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This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

About Jellyfish.tech

Customer-centric IT consulting services from Jellyfish.tech help build scalable, high-performing, & valuable digital experience able to transform your business. We specialize in shaping strategic web solutions based on comprehensive market analysis & research, consumer behavior, and technology insights.
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Logo Project Агентство В небо
Rating of Project Агентство В небо on Cloodo

140 Reviews

Агентство В небо

Первая компания авиационного туризма в Украине. 11 Лет работы | 25 Городов | 72 Пилота | 155 Бортов | 350 Маршрутов полетов. ПОЛЕТЕЛИ С НАМИ

This company was last updated May 23, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Vitamin Shop™
Rating of Project Vitamin Shop™ on Cloodo

54 Reviews

Vitamin Shop™

Ассортимент VitaminShop представляет собой витаминные и минеральные комплексы, спортивное питание, а также пищевые добавки, разработанные для разных типов покупателей спортсменов, любителей активного образа жизни и тех, кто заботиться о своем здоровье. В составе продукции используются натуральные компоненты. На данный момент представлены три основные продуктовые линейки компании: Активное долголетие; Витамины; Спортивное питание. Натуральные компоненты, широкая продуктовая линейка, профессиональные консультации и программа лояльности все эти преимущества по достоинству смогут оценить покупатели уже сейчас.

This company was last updated May 23, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Дайвинг-туроператор SAFARI MARIS
Rating of Project Дайвинг-туроператор SAFARI MARIS on Cloodo

42 Reviews

Дайвинг-туроператор SAFARI MARIS

Туроператор для дайверов Safari Maris предлагает разнообразные дайвинг-туры и дайв-сафари по всему миру. Бронирование туров онлайн и по телефону!

This company was last updated May 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project CЯAZY-KIEV
Rating of Project CЯAZY-KIEV on Cloodo

36 Reviews


Organisation d'EVG et weekends entre potes à Kiev. Agence 100% Française basée à Kiev pour l'organisation d'enterrements de vie de garçon.

This company was last updated May 20, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project SUPERBOCC
Rating of Project SUPERBOCC on Cloodo

32 Reviews


SOCIAL NETWORK PLANET is a platform to sell digital goods such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, and many more!

This company was last updated May 23, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Hyperlike
Rating of Project Hyperlike on Cloodo

30 Reviews


5 years of successful job on the market. More than 1 million of completed orders. Kindly check our service list. We are sure that every person can find needed services. We provide services for social networks: YouTube (subscribers, likes, views, watch time) Instagram (likes, followers) Facebook (likes, followers, friends, joining groups, voting) Twitter (likes, followers, retweets) SEO services: Website traffic Search from the browser by keywords Ad clicks (website or YouTube channel) Actions on the site registration on the site App installs Who are we. These services are perfect for: Bloggers: the higher the engagement, the more likely it is that the blogger will become the highest paying influencer and will get a great brand deal. Entrepreneurs: show the potential customers that your product, service, or a personal brand is much in demand. SMM specialists: attract potential customers who are capable of becoming a purchaser of products or services from your company. Every user: attract like-minded people to your account. Also, the gift of 1000 likes would become a pleasant surprise for your girlfriend or friends.

This company was last updated May 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project qmall.io
Rating of Project qmall.io on Cloodo

27 Reviews


Українська криптовалютна біржа Qmall. Ми створюємо можливості та якісний сервіс для наших користувачів на ринку криптовалют. На Qmall ви можете торгувати, обмінювати, зберігати та заробляти криптовалюту. Qmall надає доступ до лаунчпаду, еірдропів та різноманітних торгових змагань. Багато криптовалют та операції з гривнею доступні для вас вже зараз. Ми надаємо актуальні ринкові інструменти, швидкий та надійний сервіс, а також навчаємо наших користувачів, щоб вони відчували себе комфортно на крипторинку. Надійність, якість, інновативність, а також величезне бажання розвивати Український криптосектор все це про нас, про біржу Qmall. З нами цікаво, безпечно та зручно. Залишайте ваші чесні відгуки про Qmall. Приєднуйтесь, ми раді вам. Попереду багато цікавого та нового у просторі цифрових активів. _________________________________ Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange Qmall. We create opportunities and provide quality service for our users in the cryptocurrency market. At Qmall you can trade, exchange, store and earn cryptocurrency. Qmall provides access to launchpads, airdrops and a variety of trading competitions. Many cryptocurrencies and transactions with hryvnia (UAH) are already available. We provide actual market tools, fast and reliable service, and educate our customers so they can feel comfortable in the crypto market. Reliability, quality, innovation, as well as a great desire to develop the Ukrainian cryptosector - all this is about us, about the Qmall exchange. It is interesting, safe and convenient. Leave your honest reviews about Qmall. Join us, we are glad to see you. There are many interesting and new things ahead in the space of digital assets.

This company was last updated May 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project IT Svit
Rating of Project IT Svit on Cloodo

26 Reviews

IT Svit

IT Svit started in 2005 as a group of friends, who provided remote system administration services. Since then, we grew to a team of 60+ software developers, DevOps engineers and Big Data architects, who provide end-to-end solutions for business projects of varying scope. More than 800 successful projects helped us gather ample expertise with solving various types of challenges, as well as ready solutions for the most widespread challenges. This helps us shorten the time-to-market for our customer projects.

This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project S-PRO
Rating of Project S-PRO on Cloodo

24 Reviews


S-PRO is an innovation technology partner. We help startups to create innovative products and empower existing businesses with the digitalization of their core processes to much customer-centric economy needs. By partnering with accelerators Founder Institute, Sente.Link, BCCS Cluster and others we help our clients to achieve more business connections and competent advisory. S-PRO team of 150+ talents has expertise and capabilities to provide a sophisticated personal approach and deliver complex market recognized solutions.  Our R&D experts apply our background and world best practices to in-depth study the market, business objectives and deliver a comprehensive vision of each project. We provide full-cycle custom software development with apparent business goals, strong management, maintained deadlines and senior tech unit. This approach gives us the possibility to deliver success to our clients and build long-term relationships.    Services for Startups:  Discovery Workshops; MVP Development; Dedicated team.   Services for Established businesses:  Digital transformation; New product development; Business intelligence.   Technology expertise: Mobile Development; Front-end; Back-end and API;  Blockchain Development; AI and Machine learning; UI/UX Design.   Main Industries:  FinTech; Logistics; Renewable Energy.

This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Diceus
Rating of Project Diceus on Cloodo

24 Reviews


For 10 years, we develop software that meets our clients’ business needs. 105 projects were accomplished during this time. We provide: Cloud, Custom, Mobile, Web Development Design Testing and QA IT consulting and Audit Support and Maintenance Our R&D department was the 1st in Eastern Europe to build a customer portal. By using it, any client can reduce the total cost of the project by up to 50%. This portal works great with our approach to the development process:  Reducing your costs We are focused on minimizing project costs for you. Our specialists gather requirements in such a way that your scope change rate is no higher than 15%. You will get regular recommendations on how to save money: reuse code or implement ready-made software modules. On-time, on-budget, on-spec From the project start, you know when it will be finished. After business analysis, you get software specifications along with a Work Breakdown Structure and a Critical Path. Every dollar and minute invested in the project are spent efficiently to deliver your product on time, on budget, on scope.  Well set-up quality management Code quality is reviewed by architects and SonarQube. Мanual and automated tests are run to make sure that your product works perfectly. With a traceability matrix, you are able to track whether the requirements are aligned with the system.  Flexible in collaboration with you Сhoose the engagement model, payment schedule, and team that is best suited for you. We have flexible working hours and days. You are welcome to our office, daily and weekly sync-up meetings. Regular reports and metrics inform you about your project status.  Ready to serve your project needs. Send your requirements here or email to [email protected]

This company was last updated May 17, 2022 byCloodo

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Cloodo helps to accellerate Digital Transformation for any business with Know-How Agencies supported by Smart Project Management Apps and Secured Payment for Final Result

Cloodo is a trademark of Cloodo Inc, an Atlas company with registered address at Suite 206, 651 N Broad St , MiddleTown, NewsCattle, Delaware, US

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