2022-01-20 at 23:27:51

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Loved working with them. Their services include: ICO marketing, ICO development, exchange development, blockchain event marketing, etc.

Remy abc

Karthik Kaliappan

2022-01-20 at 23:27:51

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HoC Solutions has contributed to a successful, smoothly functioning cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading bitcoin and ethereum and receives consistently excellent feedback from the users. The company enjoys their partnership with the agency, which they describe as responsive, accommodating, and understanding.

About HoC Solutions

HoC Solutions is a USA-based blockchain development company with a solid background of developing innovative and result-oriented software applications and mobile apps. We primarily focus on helping businesses turn their dreams and imagination into a profitable reality by drawing up a feasible blockchain project development plan, presenting a realistic budget and then doing our best to stick with the timeframe while delivering the best possible blockchain product in the contemporary IT environment.

What makes us a power-packed team of blockchain developers?

Aside from our expertise in various tech stacks, we are also a passionate team. We love developing software. It thrills us to no end and when our clients use our software products (especially blockchain-based products) to grow their businesses in leaps and bounds and tap into this massive potential that is still in its nascent state.

Talking of tech stacks, we are totally comfortable building blockchain applications using C++, Java script, Python, Angular JS, OpenCL, Laravel, Node.JS and Perl.

Another reason why our clients choose to stick with us is that we have a very strong digital marketing presence. Once they have a product, they don’t have to contact any other agency to market their cryptocurrency or even their ICO. We do that for them. And we do it with extremely fast response.

So far we have developed blockchain applications for the following industries:

  • Finance and accounting

  • Customer research

  • Logistics

  • Transportation

  • Micro-content delivery

  • Social media marketing metrics

  • Retail

  • High-tech power generation

We have recently launched our readymade cryptocurrency exchange product "Bitrapt" to help entrepreneurs lunch their own bitcoin trading platform in weeks. 





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