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ITERON AG is a fast-growing dynamic Software development, Service, and Consultancy company with a key focus on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Custom Built Web Applications. We offer Services based on the right-shore model, increasing value at optimized costs. Our goal is to help organizations across the globe gain a sustainable competitive advantage through the adoption of innovative technologies.

With a strong team of full-stack software engineers and consultants, we ensure unsurpassed quality at all stages of web and mobile app development, with ongoing post-production support by our software development team. We have over 80 Consultants globally, serving more than 100 Customers and successfully delivering over 150 Projects.

At ITERON AG, we continuously upgrade ourselves with the latest technologies in the market. We invest in our Consultants, training them in multiple technologies to cater to the needs of changing trends. We also develop tools to enable faster, better, and more effective software development. Our studies focus on Image processing, Computer vision, and Blockchain Solutions.

Our global delivery centers are located in:

  • ITERON AG, Basel, Switzerland
  • ITERON Australia PTY Limited, Canberra, Australia
  • ITERON US Inc., Texas, US
  • ITERON Technologies Pvt. Limited, Chennai, India
  • ITERON Lanka Pvt. Limited, Colombo, Sri Lanka

As a leading agency in the industry, ITERON AG provides a wide range of business services. Our dedicated team offers expert consultancy, software development, and solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Custom Built Web Applications. We prioritize customer support, ensuring our clients receive the best experience and achieve their desired outcomes.

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